The woman who defecated after being taken hostage was forcibly fucked and the hole was torn

This incident is from last year. Me and Satyam were in our village. Wheat was to be sown there on our 40 bighas of land. Both of us brothers were staying in the village house. We were getting the laborers to work. It was very cold in those December days. Kulfi used to get frozen as soon as it went out. But the wheat crop had to be sown. On touching the water, it seemed as if the hand had been cut off. Well somehow we both brothers got the work done that day. Because of being very cold, you were feeling nauseated again and again. The second cock was repeatedly saying that I wish I could find some pussy, some hole. Now the night had come. Both of us were in a hut house built on our farm. It would be 6 in the evening but it seemed like it was already night. I put on a muffler and went out to pee. Still the ears froze in a second. I lit the beedi while peeing. I turned my head here and there. The cold was so much that no firefly, no cricket, no squirrel could be seen anywhere. Not even a single yellow bulb was visible. You know that there is no electricity in the village. No light was visible anywhere. I myself was using a kerosene lantern in my thatched house. When I left the edge for the last time, I shivered with cold. I turned around and sensed that someone might be in the field. I think that bull or cattle may not eat my wheat. Who is there in my field!! I only voice. I have come to the ground! A ladies voice came. Hey, this is a woman or a girl! I said. I ran inside. Brother! Want to fuck a girl?? I asked where?? Satyam asked. Hagane has come to the field! I said we both went in hiding and caught that woman. She was a woman from the village. We both held him tightly. I tied a handkerchief around his mouth and brought him to my hut. She started protesting. I slapped him many times. 2 3 punches were killed in the stomach. I had become the devil for that day. She collapsed after being punched in the stomach. We tied his hands too. She collapsed on the ground. Started crying holding her stomach. I removed the lantern from a peg stuck in the thatch and brought it to the woman. Oh My God!! What a fair face, milky breasts puffed up like a big puri. Brother, today my cock will get hot! He will not have to sleep alone in the cold. I told Satyam. My brother Satyam also became chudasa. For how many months both of us brothers had not licked pussy. 3 months ago we had come to Shivdaspur in Banaras to get prostituted. Since then the cocks of both of us brothers had not seen any hole. You are reading this story on even if I get jailed for 14 years! But I will definitely make this woman pregnant, I said to Satyam. In the yellow light of the lantern, I saw that she was in a bad condition crying. Leave me for God’s sake! leave it! She was crying continuously with her mouth covered with a handkerchief. But his voice was heard only in the hut. I will keep licking your pussy! I told that married woman. Before this, whenever I used to go to the village, all the young women and new daughters-in-law of the houses used to wear bangles and thick silver anklets. Most of the young wealthy women used to rub bangles and anklets while sitting on the unpaved streets of the village and rub the pots and utensils with bricks. At that time she was looking very sexy. Sitting on the ground washing utensils, every passer-by could see her huge milky breasts. He too used to get peace for a few hours. It was just a wish since then that a cowherd but wealthy woman from a village would get to eat custard once. Perhaps today this hidden wish was about to be fulfilled. Hey Chinar!! See, give both of us brothers a pussy! We will let you go in the morning, otherwise we will burst this lantern and set it on fire and run away. You will burn to death in this!! I said that she is a married but very wealthy woman, again she started protesting. She started walking with her tied hands and feet! Burned to death in this hut!! Satyam took off the lantern and started throwing it on the ground. The woman shuddered and started nodding her head up and down in yes. I indicated to Satyam not to set fire to the hut. He hung the lantern again on the pole. I took off my clothes in the cold. Kulfi was getting frozen like ice. But hot pussy would be found, it was a relief. I opened the legs of that young rich and bloated Puri woman with milky breasts to scratch. Let his hands and mouth remain tied. I jugaad removed her sweater, blouse. No bra. Maybe the village cowgirl does not wear a bra. I removed all her petticoats. No panties, no tights. Water filled my mouth. I laid the woman who had defecated on the old creaky cot and lay down on it. He started drinking her puffy breasts to the brim. That woman was crying. Don’t cry! You will enjoy too!! Both man and woman enjoy sex!! I said that Chinal’s tears were scattered on her face by crying. When I started drinking her lips, salty tears went into my mouth. I gave a slap. Let the bitch eat quietly!! Otherwise I will burn you in this hut! I roared. She stopped crying. I started sucking her thick lipstick lips. Was it a fair face? I started drinking her salty tears. What were the eyes talking about, it was cool stuff. I started drinking her lips as my woman. Then went downstairs, started drinking the umbrellas. While teasing her black raised nipples, I bit my teeth several times. He got pain from the man in the cold. She screamed. I started drinking her milky chhatiyas while moving my mouth round and round. She became calm. I felt that I am drinking her breasts better than her man. I drank the first chest for a long time. Then put the other breast in his mouth and started drinking his other breast by moving his mouth round and round. From where did a fish come to feed in my farm?? Lord you are great! I thanked God. Satyatam became uncontrollable seeing such hot fuck. The rascal took off his clothes and started fisting.O Satyam!! If he fists, how will he feed this fish?? I asked brother, I will take the pill! Satyam spoke and turned his back and was fisting towards the wall of the hut. I continued to drink the bloated chhatiyas of the lady who came to the toilet. As soon as the chest was pressed with hands and released, it would swell again. I fell in love, on this style of that woman. I started licking her belly now. There is no dearth of food and drink for the village girls. Wheat, rice, pulses all grow in their fields, that’s why the fairies eat a lot. Maybe that’s why the belly of that beautiful woman was very fleshy, some fat was raised on top. I felt like cutting the fat with a knife and eating it. I caught the fat of his stomach with light teeth and started chewing it. The woman creaked and jumped on my dilapidated cot. I moved towards her vagina. Oh My God!! Such a big boas!! I said. Very big to light jhantodar kajrari gadarayi pussy. Long long hole holes, tight ass. I kept darshan of that cool woman’s burrow for some time. Looking at God’s design, kept praising him. I opened both the sides of the pussy with my fingers. Ouch! Fleshy reddish pink grainy pussy was visible. When I opened it a little more, I saw a round ringed hole. I reached up and put my jib in the hole. That married woman got upset. I started drinking her pussy tightly by putting my tongue in it. That woman started shaking. The ass started bouncing. I held both her legs tightly and started licking her pussy hole. With all my might I started rubbing the pointed part of my tongue. Then started drinking both the leaves of Kajrari Bur to the brim. Also drank 2-4 drops of his urine. Bur’s beauty was unmatched in the light breezes. I thought that I would not fuck Chinal, I would just lie down and watch Bur. It’s been an hour. It is now 9 o’clock in the winter night. The cold has increased. Brother, quickly fuck Chinal!! I am feeling cold! Satyam Bola Satyam! My brother! The one who has cock, can never feel cold! I said and then started drinking by dropping my head on that woman’s head. That woman has probably started enjoying herself. I raised my head and saw that now she was silent, not crying at all. Good! I said and started drinking bur. Thinking of what more fun to have, I put my bouncy cock in the rags of the prostitute. And Gachagach started drinking rand. He removed his eyes from that woman. I fell in love with this style, an Indian woman gets drunk from her man and definitely turns a blind eye to someone else. I fell in love I also closed my eyes and started chanting hymns while meditating on God. I started pealing the mall of that other person. The name of the person who eats is written on every grain, the name of the person who fucks is written in every pussy, that’s why this bird got trapped in our trap. The bangles and anklets of that amazing woman were making noise. I was longing for this voice. I started pushing harder. Her bangle started moving more and more, and started making noise. My cock became tighter and started tearing and opening the slits of his Kajrari Bur. In winters, there is only support of a warm pussy. Otherwise the man will die. Even if you don’t get meat cock, just keep getting pussy every night. I go The bulging fat of his stomach started moving up and down due to vigorous bumps. I fell in love and started fucking Haramin hard. Both the puffy chests like puri started moving quickly. Seeing this beauty, I bowed down. And started fucking hard. Big goose in Chinal’s body. Fair white flesh only flesh from top to bottom. Chubby round thighs, padded pussy. I started taking my sister-in-law by jumping with both my hands. His breath got stuck. I kept on pounding and fucking nonstop. After 35 minutes of hard work, I released water in Rand’s pussy.Satyam!!.A Bhosdi Ke!! Bring it!! Take her pussy and light it! Brother, salute his youth! I said to my trembling brother with cock in hand in my bare cold. I didn’t wear clothes just went to another cot. Pulled the quilt and lay down. Started slowing down Satyam came and placed it like a cock sandwich between the holes of Chinar’s burrow and killed him with gach. Lund inside and Chinar’s belly fat outside. My brother started fucking Chinar. I lay down with my hands under my head and started looking at the face of the woman who was being fucked by my real brother. How lucky the whore!! Got 2 2 cocks in the cold. Even if she searches for the whole life with a lamp, she cannot find it. Tonight’s Rangraliya will put her finger in her pussy and masturbate for the rest of her life. I said to myself in my mind seeing the beauty of the red face of that unknown woman. Fucked her hard with my brother. Seeing the whole clock, 50 55 minutes made the whore and the pussy intersection. By the time Satyam was removed, my cock was again ready like sugarcane. Satyam came to my bed. I gave rest for 10 minutes to Chinal and then made sister-in-law a bitch by turning her on the cot. Brother From top to bottom in the body only gosh gosh. As when the customer goes to buy the chicken, the gosdar buys the chicken, in the same way I became very happy. At first, I made her a bitch and slapped her once more. Then rubbed a lot of spit in his cock and put it in her ass and started fucking with pleasure. Chinal’s ass was very tight. Fucked the ass for a long time. Then Satyam came. Both of us brothers ate a lot of Randi the whole night. We handed over a 500 note to him in the morning. The prostitute disappeared in such a way that she was not seen again till date. Then in the night, both of us fed many girls and women who had come to our farm in the light of lanterns in the same hut.

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