Under pressure of husband to have sex with his boss: Chudai Office ki

Hello friends my name is ruby ​​i am mb a and marketing head in an IT company i come from a simple middle class family from gorakhpur uttar pradesh married in my big house at my home in delhi Many car servants and all the amenities of modern era are in my house, I have noticed one thing, no matter how much these people fall due to money in these big houses, they even give to their sister’s wife. Do not refrain from sharing, you must also see, man, what a family is royal, what a rutwa, there is a messy life behind this rutva, I am not even talking about everyone, but I have many families I know who does this way, I did not want to tell everything about my family, but to ease my mind, I also need to listen to my story, I am 28 now, I am very beautiful, that’s why Despite being from a simple family, these people married me here, my husband is called the goddess of sex, I am also beautiful, quite fair, I have 36 size boobs, I am not a little but completely sexy, That’s why I am describing to you about my body, my husband fucks me day and night whenever I get time, I also enjoy a lot, my sex life is very good, but today I am also showing another aspect of it to you. Presenting in front, that my husband has started sharing me nowadays. I am the area head in a company, my boss who is close to 35 years old, is very aishwaz, I have seen him many times with high profile call girl, he used to stare at me a lot, and also used to flirt, but I Did not give much attention, I used to work only with work, you can say that he tried a lot to get me but he was unsuccessful, slowly he started talking to my house a little bit, and with my husband Made friendship, now it was easy for him to reach me, then partying, inviting me to the party, all this went on, many times on such occasions my boss started hugging me, so that he would get the pressure and warmth of my cheeks. Feel, I understood all this very well, then my boss and my husband agreed to swap wife (exchange wife), I did not want me to go into someone else’s arms but I too Started trying to get into the atmosphere, my boss’s wife Sulekha is also a very beautiful and hot woman, my husband remembers Sulekha kissing me many times, and my boss offered you my wife tonight. Me and I will enjoy with your wife. The deal was done between the two and all this was to happen on Saturday night. But I refused, then my husband got very angry, and started saying, you are stupid, you are from the village, what happened if you are beautiful, after all you are not fit to be the daughter-in-law of a big house, I got scared where she Don’t leave me, because I have affair with many girls, so I said yes, and on Saturday evening, wore a black color saree, cut blouse, throat deep, applied red color lipstick, straightened my hair and got it done. Arrived with the husband, both of them also came from there, we all had dinner, now my boss on my side and the boss’s wife on my husband’s side, I also looked like a scoundrel, and from there she was even more great It seemed, both her nipples seemed to be out of the gown, my boss put his hand on my back and started saying that you are very beautiful, I am blessed, who has got a friend like your husband, from there my husband too Said me to After having dinner, all four drank whiskey, and both the couple took each other’s wife and went to their hotel room, I do not know what was happening there, but I can tell my point, as soon as I went inside the room, Rohan (my boss) closed the door, and filled me in my arms, and taking my cock near my pussy, slowly started pushing standing standing, and started sucking my lips, I too had found a beautiful person, I also had the opportunity Took advantage of it and opened the button of his shirt and started caressing his chest, and he started pressing my boobs from the top of my blouse, I turned back, now he put the cock on my ass and started taunting it lightly. Putting his hand forward started pressing my nipple, then he started caressing my stomach, you are reading this story on nonveg story.com. Within a short time, both of us had opened each other’s clothes, whiskey was also showing its effect, then Rohan started licking my pussy and kept pressing my nipple with one hand, did this for about 10 minutes Rohan me I wanted a thick cock, I took the fat cock in my mouth, and started licking, he was doing aaah ah, then put me upside down on the bed and started licking my ass with the tongue, and he was saying , what is the material, you dude, I had to give my wife to your husband to fuck you, but now I will not do this, keep taking as much money as you want, your job is also confirmed, just keep on fucking like this, and then he takes his fat cock I took it out and put it on my pussy, I was very fond of Rohan’s cock, his style of banging was also very appreciative, he started choking me in different poses, my body was trembling, I also liked Rohan She was helping me as I wanted, the grip of her arms was very sexy, she fucked me a lot throughout the night, in different poses, I had never had so much fun, now I am Rohan for I have become addicted to nand, now only Rohan fucks for 15 days in a month, I am very happy nowadays, money is also fame and fun too, what else is needed in life.

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