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How to increase Sex Drive and Sex Power: A nutritious diet is necessary for you to stay healthy and fit. In the same way, it is very important to have better sex life for a happy and happy married life. Sex plays an important role in your life, it is not wrong at all. No one needs to learn the art of sex. But sometimes you are not able to enjoy sex life that much and the reason for this can be your wrong habits. People do different types of efforts to improve sex life. Because better sex life not only improves your married life. Rather, it also keeps you physically and mentally fit. Many times people complain that they either do not feel like having sex, or they are not able to enjoy their sex life in a better way. So come, today we tell you some ways to increase sex drive and also know the reasons for low sex drive. Some people are unable to enjoy their sex life to the fullest, due to which their married life is also affected. So come, today we will tell you some tips to increase sex drive due to low sex drive. Negligence in eating: – When people eat junk food leaving a balanced and nutritious diet, or are careless about their food and drink, then it also affects their sex life badly. Bad effect on sex due to drug addiction :- You must have seen that when the partner is intoxicated, he only satisfies his hunger, he does not care about the other partner and he just gets his work done, this is a big reason for each other. The result of not being happy is that gradually a partner gets disinterested in sex and then that intoxication not only spoils your body but it also reduces the process of orgasm. Due to which your sexual desires start getting suppressed and your sexual ability also decreases. Not exercising: – By doing exercise, the blood flow in your body is good. And this blood also goes to your genitals which helps in erection. And due to good discharge of semen, you can enjoy sex life to the fullest. And because of not exercising, your life is not going to be as good somewhere. Stress also affects sex relations :- Due to stress, many processes of the body are badly affected, because the blood flow in the body is not done properly. In such a situation, the presence of stress also affects your sex life. Consumption of medicines: – Consumption of more medicines has a reverse effect on your sex drive, due to which your sexual power starts weakening. That’s why more medicines should not be consumed, it should be taken only when you need it. Divergence of attention:- Whatever it is, to improve the sex drive, it is necessary that both the partners should pay attention to each other. But if they are not able to give it that much time and make a relationship after a long time, then this also has an adverse effect on your sex drive. Are you also not able to enjoy your sex life, then let us now tell you some tips to increase your sex drive, which will help you more in bed with your partner. Use lubricants to increase sex drive:- Using lubricants helps you to increase your sex drive and also you can stay with your partner for a long time. And for better sex drive, you should use water based lubricants instead of oil based lubricants. Do not breathe fast if you want to increase sex drive: – You should never take fast breaths whenever you are with your partner. Because it reduces your sex drive, rather you should breathe slowly and comfortably while making a relationship. This not only improves your sex drive but also allows you to spend longer time with your partner. Improve blood flow To improve sex drive:- Exercising, massaging the genitals, etc. helps in improving your blood flow. Due to which you get benefit in increasing semen discharge while having sex. And due to better blood flow, your sex drive increases. The easiest way to improve sex drive is to be mentally fit. By doing this, your full attention is only on your partner, due to which you can build a better relationship with your partner. Use foreplay while having sex:- To increase the sex drive, you should do foreplay on your partner i.e. touching, caressing, kissing your partner with love, etc. With this, your partner fully supports you in sex, so that you too can fully enjoy sex and your sex drive also helps in getting better. Lose weight to increase sex drive: – Your increasing weight can also be one of the reasons for decreasing sex drive. In such a situation, if you want to increase your sex drive, then it is important that you keep your weight under control, so that you can enjoy your sex life to the fullest. Honey: Consuming honey which is rich in carbohydrates and amino acids helps in improving your sex drive. Ginger: – The pungent aroma and taste of ginger both help in increasing your sex drive, because the consumption of ginger helps in better blood flow in your body. Mustard: – It is believed that consumption of mustard affects the sexual glands, which can increase the sex drive. Along with this, it also helps in increasing fertility in men. Garlic:- Consumption of garlic helps in increasing your immunity along with increasing your sex drive. For this, you can consume two or three raw garlic cloves regularly. Nutmeg:- Nutmeg is used as a medicine to increase sex drive. For this, you can wake up regularly in the morning and consume one spoon of nutmeg powder, it helps you to improve your sex life in a few days. Saffron:- Saffron works as an effective remedy to activate the sex hormones. If you drink saffron regularly in milk, it helps in improving your sex life. Flaxseed: – Consuming linseed is beneficial in stimulating the sex glands, and linseed is very beneficial for those whose interest in sex gradually decreases. Chocolate:- Dark chocolate is also known as a sex stimulant. People who have less interest in sex, if they consume chocolate, then it helps in increasing their sex capacity. To increase sex drive, you should eat a balanced and rich mineral diet without being careless with your diet. No matter how busy you are, both the partners should find time for each other to help their sex life to be better always. Exercise should be done regularly in the morning by waking up early, this helps in improving the blood flow in your body, due to which the sex life is also better. Should not take tension, should be happy. And if there is tension, then to avoid this problem, you should take the help of meditation etc. No matter what kind of intoxication it is, one should stay away from it as much as possible. If you have any disease, then it is a different matter, otherwise you should not consume more medicines. Weight should be reduced because overweight also has a bad effect on sex life. So if you also have low sex drive or your sex life is not going well, then you can also use the above tips to correct it. Doing this helps you to make your sex life the best.

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