when i fucked my mother in law

This is about those days when I got married, my built is very good, my wife did not allow me to touch her after marriage, the reason was that my weapon means my penis is very big, I used to lie down with her every day but She used to get up and run to the other bed, the extent happened when she told her home, I came to know about this when my mother-in-law called me one day on Saturday evening alone and said that she has to talk to you something important Maya. About. I had to go alone, they called me alone. That day there was no one at home except mother-in-law, I was married in a village where there were fields far and wide. There was no house nearby. .I went to my mother-in-law’s house on Saturday. Mother-in-law called me to her bedroom after having dinner. At first she kept watching TV, it was 10.30 pm, she asked me how I was at home and asked Maya Mother-in-law said that Maya has told me about you that my husband is impotent. And I do not want to stay there, when she said this to me, I was sitting on the sofa near the bed and wearing my shirt. was in pajamas, october It was time, after hearing this, I said no, mother, there is no such thing, but mother-in-law did not agree. Mother-in-law said that today there is no one at home and your father-in-law will also come on Monday evening. I will call Maya home and get her married somewhere else, or you prove yourself that you are a man and will keep Maya happy. This was a great test in front of me, I started thinking how to prove what? My mother-in-law was sitting above the bed with her legs hanging and her face was in front of me. Mother-in-law was wearing dhoti and blouse. Mother-in-law said that you do not get excited even after seeing a woman as Maya has told me. And saying this, mother-in-law She lay down on the back side of the bed. And the mother-in-law lifted her dhoti up. My breath started running fast. Seeing the black hair between the thick and fair thighs of the mother-in-law, my head was dizzy. The mother-in-law was naked. My Cock started hissing, mother-in-law said what are you watching? Now why has the condition become thin? I said that mother I am feeling ashamed. Mother-in-law said that do this, turn off the big light and light the night bulb, I will not let you go from this room like this. Burned. Then I immediately took a decision and stood up and caressed the middle of the mother-in-law’s thighs by holding the palm full of it. Then I bent down and put my face on the mother-in-law’s pussy and started sucking it. Then I took off both my pajama and raw, I had to prove myself right, I started caressing mother-in-law’s grain with my tongue. After that I put my first finger and then the other big finger in mother-in-law’s pussy. Driven inside out, mother-in-law was in lust. Mother-in-law started lifting her butt slowly, her pussy was very tight. I fingered nonstop for about 2 minutes, mother-in-law could not control herself, mother-in-law tried to sit on the bed, then I took her pussy in my mouth. I knew that 50% of women usually urinate in fun. ,mother-in-law shot a thick stream of urine in my mouth.I drank about 7-8 spoons of urine while respecting her,just after this my cock was very tanned,now I did not want to delay,mother-in-law for the first time in my life There was a woman, in whose pussy I was going to insert my big cock tonight, I got up slowly and by resting my hard cock on the mother-in-law’s hole, pushed her hard with my butts, then mother-in-law’s suppressed scream came out, I asked what happened mummy? Mother-in-law said that Maya, sister-in-law had lied to me that you are impotent, impotent is my man. Just after this, I caught mother-in-law’s both legs in my left hand fist and started pushing cock inside. Mother-in-law started moaning. He probably had never seen such a thick and long dick and had not taken it. Now both of us were definitely silent, but air was coming out of my mother-in-law’s hole in every push, my dick had gone deep inside. Coming in fun, he was hitting her with the right palm on her buttocks. I had inserted up to 7 inches inside the mother-in-law. After that, after 12 minutes, I freed both the legs of the mother-in-law, now the mother-in-law herself came in fun and pulled her legs Lifted in the air, her ankles were ringing fast. I increased my speed, then at last I bowed both legs behind my mother-in-law towards her head and shot her inside 7-8 times forcefully, her mouth opened. . After this I lay down on my mother-in-law. Both of our legs were hanging down. After about 3 minutes, mother-in-law said softly in my ear that Pradeep, you have fulfilled my wish, now get down, mother-in-law grabbed me with her petticoat. Wiped the withering penis, mother-in-law was kissing my cheeks, I said that mother is feeling ashamed, then she said, what are you ashamed of? Are you ashamed to show your manhood? My husband could not fulfill my wish, I kept believing Maya’s words, but whatever happened, it was good. Mother-in-law said Pradeep, come after urinating. I went to the bathroom and came back naked in the same condition. Mother-in-law also got up and the matter went to the room. I had just started getting dressed that mother-in-law said Pradeep, now you will sleep on my bed all night. With this, mother-in-law took out her century, and pulled me on the bed, mother-in-law me I filled my arms and said that love me again Pradeep. And by saying this, mother-in-law started shaking my cock, my cock was again started to be tightened. I also started sucking mother-in-law’s cheeks and lips. Mother-in-law Said Raj get up and put a pillow behind your waist, I got up and put a thick pillow behind my waist and spread my legs, mother-in-law took off her petticoat. While the blouse was still on. She got up and my She spread her legs over her thighs and sat down, and softly said to me, Pradeep, quench your thirst today, which Maya could not give you, I will. Just love me with all your heart, I just said that you are very beautiful, mother. mother in law took off her blouse Opened the doors and two white lemons came out of it. Mother-in-law gave her nipples in my mouth. I was pressing the butt and my cock was pressed under mother-in-law’s stomach. Mother-in-law was lying wrapped around my chest. I had opened mother-in-law’s pony tail, her body was bathing in red color in the room. I kept thinking about Maya what would happen to her? But now I was completely engrossed in lust. To say that she was my mother-in-law, but we both were engaged in sex like husband and wife. Mother-in-law’s breathing was getting faster as my hands were slipping down. Even at this age, seeing the speed of work inside mother-in-law, I was thinking that how this woman must have lived with her impotent husband? That’s why my finger stopped after going to a very hot place. I spit on my finger in fun and slowly started roaming around mother-in-law’s backyard, mother-in-law understood and said softly in my ear, no secret, you will kill me. What? Not here, but I kept fingering, the mother-in-law was so sensual that she caught my cock with her hand and tried to sit on it by lifting her thigh, she slowly pushed Maryland’s big supada into her hole. She put on the floor and sat down, mother-in-law made a very sensual sound, mother-in-law held my shoulders and started raising her butt, my cock was like a strong peg, mother-in-law was kissing my lips and Coming in front of her again and again, she was pulling back her hair. I was thinking that this woman would have so much fire inside, I could not even imagine. I had touched her feet in her marriage. She was only 14 years older than me. I was walking in 29th and she was 43. Mother-in-law was trying to press her butt sometimes slowly and sometimes forcefully. After 3-4 minutes she got tired and rested her head on my chest. Then I put my Mother-in-law started fucking her by lifting her ass And I started having fun again, both of us were alone in the house at night. Mother-in-law had locked the gate. Then mother-in-law dropped me on the bed and shamelessly told Pradeep to rub me under his chest, I Mother-in-law lay completely naked on the bed and then put my right thigh on one of her thighs, now I was sucking her lips, she held my hand and put it on her breast, I rubbed hard, sweet pain from her mouth Sobbing broke out. I put my hand on mother-in-law’s pussy, mother-in-law said Pradeep, don’t leave her like this, show her the fun of your masculinity, she is craving a lot, look, she is so thirsty that whatever you filled in her, After drinking it she is lying quietly. I bent down and started licking my mouth, mother-in-law said no. The voice was telling. That she can do anything. I said that I will definitely fulfill your wishes, but don’t tell Maya even by mistake, mother-in-law put my hand on her head and swore that no, no Pradeep, this will never happen. What was it then? ? I lay down on mother-in-law and holding her shoulders started inserting my thick and 8 inch long cock in her tight pussy. This time mother-in-law herself raised her legs, I put my palms under mother-in-law’s butt and pushed her up. Woke up, because of this my cock was kissing her uterus repeatedly, and in every blow from her mouth, UEEEEEA Mamma Aaaaaah, Uffffffff, yessssssssssss. I was getting out and I was fucking her badly like an animal, I had seen many movies in which no matter how big a man’s penis is, a woman does not say that it is very big, and a wise woman is the one who Withstands. I used to wet her breasts in between. After 17 minutes of fun, I gave my mother-in-law her left butt and by bending her left knee, she sat on her right thigh and put her dick again in her pussy. Started fucking, her pussy was dilated, she was repeatedly looking at me lovingly but being hurt by sweet pain. But I could not do anything, my cock had tasted a juicy woman after a long time. My balls were hitting her pussy in this position. Mother-in-law said Pradeep, now just do it….I increased my speed. Died and poured all my white thick mall in her pussy, I can’t tell how much pleasure I got. I was still holding mother-in-law’s butt, I fell on mother-in-law. After 3 minutes my cock started coming out. It happened, then mother-in-law told me to wipe Pradeep with a petticoat. Did I say that mother-in-law said that the secret of your honeymoon was only for today or will you keep my life busy in future also? I said that mother, you should call me on the pretext only when father-in-law will not be at home, mother-in-law said that it is okay. After this both mother-in-law and I started talking, I asked mother, what is there in me that you have made me forever Gave me a chance to sleep on my bed? Mother-in-law said that you will not understand the secret, what have you given me tonight? I have been yearning for this physical pleasure for 13 years ever since I was seduced. My husband is an alcoholic and does not even smell me after drinking alcohol. I am still the same as a woman after 2 years, I am completely I am not even blossomed like other women bloom from below, really the lips of the women who fuck in films hang out but the mother-in-law’s did not. The father-in-law could not fuck the mother-in-law. My legs are tired today, for the first time in my life this has happened when I have been brought up by someone close to me and that too a strong man. Like you. I am thinking that Maya Saali is very mad who could not get your love till now. After listening to my mother-in-law’s words, I wanted to fuck her for the third time. I went to the bathroom and started roaming in the room., I was sleeping that my cock should stand up quickly and I should hang my mother-in-law on it. As said Pradeep, go to sleep now, it is too late for you to do this, stop tomorrow also, I will call Maya. But today was my first honeymoon, how could I leave my mother-in-law? When I came after urinating, my dick started getting current again. When mother-in-law saw it, she started wearing petticoat. I understood that mother-in-law was tired. Only for the last time….. But she was saying that no Pradeep, will you do it tomorrow also? I lovingly told mother-in-law that no, mother, I want to see your beauty. ,I started pressing her butt.I sat on her thigh and spread her fist with my thumbs.Sister-in-law was a very cool woman.I don’t know where all this mall of mine was digested?I put the cock in the middle of her butt And the mother-in-law started rubbing soon. Then I put my hands under her thighs and lifted her butt. Mother-in-law also understood that she would fuck from behind. That’s why mother-in-law rested her elbows on the bed and lifted her ass, I again For the third time, I pushed my 8 inch long cock in my mother-in-law’s pussy. Mother-in-law was upset, then I climbed up and started fucking her by pushing her with my butts, in between I used to lift my mother-in-law on my cock. mother in law jerking off She used to fall down on the bed but I used to lift her up again. As many times a man does, every time he takes more time than before. This time I started getting pain even while cocking, but I was not taking the name of ejaculation. .I fucked her for about 22-24 minutes, and then took jerks in her pussy and swept the whole mall again, this was the last time, my mind was also filled, but the pleasure of being a woman was given to me by mother-in-law. This time both of us were shocked. I kissed mother-in-law a lot, and mother-in-law kissed me. It was 1 o’clock in the night. Mother-in-law said that I am your secret from today. इतना कह कर सास ने मेरी तरफ से मुह फेरकर करवट ले ली मेने भी सास को अपनी बाँहों में भर लिया और हम कब सो गए पता ही नही चला.सवेरे जब मेरी आँख खुकी तो मै तब भी नंगा था और सास ने मुझे आवाज दे कर जगाया कि अब तो उठ जाओ पतिदेव .मेरा शर्म के मारे बुरा हल था.पर वो मेरे पास बैठ गयी सास ने पूजा कर ली थी.और उसके करीने से गुंथे बाल बेहद अच्छे लग रहे थे,सास ने कहा कि राज़ आज बाज़ार चेलंगे.मुझे तुम्हारे लिए कुछ खरीदना है न मत करना.

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