When I saved the respect of the hot girl of the neighborhood, she herself gave me her respect.

Hello friends, I Akshdeep welcomes all of you to the non veg story. This is my second story. I would like to tell you that I am a big fan of Non Veg.com. Every night I read cool stories from here. So let me take you readers on my story. This was only a few weeks back. I was returning home in the evening by bicycle after studying coaching. Only then I saw Varsha Bhargava. Varsha lives in my locality. Some boys were teasing him and making lewd jokes. There were total 3 women who were tampering with the rain. ‘Aye!! Will the pussy give??? For a long time I have been circling your house, now I respect my dear queen!! to give! She sticks to her friend a lot. What thorns do we have??’ Those boys were making lewd comments on Varsha in various ways. I immediately stopped the cycle on seeing him. ‘Akshdeep!!! save me!! Save Akshdeep!! Varsha started shouting seeing me. I started facing those boys and started asking them to leave the rain. One boy took out a knife and hit me, which hit my hand. Even then when I did not run, those boys ran away in fear. In father, Varsha told me crying that he kissed her on the lips many times and also pressed her tomatoes many times. If I did not come at the right time, she might have robbed her respect. Varsha started crying keeping her head on my chest. I silenced her. Those miscreants also tore her skirt and top. He just looted his respect, say that I have reached the right moment. After reaching home, I told the whole incident to his father. He got an FIR registered against those boys. The very next day those boys were caught and sent to jail. Friends, from that day Varsha became my best friend. She used to live in my locality. Earlier there was no special speech. But now we have become good friends. Varsha Bhargava was a very beautiful girl. She used to go to school only in shirt and short skirt. I used to find her very cool in this dress. But in the evening, when she used to go to coaching by scooty wearing a low cut top and short skirt, then the hearts of many boys used to get restless. A few days later it was 30th July i.e. Friendship Day. Came to me while jogging in the park in the evening and she gave me a lovely friendship card. ‘Why someone falls in love so much, even waiting for a moment becomes difficult’, even our own people seem to be strangers and a stranger is trusted.” Friends, Varsha wrote this beautiful line in that card just for me. Was. As soon as I read this, I was completely sure that she has started loving me. In return I also gave her a beautiful love card. In which I wrote my mobile no. I also wrote I love you in it. Slowly we started messaging each other. Then openly started talking on the phone. Slowly, we started talking about non-veg, that is, fucking things. Within a few days, I took him to feed pizza. This was our first date. As soon as I went inside, I ordered a family size pizza. I saw many young boys and girls sitting hand in hand and kissing. I also found a corner seat. I made the rain sit completely close to me. I kissed her hand. Then slowly he took her in his arms. I started kissing her in different ways. Sometimes he used to kiss her cheeks, ear and neck from behind and sometimes he started drinking her lips from front. The rain has set in completely from me. After some time our pizza arrived. I started feeding him pizza with my hands. In the same restaurant, I touched Varsha’s mom a lot and pressed her boobs a lot in the crowd. Friends, even today Varsha was wearing a mini skirt and low cut top. She was looking so amazing that I wanted to drop her in the restaurant itself, take out her thong and fuck my sister-in-law. I sucked hard on her lips painted with red lipstick. Friends, the money for the pizza has been fully recovered. In the restaurant itself, my cock stood up very forcefully in my jeans. If I didn’t get up from there, maybe my hard cock would have come out after tearing my denim jeans. I came out with the rain. He started his scooty. I sat on the scooty holding her slim waist. Scooty started. All the young boys started getting jealous of me because girls with slim waist like Varsha Bhargava were my property. Friends, now I started thinking of fucking Varsha Bhargava day and night. Where should I take her, where should I fuck her, on top of that the anti-Romeo squad members had created trouble. Many couples were caught having sex in parks. That’s why taking Varsha to the park and fucking her was not an idea at all. That’s why I didn’t think it right to be in a hurry and started waiting for the right opportunity. One evening, Varsha got a call that her family members had gone for a wedding and would not come before 2 pm. I immediately got dressed and came to Varsha’s house. Secretly entered his house. Friends, go inside, we both stuck to each other. Varsha used to wear big dresses. He loved western dresses. She took me inside to her room. After some time she came in front of me in a completely new look. She was wearing baby doll Mimi nighty and high heels. The baby doll was looking like a nightie made by joining some 2-4 handkerchiefs. Today after so many days I saw Varsha’s small breasts of size 30 from inside the nightie. My cock started flowing. Varsha was a very slim trim girl. That’s why her mom looked like Kareena Kapoor of size 0. But from inside 30 size will be comfortable. Fucking Varsha Bhargava was nothing less than a unique dream for me. She was a girl with such a wonderful waist. Varsha looked absolutely stunning in high heels and a baby doll mini skirt. Her tiny breasts were shining from far away from inside the nightie. Mammo’s dark circles were opaquely visible. Even the rain was getting crazy to kiss. He started showing me his hanging jerks. When she turned back, I could see her milky round thighs and buttocks. After some time I found that we were kissing each other. I used to see Varsha everyday in shirt skirt but today I had the good fortune to see her in mini nighty. I hugged Varsha tightly and started kissing her like that. I was trying to take him away to some other city and keep on fucking for the rest of my life. Friends, she was looking so sexy and hot to me. I grabbed the rain in the bars of my arms and started kissing her on the lips. After some time my hands reached on her mummy on her light transparent mini nighty. I started pressing hard on rain’s small lemon-sized boobs. Then I also removed her mini nighty. Inside she was in bra panty. I hugged her and we both started kissing and licking each other like crazy lovers. Then I removed her bra and panty one by one. Now Varsha Bhargava was only in high heels. There his big soft bed was lying in his room. She used to sleep on this bed everyday. But today she was going to kiss on it. I took Varsha to her bed. I did not remove her high heels. After getting him dressed, I put him on the bed. Then removed all his clothes. Then I started drinking small 30 size boobs of Varsha. Friends, there was not much milk. But he was very hot and sexy. They were small but very tight and solid. Absolutely solid solid. I respect the rain by hand [उसके बूब्स] Started pressing hard. She started swearing. I loved seeing her suffer. I filled my mouth and started drinking her solid solid milk. The rain started feeding me with pleasure. Her nipples were not black like other girls but red which was looking very sexy. I started drinking rain’s mom loudly. Her pussy got wet in some time. But I was in the mood to have full fun right now. Because Varsha’s family members were going to come at 2 in the night. That’s why we both had 4-5 hours very comfortably. For a long time I drank the breasts of a girl with a waist like rain. Then I started kissing her round fleshy smooth sexy thighs. I can say with a challenge that each and every part of Varsha’s body was very sexy. She was a real goddess of work. At least that’s how it was looking to me. My cock started hissing seeing her pussy and high heels. I came on Varsha Bhargava’s pussy and started drinking her pink petaled pussy with pleasure. Her pussy was flowing with lust and was asking for cock. I was drinking each and every part of Varsha’s pussy with pleasure. After some time there was a wonderful movement in her pussy and the pussy swelled up and became a cuppa. I didn’t want to be in a hurry. That’s why I kept drinking the pussy of a cool girl like rain for a long time. Then I started fucking her. Still she has not removed her high heels. Actually I wanted to fuck her in heels only. Like in America girls get fucked wearing heels. In the same way, I wanted to eat wonderful food like rain. Although he was not a virgin. Maybe 2-3 times had kissed some boy. But what difference did it make to me? I was licking that amazing girl’s pussy. Friends, the supada of my cock was very thick. Soon, I was not ready to go into the innocent pussy of rain, but by somehow pushing, I put my cock inside and then started fucking her. After some time her pussy became loose and went away. I was able to take her comfortably now. The rain had bent its eyes and eyelids. Her drooping eyelids were killing my heart. I was fucking the rain by knocking. She had raised both her legs up and black heels were shining in her legs. Eating Nazneen like her was a big deal. This was my biggest achievement till date. She kept fucking her legs for a long time and I kept fucking her. After some time, Varsha Bhargava started lifting her ass and happily started getting fucked. I started pushing her hard, due to which her lemon started shaking. I filled the small boobs of the rain in my hand and started squeezing it hard. He started having a lot of pain. I could clearly see his pain on his face. But maybe he was enjoying a lot while being fucked. That’s why he didn’t stop me. I kept pressing small lemons in the rain as per my wish and kept feeding it from below. After some time, Varsha opened up completely in the fuck and started getting fucked after taking a loud hiss. Aaah ah ah ah oui oui oh!! Oh ! Started kissing after doing it. Then I became a martyr in her pussy. But I just let my cock lie in his red belly. After some time my penis came out by itself. My material came out of her pussy as soon as my cock came out. The rain picked it up with 2 fingers and drank all the material. Friends, I was feeling very sexy after seeing this. Because every girl takes Chudwa but very few girls are able to drink the goods. Most of the people do not like to drink Mal. After some time, we lovers were again in the mood for sex. I had a big mind to take the ass of cool stuff like rain. But before that we came in 69th position. I started drinking her pussy. She started sucking my cock. Forgot to tell you that Varsha always kept boy cut hair in which she looked more sexy. When she started sucking my cock with her sweet lips, I cannot tell how much I enjoyed it. Felt like I got the happiness of the world today. As if today the universe has bowed down at my feet. I never thought that top material like Varsha Bhargava would ever suck my cock. We both stayed in 69 position for a long time and kept kissing, licking and drinking each other’s private parts. Then I did it in doggy style. ‘Akshdeep!! Dear, will you kick my ass now?? Varsha asked ‘yes!! Chinal!! I have already destroyed your pussy by beating it. Now I will kill my ass!!’ I shouted. Like a dog, I started drinking the soft soft cuddly ass of the rain. In no time, Varsha’s ass was ready to fuck. I put the dick on the ass hole and started going inside. But the cock used to move here and there again and again. I kept trying. After some time I was successful. My cock had entered inside after breaking the wall of Varsha’s soft ass. She was in a lot of pain, but somehow she was tolerating it. Then I started fucking her ass. I kept taking her ass for a long time, then fell in it. How did you like this story, don’t forget to write your comments on non veg story dot com.

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