When the vagina becomes loose, satisfy the husband like this

When the vagina becomes loose, make your husband satisfied like this, tips to get extreme pleasure in sex, tips for satisfaction during sex, better sex methods, enjoy sex other than vagina, make sex like this a lot of fun of best sex It is very important for the vagina to be tight for taking. But with age, due to having more sex, after normal delivery, due to physical problems, the vagina starts getting loose. Due to which the husband’s penis easily goes into the vagina, but he is not able to enjoy the better of moving the penis in the vagina. Because of which sex life does not have the fun that should come. In such a situation, many times men also complain of female sex that they are not able to enjoy sex, and they are not able to get extreme pleasure during sex. Apart from this, due to loose vagina, not only men but also women are not able to enjoy sex well. Due to this, even trying a new new sex position does not have the fun that should come, in such a situation, if sex life does not fade, then to keep its fun and keep it exciting, you can use other methods of sex as your own. can. Due to which it helps you to satisfy your male partner during sex. And along with making your sex life exciting, it also helps in bringing newness in it. Do this when the vagina is loose, it is not necessary to satisfy the husband that only you can enjoy sex from the vagina, but women whose vagina is loose, the enjoyment of sex life starts decreasing. They can try a lot more to make sex fun and exciting, which helps both men and women to feel satisfied during sex. So let’s know what you can do to maintain the fun of sex life even after vaginal loosening. Enjoy Masturbation In order to satisfy your male partner in sex, women need to take the man’s penis in their hands and enjoy it. When the woman takes the man’s penis in her hand and feels it with her lips and tongue. So it helps to give full enjoyment of sex to both men and women. And while masturbating, it should be done comfortably without accelerating at all, only then you can enjoy it better. And when the woman takes the man’s penis in her hand, then the man should also keep tampering with the woman’s parts so that both of them can get satisfaction during sex by getting excited. Get satisfaction in sex with foreplay. Apart from vagina, enjoy sex in this way. Foreplay is very important to enjoy the real pleasure of physical relationship. can. During foreplay, not only the man can kiss the woman’s parts, but the woman can kiss on the man’s body with his lips, now he can stimulate the man with the tongue. And believe me, sex plays an important role to enjoy sex to the fullest. If you also want to satisfy your husband during sex, then you can do the same. Anal sex is also the best, always novelty, doing something different during sex is liked not only by men but also by women. In such a situation, if you want to enjoy sex by moving the penis, then you can do anal sex for this. In which the man puts his penis in the woman’s anus and then moves it and is satisfied by enjoying sex. During anal sex, you should not accelerate too much, and you should also use lubricants. To do this, you can enjoy sex by making the woman like a doggie or by making the woman upside down and lying on her. Give women a chance, there are some sex positions in which women have an important role and you can enjoy sex better from them even after the looseness in the vagina. For example, if the woman lies on top of the man and the man moves from below by putting the penis in the woman’s vagina, pushing. So from above, the woman also moves to insert the man’s penis into the vagina. Also, while doing this, you can also take the help of foreplay. So even if you try more vigorous sex positions by women, it helps you to be completely satisfied during sex even after vaginal loosening. talk sexy, watch porn movies, talk sexy, know about how to enjoy sex, if you talk like this with your partner, especially women, when talking to men about it, then it will hurt the man It feels very good, as well if both do foreplay during this time, then doing so helps them to enjoy sex to the fullest. Apart from this, if the woman spreads the magic of her body on the man while watching porn, then the man can be easily satisfied. Enjoy sex from the limbs, make sex like this, during the best sex, if the woman wants to satisfy the man, then to do this, the woman should also find the man’s ji-sapta. From where the man gets excited only after giving a light feeling to the man. If a woman does this, then by doing so men also come closer to you, and then you can satisfy them by making them your own with the magic of your beauty. For example, ask them to touch your breast, kiss them, take their penis in your hands, press their ears between your lips, by doing this you can also enjoy sex to the fullest. Enjoy sex with a kiss If kissing is called the first step of sex, then it will not be wrong because kissing is very important to start sex. And if the woman starts first and enjoys kissing the man’s lips, holding them in her arms, rolling her hands in their hair and pulling them towards her, then the man likes to do so, and so By doing this, both of you can enjoy sex to the fullest. So here are some different ways in which you can always keep your sex life better. Also, women must do something to tighten their vagina, such as exercise etc. So that after the tightening of the vagina, you can enjoy sex from the vagina with all these methods. And even during sex, you should not open your legs too much because by doing so soon you may have to face the problem of vaginal looseness.

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