When uncle went out of town, he rubbed and fucked aunt in her own room.

Hello friends, I Prince Bishnoi warmly welcomes all of you to Non Veg Story dot com. I have been a regular reader of Non Veg Story since last many years and no such night goes by when I do not read its juicy Chudai stories. Today I am telling you my story. I hope everyone will like this story. This is the true incident of my life. Friends, my Sumer uncle had a new marriage. I had a cool aunt who was very beautiful. I was going completely mad seeing his youth and beauty. Aunt’s body was very full and what a beautiful thin waist she had. My uncle often used to come home late at night because he used to work overtime in his company. Aunt used to wait at night just by looking at the clock. When uncle used to come home, aunt used to serve food to him, after that both used to fuck fiercely. Gradually aunt started liking uncle’s cock very much and they started getting fucked a lot. Uncle didn’t want to have children now because after having children, aunt’s love would have been divided and would have gone towards the child. That’s why uncle wanted to drink my young aunt’s mast milk for a few years now and her full pussy [गुजिया] Wanted to kill and eat. From night till morning from aunt’s room “Aaaaahhhhhh……eeeeeeee….ohhhhhhh….ai..ai..ai…..ai..mummy….” The voices kept coming. When I used to hear such hot voices, I used to feel like leaving all relations and just go and fuck my aunt. Her figure was so cool that any man’s dick would stand erect if he saw my aunt once. For a whole year, uncle played aunt a lot. Torn their holes by fucking them. Then the uncle was sent to Nagpur by his boss for a month. Uncle didn’t want to but he had to do the job. That’s why he went to Nagpur keeping a stone on his heart. Here, as soon as the night falls, the aunt becomes naked and starts fingering her pussy. I had seen my aunt do this many times. I could not help I wanted to fuck my beautiful and young aunt’s ass. I was going crazy with lust and sexuality. Now I had to fuck my young and beautiful aunt in any situation. I went and knocked on aunt’s door at 11 pm. Aunty was naked as usual and was fingering herself in her pussy. “Aunt… open the door! I’m Prince!!” In a hurry, my aunt came somehow wearing a saree and opened the door. “What is….???” Aunt said angrily, “Aunt….I can be of use to you!!” I said “What do you mean…??” She said, “Aunt, there is no uncle here, but I can give you full fun in his place!” I said and kissed my aunt holding her hand “Badtameez!!! Aren’t you ashamed to say so!! Aunt said and she slapped me twice on the cheek “Aunt!! If you want to kill me, then kill me, but I can give you a lot of fun in the night. Call me if you ever need it!!” I said “run away from here….bastard somewhere!!” Auntie said and closed the door on my face and went inside. My work was done. Even though I got 2 slaps but today aunt came to know that her nephew could fuck her hard and could make up for uncle’s deficiency. I knew that a curvy woman would do anything to get cocks. A hot lady will do anything to get fucked. I didn’t sleep Keep on living On the other hand, aunt was in a bad condition. She was thinking about me again and again. “My nephew is so rude that he tells me to call him in the night if I need to work,” aunt was mumbling to herself. As the night progressed, aunt was remembering uncle’s cock again and again. The night was biting her like a snake. She removed the saree again and started fingering her pussy. But he was not enjoying it. Slowly aunt was thinking about me that why not call nephew and get him fucked. Who knows which one. Chachi was obsessed with sex and lust. After some time she finally came to my room and took me to her room. “Nephew…. you are right What if your uncle is not here? You are Aa.. come fuck me!!” Aunt said, I was waiting for this only. I took off all my clothes. Then aunt’s saree, blouse, panty and bra were also removed. Now my aunt was completely naked in front of me. I lay down on the bed with him and he started making love. Aunt’s naked body was just like Sunny Leone. So cool and full. Really guys my aunt was a cool thing to fuck and play with. I lay on top of him and started sucking his juicy lips. My aunt looked more beautiful without clothes than she used to look beautiful in saree blouse. Her body was very fair and very beautiful. The waist was very slim and sexy. What a treat my aunt. Her breasts were of 32”, not too big nor too small. But looked very beautiful and soft. Aunt’s stomach, waist, buttocks, thighs were all very cool. It was an amazing item. I lay on top of her and was sucking her juicy lips. He took me in his arms and hugged me. We both started kissing by connecting lips to lips. Ohhh…maybe she was sucking her lips on a non-man for the first time. I grabbed his shoulders and in no time both of us became very aggressive and heated. The fire of sex was burning inside both of us. I started kissing aunt deeply. It seemed that I would eat his lips. She was also aggressively sucking my lips. Then we both started sucking each other’s tongue and saliva. My hand went to her smooth, slim, sexy and slim waist. Like the models in TV have big thin thin waist, my aunt aunt’s waist was just like that. I put both my hands on her thin waist and started caressing her. I have to fuck this thing hard today, I told myself in my mind. My hands were crawling everywhere on her butter thin waist. On top of that both of us were sucking each other’s lips and tongue. Both of our eyes were closed. My aunt was looking very sexy in open hair. Now I could see aunt’s stomach. I caught hold of aunt’s waist with both hands and started caressing her. Slowly I was moving upwards. We both were having a lot of fun. I sucked her lips hard and stole all the redness and virginity of her pink lips. Seeing their pigeons, my parrots were flying away. Today I saw aunt naked for the first time. Once again I caught hold of him and hugged him. Lust completely enveloped me. Today I wanted aunt’s pussy in any condition. Like crazy again I started kissing aunt on cheeks, neck, shoulders. She was also in full mood of sex and was kissing me everywhere. Seeing her big pigeons, my heart was jumping. I started sucking aunt’s 32″ pigeons in my mouth. She started lifting her waist and chest. His mother was really very beautiful. I had never seen such pigeons till date. I used to press her soft milk repeatedly with my hand and drink it with my mouth. “Nephew….Your uncle is not at home today. If you make me happy today in his absence, I will give you pussy everyday. But today you have to make me completely happy!!” Aunt said, after that I started proving myself and started drinking her milk with all my heart. Slowly I was enjoying a lot. Aunt had kept her body fully open on the bed. I was lying on top of him and was sucking his pigeons with pleasure. Aunt was holding me tightly on the back with her hands and was digging her long nails into my back. Today I was going to fuck her hard. The bur which my uncle used to fuck every night, today I was going to play the same bur. Aunt’s black thick and silky hair was adding charm to her naked body. I had filled her teat in my mouth and was sucking fast. The aunt was crying out in the voice of “……Mummy…Mummy….. C C C C.. Ha Ha Ha ….. Oooo….Ooo…Ooo…Unhoo Unhoo..” The beauty of her teats was unmatched. Aunt’s nipples were erect due to the rubbing of my tongue and lips. There were red big rings around her bhundis which looked very sexy. I was sucking his rings with my mouth full. Friends, today my wish was fulfilled. The young Chudasi aunt whom I used to fist on seeing, today I got that aunt to fuck me. I was sucking her juicy pink nipples keeping it in my mouth. Today I had won the lottery. For 40 minutes I sucked both the 32″ teats of aunt in my mouth. Friends had fun. After that I made aunt sit on my waist and put cocks in her pussy. After that I made aunt sit on my waist and put cock in her pussy. Aunt took my cock in her pussy and sat on my waist. Both my hands went on aunt’s boobs. Uffff….She had such wonderful fair and fair tits. I started pressing her nipples lightly. I was having fun My beautiful and young aunt completely naked sat on my cock. Now they were about to be fucked. “Aunt….Come on now slowly start riding my cock” I said “Nephew….I know this kind of beating very well. Your uncle takes me like this every night!!” Aunt said “Ohhh…it’s great. Come fuck me hard!!” I said, then slowly aunt started moving back and forth on my cock and started fucking. I was having fun I was holding her mummo and was pressing it with light hands. After some time, the aunt caught her pace and started fucking her waist with a matka matka. That “…….Oui. .Oui..ui…….mother….ohhhh mother……ahhhhhhh…” was also taking out her sobs. She was riding my dick like a mare. Her deep pussy was eating my cock completely. Aunt’s waist started dancing quickly and started fucking my cock. Like a horse, I was running my horse in my aunt’s juicy pussy. Aunty was looking very hot and sexy. Today my dream of fucking him was fulfilled. In my own way, I also started whipping fast like above and started fucking aunt. I started getting very intoxicated. She proved to be a very expert player of getting fucked while sitting on aunt’s cock. She bent her back like an English girl and started riding my cock. I was feeling very sweet sweet on the cock. The fuck of both of us started slowly. I caught the aunt’s mother tightly with both hands and pressed her very hard. “U u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u… Auntie shouted. But I did not stop and kept on playing them below. I had mercilessly squeezed her boobs. My dick was getting into her pussy very quickly. Aunty was dancing on my cock and getting me fucked. After half an hour both of our bodies got stiff and we both fell together. Auntie became crazy and lay down on me after being fucked. I fell in love with him. “Nephew… today you have made up for your uncle’s shortcomings. You do a great job!! Aunt said and lying on top of me started kissing my lips. My cock was withered but was still inserted in her pussy. Today aunt gave me to fuck my pussy by becoming my wife. His thick black hair covered my face only. I started caressing his soft buttocks with my hand and started enjoying. After some time my withered penis came out of aunt’s pussy. I was still caressing their gul gul butts and was having fun. Then aunt started sucking my cock in her mouth. My cock was 2 inches thick and 9 inches long. Aunty started sucking my dick with pleasure. Something started happening to me at the touch of his pink lips. Slowly my cock started getting erect again. Aunt’s beautiful hands and thin fingers started stroking my cock quickly. I was having fun I was caressing aunt’s bare back with my hand. Aunty loved to suck cocks. She used to forcefully take my 9 inch cock completely inside her mouth till throat. Her pink lips were sliding on my thick cock. Was really having fun today. I was enjoying Friends, there is special fun in sucking cocks from any girl. Today I was enjoying the same special. Then Aunt Tej Tej started beating my cock with her hand. I was going crazy. “..ahhhhhh sceeee….aaaaa….aha…ha ha ha” I moaned. Then aunt started giving full attention to cock sucking and she caught my cock tightly with her mouth and started sucking it by applying pressure with her lips. I was dying. Then aunt started sucking my cock quickly like a prostitute, whore and chinal. She was looking like a real prostitute. Today she wanted to kiss someone. Lust and physical hunger for work had completely dominated them. She kept sucking my cock in her mouth for half an hour and my cock started rubbing. After some time I left my goods in his mouth. Friends, after 10 days my uncle returned from Nagpur and for 10 days I fucked my young aunt every night. How did you like the story, do give your comments on non veg story dot com. This is even more cool!

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