While bathing in the courtyard in the morning, the brother-in-law gave me a leather injection and a lot of sex

Lavi welcomes you all to Non Veg Story.com. I am telling you my sexy story today. My husband is physically handicapped. He used to work in a big company, but after a road accident, his life changed completely. When he was healthy, he used to fuck me every night. How many colorful nights did we spend together? My husband’s lauda was very big, like a long chicken hotdog, after that road accident, my husband’s life was reduced to just a wheel chair. The company gave a job to my brother-in-law Vishal instead of my husband. From that the expenses of our house started running. Now 1 year was completed after husband’s accident. For a whole year, I did not get any cock even once. Friends, there was no one at my house who would fuck me. Slowly, my inclination started becoming like my brother-in-law Vishal, because now he was our food provider. He would earn money only. That was when the stove of our house was lit. I would wake up in the morning to cook Vishal’s breakfast, clean his clothes, clean his motorcycle with clothes, and sometimes I would give him a bath with my hands if I fell in love more. “Let it be sister-in-law!! I’ll take a shower!” My brother-in-law would say but still I would bathe him by rubbing his back with my hand. My motive behind this was that my inclination was starting to become like him. I wanted to trap brother-in-law Vishal in my net. And wanted to kiss her a lot. I used to feel very sexy sexy when I used to apply soap on her cool body. My heart was completely on my brother-in-law. Friends, one day I intentionally started bathing in the courtyard. I knew very well that my brother-in-law Vishal comes to the bathroom exactly at 6.10 am. So I took off my saree. Opened the button of the blouse. And filling the bucket with the tap, started pouring water from the mug on her stiff body. As soon as 6.15 am my brother-in-law Vishal came out to pee. Friends, I started pouring water on my sexy body very quickly. I had unbuttoned my blouse. My sexy and 36 inch big mama was drenched in water. I was looking very sexy. As soon as the brother-in-law came in front of me, I pretended to have slipped in the courtyard. Vishal took me on his arms. “Hey sister-in-law!! You didn’t get hurt?? Vishal said “Yes!! Dear sir!! Maybe I’ve got a hip injury. Please rub my hips quickly with your hands!!” I said and opened the slogan of my wet petticoat. My dear and innocent brother-in-law put his hands inside my wet petticoat and quickly started rubbing my hips. Oh friends, I am so relieved. Vishal started rubbing my hips vigorously. I was completely wet Vishal also got wet with me. Before he left me, I hugged him and started kissing him. “Sister-in-law???…. what are you doing??? Vishal said, “Dear ji!! I love you so much! Accept this abla!!” I said and chuckled at Vishal. He tried to escape, but did not succeed. I wrapped him in both the arms. I started giving pappi on his cheek. Seeing my youth, he could not hold himself for long. He also started kissing me. “Sister-in-law!! To tell the truth, I love you too, but I could never say it. Right now I want to fuck and eat this sexy body of yours fiercely” Vishal said. “Dewar ji!! Since when have I been dreaming of kissing you!! fuck fuck!! Please sir! Fuck me right now!!” I begged him After that that happened friends which had never happened in my life till today. My sweet sexy brother-in-law Vishal stuck to my chest. And started kissing and licking me wildly. I poured 2 to 4 mugs of water on both of us with a bucket of water kept nearby. We both got drenched in water. My brother-in-law Vishal was also completely drenched now. He started drinking my wet and sexy lips like pomegranate. I moved my mouth and started drinking on his soft lips. Her lips were looking very sexy soaked in water. My blouse was already open. Vishal’s hands fell on my wet and hanging Mammo like mangoes. Uffffffff!! Friends!! After how many days today a man’s hand touches my milk today. Vishal started touching my soaked milk. He started touching my soaked milk by caressing her. Then he started pressing my soaked breast with his hands vigorously. There, there was a sensation in my pussy. I started having fun My dear brother-in-law Vishal was pressing my milk vigorously. Then he started drinking my milk in the courtyard itself. I liked it guys I began to suffer like a fish without water. Vishal started drinking milk filling my mouth. oops!! Friends, how much fun I was having. “Oh sister-in-law!! You are great stuff!! Your breast is like a parrot mango!” The brother-in-law said, “Drink it, brother-in-law!! Think of it as your goods and drink it, then fuck me tightly !! I said, Friends, after getting my full support, I started drinking tall mangoes like my parrot with huge fun. When my husband was healthy, I was very hot. Since then my breasts were hanging down like a light. My brother-in-law Vishal was drinking my milk at this time. Her sexuality is made, so I put 2 to 4 mugs of water and put it on my smelling body. My Rome Rome got wet. Vishal got me wet and sucked the water out of his own hands. Now I was completely naked. I only had a petticoat on my body below. Vishal started pressing my left milk hard with both hands. Guys, I’m starting to feel pain. My mother got kissed. Then Vishal took my right milk in both hands and started pressing hard. I was enjoying a lot but at the same time it was also painful. Vishal was completely dominated by Chudas. wanted to fuck me Wanted to take off the cock in my pussy. At this time there was only lust and lust in his eyes. Vishal bowed down. lay on me And he started drinking my mango by pressing it with his hand. I had reached heaven, friends. He would fill each one of my breasts in his mouth and drank my breasts like a sucking mango. He had become so chubby that he wanted to eat my breast and cut it out with his teeth. I was in pain too but at the same time I was enjoying a lot. Then Vishal came on my face and tongue started licking my whole face. Then we both started drinking on each other’s lips. My husband was just sleeping lying on the bed. They didn’t know that I was getting them to kiss their real brother. For a long time, Vishal and I kept drinking each other’s sexy lips and breath. Then both of us started looking at each other deeply “Sister-in-law!! Will you give a pussy????’ Vishal jokingly said, “….. since when have I been saying that take my pussy and today, let me fuck you with tongues and fulfill all your desires!!” I said after that friends we went ahead. Vishal started looking for the string of petticoats soaked in my year’s water. After some time he untied the string and slid the petticoat down. Devar ji started seeing my pussy. I opened both my legs. I put 2-3 mugs of water on my pussy. So that she looks more sexy and white. My milky pussy started shining like kundan as soon as the water fell. Vishal kept looking at my burrow with a very keen eye for some time, then broke down on it like a hungry lion. My dear brother-in-law Vishal started kissing my pussy and her lips with his lips. I grieved. “Easy brother-in-law!! I requested Vishal, now Vishal slowly started drinking my bad. Both of us were doing all these scandals in the courtyard of the house. Since when did I want to kiss her? This dream was about to come true today. Along with my pussy, Vishal started kissing my beautiful fair and full legs. My legs were so sexy. Then Vishal started focusing completely on my pussy. I had made the buns well and left a feather just above the pussy by making a feather. Due to which my pussy was looking very beautiful and sexy. My husband had fucked my pussy a lot when he was fine. Because of this, the lips of my pussy were completely opened and separated. Vishal’s long tongue was going all the way inside my pussy and was causing a lot of panic. I felt so much passion that my pussy would not burst. My brother-in-law Vishal was drinking my burrow loudly. Like that pussy is not a lollipop. Then he also started kissing the feather made of my feather with his tongue. Then Vishal loudly started fingering my burrow and very quickly my pussy started twitching. I began to gently rub my hand in Vishal’s head and his wet hair. My pussy had become very watery, because Vishal was fattening her very quickly. In the whole courtyard, there was a sound of fluttering water to beat my pussy. I could not tolerate all this. I wanted to get kissed as soon as possible. Raising both her fair and fair legs, she was getting her brother-in-law to finger her pussy. I knew that there would be no other chisel bigger than me in this world. Friends, I knew this very well. My husband was at home. Despite that, I was about to kiss my brother-in-law. Suddenly Vishal started unbuttoning his shirt. His eyes were filled with only lust. He took off the shirt. He got naked Then he threw out his lover in one stroke. Then he took off his underwear. Oh dear !! Friends, my brother-in-law’s cock will be so big, I never thought. Vishal opened both my legs like a scoundrel. My pussy was bloated in front of him. Once he and mine drank. Then he put his cock in my pussy and started injecting me with leather. Friends, in no time I lifted my waist and started kissing. Today I ate cock after a whole year. The giant began to push me hard. He was giving me leather injections with great pleasure by beating his waist. I HA HA I IEEE Mama Maa Aa Aa Oooo Oooo Ah Oh Oh Mama!! Started kissing We were both soaked in water. I took out 2-3 mugs of water from the bucket and hit Vishal’s face with a splash. I teased him. He understood my mischief that his chubby sister-in-law is teasing him. As soon as Vishal slapped me, he pushed his hair backwards with his straight hand, due to which all the water of the hair flowed backward. wiped his face with his own hand. After that the brother-in-law started raining cocks on my pussy. I started pelting my waist with the matka. In this chudas, he grabbed both my milk in his hands and loudly started giving his wet and wet cock in my deep pussy. You are going right, brother!! Just keep rubbing it on my pussy!!!!” Hearing what I said, he became even more chudasa. I started taking it so hard that I felt that no one is sticking a nail in my pussy. I was having a lot of fun this time. The brother-in-law was banging me wonderfully. Both my cool and full breasts were in the possession of my brother-in-law. Every one of his pushes was tearing my pussy. After some time, the brother-in-law left his goods in my pink pussy in the courtyard of the house and today after 1 year he has made me a complete woman on the floor. I cling to my dear brother-in-law Vishal. We both started loving like husband and wife. Friends, my brother-in-law Vishal was my man. I had accepted him as my husband after giving my pussy. After some time Vishal made me a bitch in the courtyard with wet floors. Coming from behind started drinking my pussy. Vishal began to touch and caress my smooth butts. He kept drinking my burrows by putting his mouth between my two flabby butts from behind. In no time Vishal’s huge lauda was torn again. He became a dog and sat in the courtyard from behind and started licking my pussy. Friends, in this way, it takes more tightening and more intoxicating rub. Vishal grabbed my shoulders from behind and started hitting me like a dog licks a bitch. Then he grabbed my long wet hair and wrapped it in round balls in his hands. Grabbing my hair like a scoundrel started plucking me. My head was hurting due to the pulling of hair, but because of the hair, I was not able to run away and I was getting fucked by the huge fury. His cock very quickly started pelting me from behind. I started enjoying the paradise by licking it. After half an hour, Vishal quickly took out his laoda and dropped the goods on my cool chut. Then I started sucking his cock with pleasure. Friends, today 5 years have been completed for my husband’s road accident. And for the last 4 years my brother-in-law Vishal is my husband. And every night, I go to his room and get him kissed out of the sight of my husband. You are reading this story on non veg story dot com | Desi sex story, mast chudai kahani, girl sex story, saheli ki bhai, chudai ladke, girl ki chudai, desi kahani, mast kahani, kamuk kahani, sexy girl sex, girlfriend se, indian sex kahani, mast chudai, desi chudai story, sexy girl sex, sex story, fun chudai, Hindi Sex kahani

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