While getting his uncle’s house built, his girl was beaten 4 times by the burdock.

I am Anshuman telling you my first story on nonveg story.com. Ever since my uncle started living near my house by building his own house, my eyes were on Roopa. Roopa was the only daughter of my uncle and was now 16 years old. I was 18. I was currently studying in 12th while Rupa in 10th. Both my father and uncle were babu in a private office. There was not much income. Uncle had to get 2 new rooms built, but he was short on money. So he asked me to work. Uncle had carried a lot of ita, moorang, sand to get my house built. That’s why it was my duty to help my uncle. Along with this, the biggest attraction was to meet Roopa everyday. I was in love with Roopa. I had also taken his kiss but never got a golden opportunity to kiss. Uncle’s house started being built. I started working as a laborer with Mistry. From time to time, Roopa used to come to give tea to me and Mistry. My job was to make spices, give water, and give bricks to the mason. There was really a lot of hard work in all this work, friends. I used to pick 6 bricks at a time. Both my hands used to peel off. He started sweating in the sun. The work of building this house was very hard. It was not an easy task at all. Only a man could do it. In the middle of work, when uncle’s cool young girl Rupa used to bring tea, all my tiredness used to go away. I kept staring at him in secret. My uncle was very happy with my work. One day when the mistry went to eat at 2 o’clock in the afternoon, the work stopped. I had a full hour. I looked at Roopa and asked her to come closer. The sun was very strong. My aunt [रूपा की मम्मी] was inside the house. She was so delicate that if she went out in the sun, her complexion would turn black. Because of this she did not come out in the sun. It was Roopa who used to give tea and water to the laborer. When it was hot, she used to bring a bottle from the fridge for us. I looked at Roopa. After sometime Roopa came in this way where a new room was being built. Only 5 to 5 feet high wall could be raised. When Roopa came, I caught her. What are you doing Anshuman?? Leave your hand, if mommy comes now, there will be a ruckus!’ Roopa said, ‘Oh, how afraid are you too? Nothing will happen. Where does Auntie go out in the sun?? I said and started kissing Roopa. She was a little scared. But still I started drinking on his lips. After a while she became chubby. ‘Oh Rupa! Give a pussy Kitna din ho gaya teri chut mare hai’ I said and expressed my displeasure. She started nodding her head. About 4 months ago, I had kissed him for 3 days when uncle and aunt had gone to Vaisodevi. Since then, he never got a chance to fuck his uncle’s girl, Roopa. But today I was in a full mood. When Roopa started refusing, I got very angry. ‘I am one that I am sweating my blood to get your house built. And you are not able to give even a 2 inch pussy!” I said showing displeasure. After sometime Roopa agreed to kiss. Now Mistry has done an interval of 1 hour. So I could easily fuck my uncle’s girl Roopa 1-2 times. I knew this. In that new room, where only a 5 feet high wall had been raised, there were some empty cement sacks. At this place, Roopa could be comfortably chocked. I hastily folded 4 5 sacks and laid them. Rupa was put there. Directly attacked Roopa’s pussy. He was wearing a maroon colored salwar kameez. I thought it right to attack his pussy directly. Let me kiss it first. I will keep on kissing in the matter. Recently, Roopa’s chest had grown even more. I could clearly see the difference in the bulge. I took off Roopa’s salwar, then took off the panties. Roopa’s pussy was very cool. I opened my pants and lay down. Rupa’s pussy started drinking. After how many days today his pussy was seen. What is a pussy chudied 3-4 times? I started drinking his pussy again today by putting my tongue. If this time my aunt [रूपा की मम्मी] Had we come out and caught both of our siblings, there would have been a ruckus. No aunt will tolerate that her daughter-in-law’s son fucks her. No aunt will tolerate this. With the touch of my soft soft lips, Roopa started moving and started walking. ‘If Roopa shakes her feet, how will I be able to fuck you? Keep both feet open,’ I said. Roopa calmed down. I started licking my pussy with pleasure. I touched his burr’s lips several times with my hand and caressed. Then started drinking pussy. After some time, I put a cock in Rupa’s pussy and started eating my cousin in the open sky in that newly built room itself. How strange it was that just a while back I was feeling very tired. But now with the arrival of my goods, the exhaustion had completely disappeared. I was feeding Roopa. He was wearing his shirt. Because the real work was of his pussy. I could have pressed her teat only later. Where I was taking Roopa, there was a pile of mortar, bricks, cement sacks next to it. What a strange thing it was. In such dusty soil, no lover would like to fuck his lover. Because who likes dusty soil? But friends, my circumstances were such that what would I do. I knocked and started fucking my cousin. The whole of my Lauda would go inside Roopa’s pussy and then come out. Then he goes in and then comes out. I looked at my feet. Both my feet were painted with cement and spices. Tell me this is the spice in my feet, it is not in my cock, otherwise Rupa does not even kiss me. Because girls are very clean. Whereas boys like me do not pay much attention to cleanliness. my pappu [लंड] He was slipping on Roopa’s bosom with pleasure and was fucking her pussy hole. She looked happy too. And I was just having fun here. How small is the pussy, but its demand is very high. I started thinking while patting Roopa. Then I grabbed Rupa’s waist and started banging very hard. With the rubbing of my bumps, she picked up the ass and started kissing. I would have had a lot of fun when Roopa would lift her ass and sobb. Then I started hitting him hard. As Roopa raised her ass this time, I put my hand down. Due to this, now her pussy came to a higher height and I started eating my cousin by keeping my hands down. At this time I was walking in paradise. After some time I fell in his pussy. I immediately looked at the clock. It was only 30 minutes in total. While there was still half an hour left for Mistry to come. I hugged Roopa. From the top of his shirt, I started pressing his coconut-like mamma and started drinking Rupa’s lips. Below I kept him naked because he was in the mood to take it one more time. We both were lying on that 4 5 cement sacks. How strange was this? I started drinking by pressing Roopa’s lips in my mouth. I took a break of 5 minutes. ‘Rupa!! Don’t wear salwar now! I’ll fuck one more time! We will come,’ I told him and went away. There was a wall nearby. I went weeping behind that wall. When I was urinating, there was a slight burning in the penis. Lund’s cap had slipped back after he had kissed his uncle’s girl Roopa. Lund’s supada had become completely pink in color. While the skin of the cock was twisted and slipped down on the cock. There was burning in the cock. There was a burning sensation even when I was releasing a stream of urine. Well leaving the edge and emptied his tank. I came back to Roopa. When I saw him lying on that cement sack without wearing a salwar from afar, he fell in love. How much help does he have to make in getting his house built? He has to kiss too. Any girl looks very beautiful without wearing a salwar just in a shirt. Right uncle’s girl Roopa was also looking. Her slender blond delicate fair blonde legs were really attractive. The knees were also very fair and beautiful. My aunt was very fair. Roopa had gone to him. He had got the color of his form. I lay down next to Roopa. My hands went round his round new shoulders. I started to caress. We both started talking while drinking Rupa’s lips. When will Roopa give pussy again after today?? I didn’t know’ she said ‘Why don’t you know? Doesn’t your heart want to kiss?? ‘Does’ ‘Well, you will get married later. What if your husband can’t kiss you well?? I asked ‘Then I will come to you and have a kiss!’ My heart became happy after hearing this Rupa said. My hands began to press on Roopa’s suit from the top. The only thing that the heart was doing was to remove his suit. Take off his undershirt too. Make her completely naked and fuck her. But there was a lot of risk in it. So I didn’t take any risk. I came back to my cousin’s pussy. Again started drinking his pussy. Roopa started sobbing. Roopa was just 16 years old. That’s why her pussy was still very small and small. But my cock used to take the whole thing inside. I opened Rupa’s rupvati pussy with finger and thumb and started drinking. I was also tonguing loudly at his peeing hole. So that it becomes more chudasi and takes it inside loudly. I diligently started drinking my cousin’s pussy. After a while she became more chubby. Seeing Roopa’s chudas, I put 2 fingers in her pussy and loudly began to beat her pink pink pussy. Rupa’s mind got spoiled due to my loud banging. She herself started pressing her cheeks with her own hands. She started taking hot sobs. He also opened his mouth. I could see his teeth clearly. She was letting out a hot hissing from her mouth. This happened to my cousin because of my pussy licking. Roopa was getting the climax of sex. My sex drive increased even more. I began to beat the pussy with more effort. The sound of Fach Fach echoed in the newly built room. Rupa’s chudai was going on under the open sky. I got into even more fun. I was thrashing the pussy vigorously inside out. Then some of Roopa’s butter came out of the pussy and hit my finger. I licked that butter. I put my fat cock in Rupa’s 1 inch cleavage pussy. After some hard work in some pussy, I started to fuck Roopa. His eyes were closed. ‘Open your eyes Rupa! Open your eyes!’ I said. At first he didn’t open his eyes. In the same way, she kept on kissing for 10 minutes. I kept knocking and banging. Then he opened his eyes. He cast his eyes in my eyes. I stared at the chhinal and started to pelt it. I was pushing him hard by moving my waist. It was getting special fun and pleasure in eating Roopa’s eyes like this. My Lauda was slipping in the crack of his pussy like a train. Was licking pussy very well. Then I got a big chuckle. Like lightning, I started eating Roopa. He started choking him so loudly that it took a while that his burr should not burst. Rupa’s whole body trembled due to the bumps of my Khatar Khatar. His cheeks began to shake and tremble. I started hugging Roopa like lightning. I thought I was going to fall. But it did not happen that my fat little lady was not taking the name of falling in the cousin’s bosom. Just a while back, I had fucked Roopa for 1 round. Maybe that’s why this was happening. In that half-built room, I took my uncle’s girl a lot in the middle of sand, moorang, cement. I used to fuck Roopa for a long time but still did not budge. I took out the lauda with a jerk and started drinking Roopa’s hot burning pussy. It was really a wonderful experience. After some time, Roopa’s pussy had become cold. The skin of my lad had slid backwards. Turning round and round, the skin of my lad came back. My supada had now turned dark pink in colour. Only the form of my lad had changed by choking Roopa’s bad. Now my Lauda was looking like a Lauda of an older man. I kept looking at my lauda for some time, then I put it in Roopa’s little pussy. I started kissing him again. This time I banged him for several minutes without stopping because even once if I stopped or rested, the goods would not fall in his bosom. That’s why I started banging him in a hurry. After several minutes of non-stop fucking, I finally fell and I left the mall in his little pussy. After dressing Roopa, I got up and stood up and started wearing pants. ‘Rupa?? Oh Rupa?? Till then the aunt gave her voice. ‘I mummy!!’ Rupa said. Quickly dressed her in a salwar, raised a slogan and ran into the house. Today’s experience was very fun. After sometime the Egyptian came after having food. It took a month in uncle’s 2 room. During this, she got to kill Roopa’s pussy 4 times. How did you like this story, do not forget to write your comments on nonveg story.com.

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