Working out and sexperience

 Today, I am going to share one of the best hot sex stories I’ve shared with you all. We wound up the day early; all we had done was laze around all day anyway. Late in the afternoon (actually early evening), we went down to the building’s health club for a workout, some steam and sauna. As you’ve guessed, it’s quite a posh building — old, but with excellent facilities, which we have been upgrading regularly. For example, our flat is on the top (20th) floor of the building and while the apartment itself is not very large by Delhi standards (about 1700 square feet, three large bedrooms, big hall, kitchen, dining, pantry, separate servants’ area and a small laundry room), it has a huge rooftop terrace of about 1500 square feet. When my parents bought it, it was expensive even then, but now it’s worth much more. We have no plans to sell it, of course and love it. The view from the terrace is fantastic, overlooking the sea on one side and the city lights on the other. There is always a good breeze here, throughout the year, from one direction or the other. The best thing is that there are no taller buildings right next to us so there is no one who can look down onto or into our terrace. There’s a lot of privacy.Rashmi has put in a nice garden on the terrace with lots of potted plants and ferns, flowering shrubs, some nice frangipani (_champa_) trees, a full jasmine and _raatrani_ vine and even a small lawn. We have some decent garden furniture there, too, of wrought-iron — a round table with a garden umbrella that is closed at night, a few chairs and a couple of park benches. There is also a _jhoola_ with a canopy and some seats carved from old logs. I’ve done some lighting so that it really looks lovely at night and we often sit out in the evening with guests for drinks and stuff. There’s a small bar and barbecue in one corner, so it’s really perfect in many ways. By the way, many years ago we got permission to put up a small private pool (when I was a kid) and we’ve still kept that. It’s really, really small, but perfect for lazing and splashing around in and I recently added a proper jacuzzi and, next to that, a good hot tub which is very refreshing. Rashmi loves the Jacuzzi, by the way — I’ve often come upon her enjoying sex in it especially late at night and in good weather, bouncing slowly up and down on the cock of her lover.That’s all by the way. The gym complex is in the basement, just above the two-level carpark. Now that Rashmi has been working out in the gym for about a year, she looks terrific in swimwear and, of course, she has now moved to bikinis. She loves to flaunt her body before the gym staff, knowing that it arouses them — she can be a real cock-tease! It’s not an accident either that two or three of the gym staff have come to “know” her very intimately. One is, of course, her trainer Jatin. The other is the sauna/steam attendant and the third is the helper-cum-cleaner at the gym.We deliberately went late, after the official hours and specially choosing the day because the entire complex (gym and pool) was supposed to be closed for maintenance and cleaning from the afternoon onwards. In the morning, I had phoned down and told Jatin we would be coming in the evening and he knew exactly what to do. He kept himself and the other two staff behind just for us.When we got down to the gym there was, naturally, no one else there except us. Jatin let us in and quietly put the “under maintenance” sign on the outside of the door and locked it from inside. It is the only access route to the pool so now we had the whole place to ourselves. I worked out only in my shorts (I usually have to wear at least a vest) and Jatin stripped down to just his jock-strap, removing his sweat pants and T-shirt. Rashmi was doing weight-training, I was doing cardio. She just wore her bikini. It is really quite outrageous and not the kind of thing you want to wear in public in India if you don’t want to be fucked: it is a string bikini like the kind you see on Baywatch but even more revealing — thin shoulder straps, and the bikini bra cups are really tiny and only cover her nipples. On either side you can clearly see the dark circles around her nipples, the aureoles. Because it is tight, her breasts are squeezed tightly together and bulge up and out very sexily. The panties are even tinier, really only a thong. There is nothing at all behind, just a really thin strand that goes between her buttocks and, on the other side, comes up between her legs. There the strand becomes a little broader — but just a little, so that it only just covers her actual cunt-lips, but leaves everything else completely bare: her pubic hair can be seen on either side! This thing has cost a fortune and I can’t believe how much she paid for so little. Anyway, I think it’s worth it …She started her weight training and before long she was on her back on the bench, lifting a bar with small weights. Jatin was standing over her and I could see he was getting horny just looking down at her. She did two sets and he put the bar back but continued to lie there. She smiled sexily at him and murmured softly to him. From the treadmill, I could see her begin to fondle herself: she ran her hands down over her breasts, squeezing them and then moved them down to her crotch to pull the bikini strand to one side, exposing her cunt-lips. Since her legs were spread apart, her cunt-lips were already open.“Come on Jatin … lick me,” I heard her moan softly.He didn’t need more encouragement. He grinned, flicked a glance at me and, without waiting for my consent, dropped to his knees and pushed his face between her legs. From the treadmill, I watched my wife murmuring and moaning softly in pleasure as the trainer tongue-fucked her slowly. Her head tilted to one side and she stretched out one hand and caressed his face and head lovingly; the other slid up to her breast and her fingers crept under her bikini bra and over her nipple.“Mm … yes … god, yes! You’re tongue’s so _good_ in my cunt, Jatin baby!” she moaned.He kept doing it, taking his time, lapping and licking and sucking and, gradually, her excitement grew. She arched her back, thrusting her breasts out, flinging her head back and gasping. With his face buried in her crotch, he looked up to her face. Her body began to jerk slightly on the narrow bench as if she was already being fucked. Now he slid two fingers into her pussy at the same time, so that he was tongue- and finger-fucking her simultaneously. She loved it, weeping out loudly now and feverishly jerking her bra cups off her nipples which were already hard, her breasts swollen with arousal.“Yes! OHHHHH baby yes! Oh god yes oh yes oh baby yes!” she went.He stopped at last and, as he began to get to his feet, she came upright with him, first kissing him slavishly, slipping her tongue in and out of his mouth and then, as he straightened, nuzzling his belly and crotch.“Mm, yes … god, I love your cock,” she said aloud and sexily rolled down the front of his jock-strap to expose his big penis.It was half hard already, and now she moaned softly and caressed it lovingly, gently jerking it in her fist, kissing the tip and the shaft, rubbing it sexily over her face and breasts.“C’mon! Suck it!” he gasped, thrusting his hips forward, and she moaned and slipped her lips around his cock.From where I was I could see everything: the way her face distended and swelled with the size of his cock, the way it quickly grew longer and thicker and filled her face even more, her head rocking back and forth between his legs with her hands on his cock-shaft and tree-trunk like thighs, and his hands on her head, moving it back and forth to suit his pleasure as he pumped his hips to and fro. I could even hear the soft slurping noise she made as she sucked it. Her cheeks and lips looked shiny with his pre-cum gunk. She groaned deep in her cock-filled throat and her hands went to her breasts, squeezing and massaging them erotically.I got off the treadmill and moved to the leg extension machine. It was much closer to them. They ignored me — I might as well not have existed. Rashmi kept sucking and sucking and sucking his cock till at last he pushed her head away. She went down on her back on the bench again and now he moved up over her, pushing her legs wider with his knees. He bent over her, holding the edge of the bench under her shoulders, his feet spread wide on the floor and I saw his cock sliding smoothly and deeply into her cunt like a lancet into hot butter. Rashmi moaned out loudly, her body arching hard, her hands digging into the thick muscles in his arms and her hips rose as her cunt swallowed his cock greedily. Her feet went up the back of his thighs. He bent his head and sucked hard on her swollen upthrust breasts.“OHHHH yes! Oh god yes, Jatin, yes!” she moaned . “Oh god you’re so fucking big! OHMA uhh yes oh yes c’mon fuck me, baby! Fuck me hard! Take me! I’m yours! Ohhhhh yes oh fuck oh fuck yes please fuck me lover fuck me hard!”“Yeh! Take it bitch, take it!” he moaned and began fucking her just like she wanted, hard and deep, his powerful hips bouncing over her lap, his taut buttocks flexing and unflexing, his cock pistoning in and out and up and down.And all I could do was watch. I felt utterly helpless — and helplessly aroused. It was incredibly sexy to see: the way her body tossed and heaved and writhed in unfaked ecstasy under his, her head flipping from side to side, her breasts bouncing heavily with his thrusts, her gold necklace tossing and slithering on her skin and the magnificence of _his_ body, with the strong, smooth muscles rippling under his tight skin, cording and bunching with effort. Their weep were loud and explicit and lewd. He had hit a steady, yet rapid, rhythm now and I saw him controlling his breath as if he was in the midst of a heavy workout.“Mmm … yes oh baby yes!” she moaned. “God, Jatin, you’re so good baby … your cock feels so good in my cunt … c’mon, lover! Fuck me, Jatin! Ahhhh uh yes uhh yes uhh OHHHHHH yes, oh fuck yes! C’mon! Shove it all in! Yes! That’s it! Oh yes baby give it all to me! Yes I want it all, I want it all, I want all of it in me! Yes! That’s it! Come on, Jatin, give it to me! Deeper! Ahhh yeh, that’s it, come on! Fuck me harder, lover! OH uh oH uh OH uh OH uh OHHMA uh OHMA OHMA OHMA UH _HANH_ UHH OHHHHHHHH!”“Yeah take it whore, take it!” he roared.He was going really fast now and I thought they would come but obviously he had other ideas. He wasn’t going to let her get off so easily. I finished my set on the leg machine and took a break, standing by and watching them. Jatin pulled out of her, making her gasp and moan in frustration. He straightend up. I saw that his body was glistening with sweat now and what an incredible build he had. He turned to me with a grin.“Hey, you! You small-dicked wimp!” he said. “What do you think? Like watching me fuck your wife like a whore, do you? She really loves it when I fuck her,” he turned to her and pulled her to her feet, grabbed her, squeezed her breast and kissed her, “don’t you bitch?”She smiled radiantly, and I knew she loved the rough words and rough handling of her body. Her fingers curled lovingly around his cock. “Oh yes, Jatin, baby,” she moaned. “I _love_ it when you fuck me! I just adore your cock!”He laughed at me again. “Hear that, bahenchod? Listening to that? Keep watching, asshole, and maybe you’ll learn something — how a _real_ man should fuck! How a woman _needs_ to be fucked! Watch and learn, bugger, watch and learn!”Just then the door opened and the other two gym staff came in. They’re proper _sudra_ servant-types, _naukar_s. They saw what was going on and began grinning. One of them was Sudhesh, who helps out with the sauna, and the other was Pravin, who works in the gym. Both are dark and young. Pravin is the better built and better looking too and has a really big cock, but Sudhesh is well above average, too. They grinned and came closer.“Hey, Jatin! When do I get my chance?” Pravin said.“Later, asshole. Not now. Later you can both fuck her together!”“And this eunuch will just watch, right?” Sudhesh mocked me.“What else can he do? Pravin replied. Fucker can’t keep his own wife happy, he’s made her the whore of the neighbourhood — And the whore actually _prefers_ the servants! She just _begs_ to be fucked by a servant! What say, whore? Want to suck my cock?”By now Jatin was on his back on the bench and Rashmi was kneeling on the floor like a slave between his legs with her head bent over his cock, sucking it hungrily. She looked up at Pravin and beckoned him. He hopped off his stool and, chuckling, came forward, unzipping. She lifted her mouth from Jatin’s cock, but kept fisting him, and turned her face to Pravin’s cock and took it in her mouth.“Yes, my love,” she murmured. “Today I’m going to get myself fucked by all three of you! And yes, I’ll suck your cock!”She went back to Jatin, sucking his cock again. I stood by silently, watching. Over her head, Jatin laughed mockingly at me. He held her head and moved it over his lap.“Watch, you cocksucker, watch!” he crowed. “See how your wife sucks my cock! C’mon! Suck harder, whore! Suck it hard!”He pulled her head up after a bit and she came to her feet and straddled his hips on the bench and took his cock in her hand and, with a loud moan, slowly impaled her cunt on it.“Oh baby yes!” she gasped, flinging her head back, her hands squeezing her breasts in excitement. “Oh god yes, oh that’s so good!”She did it really slowly, as if she was trying to relish every inch of his cock in her cunt. She went down on it slowly, taking it in bit by bit, moaning and groaning, biting her lower lip in tension. At last she had it all inside her, and her buttocks were jammed down on his thighs. She smiled radiantly down at him.“Oh god, your cock feels _sooooo_ good in my cunt, Jatin! Mm … ohhh yes!” She began swirling her hips erotically on his cock, gyrating them in tight circles and swinging back and forth on his cock. It seemed like she was churning her cunt with his cock. She looked so sexy!“Yes,” she moaned, arching her head. “Oh god yes!”She slid her hands sexily up her body and over her breasts to her neck and face, tossing her head back. He slid his hands up her body and squeezed her breasts. She cupped his hands with hers and her tongue arched sexily over her upper lip.“Oh baby yes! I could do this with you all night!” She moaned and bent her head while squeezing and lifting her breast and I saw her tongue swirling out over her own nipple. “Mm, Jatin, baby, you’re the best!” she breathed.Whimpering and groaning in lust, my wife began moving up and down on Jatin’s huge cock. Standing behind her, I could see her cunt rising and falling on the enormous shaft, going up and down at least a good five or six inches. She started slowly, lifting her hips, then spiraling them down, then going up again. She was still upright and, as she moved, and moved faster, her breasts began to bounce sexily. Her head was flung back. Her slender body looked really sexy bouncing on the trainer’s lap like that. Now she leaned forward, her hands on his chest and moved faster, now swinging her hips in circles as she jammed her cunt down hard on his cock.“Oh fuck yes oh fuck yes!” she moaned . “Oh god yes!”Her big breasts bounced with her movement. His hips bucked and heaved under her. He gripped her hips and held her fast, bent over him and began fucking her hard from beneath, hammering his hips violently up and down under her.“OHHHH JATIN! JATIN! JATIN OH MA OH OH GOD OH GOD OH YES OH FUCK OH YES OHH MA UH YES OH YES OH GOD YES YES YES OH FUCK YES FUCK ME OH YES FUCK ME!” Rashmi moaned loudly, as his cock smashed up and down under her, his thighs slapping loudly at her buttocks.Her whole body tossed and jerked violently over his and her breasts were bouncing wildly and her gold necklace was flying this way and that and her hair was tumbling all over. Faster and faster he went, ramming up into her and then he slammed into her and held still — and did it again and again and again, and each upthrust made her gasp and weep out. Jatin slowed and pulled her down hard onto his cock and held her still. Rashmi shuddered and groaned.Jatin called to Sudhesh. “Hey, Sudhesh, fucker! C’mon! In her mouth!”Sudhesh whooped in delight and jumped off the machine on which he was perched and came to her, dropping his blue overalls. His cock sprang out at her face and, with a loud, shuddering moan, Rashmi turned her face and began to suck him heavily. He grinned in pleasure, standing with one hand on his hip, the other on her head, sometimes squeezing her breasts as he fucked her mouth.They went on for a bit and then she slipped off Jatin’s cock, kissing him gently as she went. “Let me make them happy also,” I heard her say with a slow sexy smile. He grinned and agreed.“Come on boys,” she beckoned to Pravin and Sudhesh. “Come and take me!”She went to the machine he pointed to. This was the one we use for leg curls, where you lie on your front on an angled seat, your forearms on two pads and lift the weight bar with your calves, right up to your buttocks. Rashmi went to it now and lay down on it, her breasts hanging over the edge of the seat, her buttocks thrust up high, her forearms on the pads, her hands clenching the supports. In this position, both her ass and her cunt were wide open for Sudhesh’s pleasure and she was pinned under him. Meanwhile Pravin somehow got in front of her on his knees and pushed his cock up at her face. Jatin laughed at the sight.He turned his face to me. “Now watch the fun, fuckface! Watch your wife take two servant-cocks together!”Sudhesh spread her butt-cheeks open and I watched as his big dark cock disappeared into her body again, going right into her cunt all the way. On the machine, Rashmi groaned thickly.“Like it, whore? Like my cock in your pussy?” he grunted, bending over and pulling her head up by her hair and pushing his tongue into her mouth. “Like it, right?”“Oh god yes!” she moaned. “Oh god Sudhesh yes come on now fuck me! Please! Fuck me lover I want it! I want to cum so badly baby!”He laughed again. His groin was jammed to her cunt. He held her hips and began fucking her from behind slowly and deeply, squeezing his cock right up deep into her cunt. Groaning, Rashmi filled her face with Pravin’s cock in front of her while Sudhesh began fucking her from behind. I watched, hypnotized, as the big sudra cock slid deeply in and out of her cunt. She was loving every bit of it, I could tell. There was no doubt about it. After some time, they swapped places and kept fucking her. On and on it went and then she stopped them and moved back to Jatin.“Now,” she said, smiling sexily. “I want all three of you. Together!”The guys laughed in joy and mocked me even more. I watched, with a thudding heart, as my wife turned herself into a total whore for the three men. Now Pravin got on his back on the bench and she mounted him as she had Jatin earlier. Meanwhile, Sudhesh stood before her and pushed his cock into her mouth. And Jatin got behind her and pressed his cock-head to her anus.“Hey, asshole, come here and see!” he shouted to me. “Come and see how your wife takes 25 inches of cock meat!”He pushed his cock-head into her ass and Rashmi moaned out, going stiff with tension and then relaxing and letting him in, moaning and weeping out wildly as the two cocks invaded her cunt and ass together. With a soft groan, she sank her head onto Sudhesh’s cock again.And all I could do was watch and burn.Thank you all very much for reading my story. I really appreciate your feedback. For more hot sex stories subscribe to our website. You can also submit your stories on our archives of sexy stories online.Continue Reading

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