100% Your Partner Will Be Satisfied In Sex If You Do

Sex tips, how to have sex, how to make happy in bed, satisfaction during sex, must remember while sex, Sex Tips in Hindi, friends are going to tell you about sex secrets through this sexy tips. How will you please your girl friends or your husband. Happy in sex, sex is a give and take, relationship. In which if you make your partner happy, then he makes you happy too. Because sex is a medium through which you get peace, joy, thrill, love, physical pleasure, mental satisfaction. But still, if a man is asked how he can please his wife or girlfriend on the bed. So they are always confused about it. And the biggest reason for this is that you do not understand the desire of your partner. Because you may have a wife or a girlfriend, they may not openly express their wishes to you. But she wants a lot from you while being physically close to both of you. And if the man understands the woman’s desires. And along with the physical, emotional also gets attached to his woman. So the thrill of sex increases even more. So let us now know in detail that the wife or girlfriend can be made happy in sex. What do you have to do so that your partner becomes happy Friends, women are not able to say their heart openly during sex. But she can definitely convince her partner with gestures. In such a situation, if men want to please their party or girlfriend while having sex on the bed. So they should put a little extra effort to understand the woman as well as the gesture and her desire. So that they can fulfill their partner’s wishes. And if their partner’s wishes are fulfilled, then your wife or girlfriend is definitely impressed with you during sex. It is necessary to create a mood before having sex, it does not only mean that both of them have to come physically close and fulfill their needs. Men who do this, gradually their partner’s sex desire starts decreasing. In such a situation, to please the wife or girlfriend in sex, it is necessary to create their mood. And there’s a lot you can do to create the mood. Like dirty talk, talk about sex. Know about your wife or girlfriend’s sex desire. Touch the female parts. Stimulate their fingers with your hands and feet. Watch porn movies. Sexy dress your partner Gift. Foreplay, etc. Kissing all the sexy parts of the body helps in making your partner happy as well as increasing the excitement of your relationship. And women like to kiss their partner very much. Especially when it should be done on those parts of the body where the woman has a lot of excitement. And for this, the man should kiss with the lips of the woman on the stomach, back, vagina, underarms, neck, thighs, etc. Do not rush to please your partner. Because women like to spend more time in bed with their partner, and to feel their warmth by being confined in their arms. That is why a man should not accelerate sex to please his partner in sex. Be a little wild and also be rude that your partner likes while having sex, being a little wild with your partner in bed is liked by men as well as women. And women sometimes want their partner to dominate them. And women also enjoy it a lot. In such a situation, a man should always please the woman not only with tenderness but also in sex by being a little wild. Having sex in different ways i.e. sex position To make sex enjoyable in a better way, it is also important to take care of sex position. And if you want to please your female partner then you should try the sex position of their choice. Like women like woman on top, doggy style sex position. It will also be a lot of fun, adopt a different method, always in the same way, sex sometimes becomes boring. And in such a situation, to increase the enjoyment of sex and please your female partner, you should try something different. For example, oral sex i.e. masturbation or blowjobs should be done. If you want to enjoy sex better with your partner, the right time to make a relationship. And if you want to please your female partner in sex, then it is also necessary to make a relationship at the right time for this. And for this you choose the morning time, because during this time both of you are in a relaxed mood. Morning time is also very romantic. And when the atmosphere is romantic and both of you are relaxed, then the fun of sex increases even more. And you can easily make your partner happy by taking it to the extreme. To please your wife or girlfriend during sex, keep one thing in mind. to take them to the extreme. And don’t leave them in the middle, because if you don’t take the woman to the extreme. So the woman is not able to enjoy sex well. Do not leave the woman to please the sex Do not leave your female partner immediately after reaching orgasm. Because women do not like to do this. That is why to please the woman in sex till the end, keep the woman in your arms. So these are some ways by which a man can make his female partner happy during sex. Apart from this, you should not keep much gap in sex. Because this can also reduce the sex desire of your female partner. And to please them, if not regular sex, then foreplay must be done.

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