My husband got me kissed by a servant on my honeymoon

Hello friends, Sushmita welcomes all of you very much to the non veg story. I am going to tell my story to you people on India’s number 1 Hindi sex story site. I was a very beautiful girl of 25 years old. My cheeks were very pink and my face was like a fresh rose. When I used to go shopping somewhere in the market, all the shopkeepers used to see my big boobs and used to tease me. My boobs were 38″. I was such a beautiful wood that everyone had a secret desire to fuck me. I used to look like fresh goods like a flower. I had not kissed any boy in these 25 years. But I had a very burning desire to be kissed and to eat cocks. One day I had ordered a dildo from an online company to put my pussy in. Don’t know how when the courier came to my house with the delivery of Dildo, Dildo fell in the hands of Papa. When he opened that packet and saw it, he was very surprised. “What’s the matter, daughter???” Papa angrily said, “Dad! This is a dildo! When virgin girls do not get any boy to kiss, then they put this dildo in their pussy and themselves fuck their own pussy with it. This has a double benefit. Firstly, the girls’ pussy gets pacified by licking it and they do not have to secretly call a boy to his house to get him kissed. With this, the work of girls is also done and they do not get discredited in the society. I told my father that initially he got very angry after listening to me. “daughter! Tell me clearly, does your pussy now ask for cock??? Do you feel the need of a long cocked cock now???’ Papa said “Yeah!! Papa !! Now I am a 25 year old young girl!! Now I have a lot of heart to kiss!!” I told my father, friends, for a few days I kept putting the dildo in my pussy and kept doing the same thing. Then Papa started watching my marriage because he was afraid that I might run away with some boy to get him kissed. After 1 week a boy came to see me. He was a very thin boy. His name was Ranjan. I was getting a bit skeptical seeing him. “Sushmita ji!! I like you very much!! If you want to ask me something, ask me? Ranjan said “You are so skinny!! You look nauseous by looking at it!! After marriage, you will kiss me well, won’t you??? I asked “What are you talking about Sushmita ji??? No matter how thin I am looking like a slender sik, but after marriage I will kiss you well. Don’t be upset I am very good in bed. I have pissed off several girls all night. You are getting upset. I’ll kiss you well!!” Ranjan said after that friends, I told my father that I like the boy. After getting married, I left my husband Ranjan’s house in Hardoi. He used to work here in a private company. The day I reached my husband’s house, that day was our honeymoon. My husband got a nice bungalow and a servant from the company. In the night, the husband had decorated the room nicely for my honeymoon. As soon as 12 o’clock in the night we husband wife started falling in love with each other. My husband Ranjan kissed my juicy lips a lot and drank it whole. Slowly he opened my blouse. I loved it when he started pressing my 38″ succulent boobs. Ranjan was pressing nicely with my common hand. My Chukchi was very amazing, very beautiful. My husband was telling my mommo to be the most beautiful and beautiful momma in the world. He drank my milk with pleasure for about 1 hour by filling his mouth and had a lot of fun. Slowly he took off my wedding sari and opened the slogan of the petticoat tied under my sexy belly to Patidev. Then took off my petticoat and started stroking my pussy on top of my tights. Friends, I was feeling very happy today. Because today I was going to kiss. Today I will eat real cock in my pussy, not dildo as usual. Thinking about this, I was not able to swell with happiness. After caressing my pussy on top of the trunk for a few beds, the husband removed my tights and my bird [चूत] They started seeing My bur was dark and pink in colour. Husband started touching my pussy and started caressing. Then she started drinking my pussy with fun. It was as if I had attained heaven today. My husband Ranjan drank my pussy for half an hour. I saw his cock. Where the husband was very thin and on the side of the Seek, his cock was thick on the side of common men. When I saw him for the first time, I had a doubt that I do not know whether the thin skinny husband can fuck me or not. But now after seeing my husband’s cock, my doubts were cleared. After drinking my pink pussy well, husband put a cock in my pussy and started fucking me. I was having a lot of fun. I closed my eyes and started kissing husband Ranjan in my arms with fun. Friends, I was thinking that I will kiss my husband all night and will fly the whole night with fun, but friends, after 10 minutes, I got double crossed. I was cheated on. My husband broke down after fucking me in just 10 minutes. Again his cock did not stand up. I got very angry about this. “What’s this??? Have you married just to fuck me for 10 minutes???’ I rolled my eyes and asked, “Jan!!….Wait, now I am making the cock stand up again!” The husband said and began to beat his lauda very quickly with his hand. But friends, it took 20 minutes while doing this and their lauda did not even stand up. I sucked a lot by taking his cock in the mouth, but did not even stand up. I started crying bitterly like a chipper, “Hi! My karma was broken by marrying this eunuch man. This Naamard got out in just 10 minutes. I had not dreamed that on the honeymoon, I will get all the kisses from my husband and I will have fun. But now it’s just a dream.” I started crying bitterly like this. My husband felt very bad seeing my grief. “Life!! I won’t let your luck explode!! Wait, I’ll arrange the ladoos for you!” Husband said. After some time, he came to the room with Shyam, our housekeeper. “Bibi!! Today is your honeymoon!! Get this servant to fuck you all night today!” Husband said. I became very happy. My husband got this servant from the company’s side. He came up to me and lay down next to me naked. He started drinking my milk. My mangoes were very beautiful. Servant Shyam was enjoying my teacup. Then slowly he came on my pussy and he started drinking my red red pussy with pleasure. After sometime Shyam put his cock in my bosom and started choking me. I was afraid that she may also fall in 10 minutes, but it did not happen that she choked me without stopping for half an hour, as if I started seeing paradise. When my husband Ranjan started seeing me kissing the servant Shyam, he probably started getting jealous. He left the room. I wrapped the servant Shyam in my arms. “My heart!! My dear Shyam !! Treat your wife as your true wife today!! Kiss me by rubbing me today, understand that I am your only wife for tonight” I requested Shyam. After that he started eating me like his own woman. He started drinking on my lips and my mother’s own free will. For tonight I became his mistress. My servant Shyam was caressing my milky body with his hands and lips. He was kissing and licking every part of me. He was taking me very lawfully and was fucking. The fingers of both my hands were stuck in both of his hands. I was sucking and eating his cock. Friends, you can understand that it was more than half an hour and my dear servant Shyam was not out yet. His fat lauda used to repeatedly go into my juicy pussy and take it out. My 38″ thick milk was shaking with the servant’s push. He was pushing very fast in my bosom, due to which my milk used to jump upwards. I was making sounds of aaaaaah ah ah ah uh uh uh uhoo uhoo. Servant Shyam was feeding me in the same way as a man plays his woman on honeymoon. My body was occupied by only and only Shyam everywhere. I had become his maidservant. “Just here Shyam!!….just keep putting this cock!!….Aaaaa oooo ohhhhhhhhh don’t stop Shyam!!…don’t stop…keep putting cocks on this! And keep fucking me!” I kept saying it over and over again. My Chudasse servant Shyam hid me in his chest. I was completely his maidservant. He kept me on the side of a bundle in his heart and in his arms. I was kissing and words were coming out of my mouth. My every single voice, every word my servant Shyam was listening. My eyes were closed and I was kissing gracefully. Friends, he made me whole 1 hour 5 minutes non stop. During this, he must have put and removed his wrestler like a wrestler in my red beautiful bosom after thousands. After that he fell in my bosom. I hugged her and I showered kisses on her cheeks. I accepted Shyam as my Dilbar, my husband for tonight and loved him dearly. I loved him a lot. My maid servant forgot that he is not my husband but a servant. Once I had a fun kiss, I went to the bathroom. I went for a walk outside. When I came out, I saw my husband was drinking. Perhaps, seeing his married woman with a non-man, he was very jealous, that’s why he started drinking. I got stuck with my husband. “Why darling!! Now tell me whether Shyam could fuck you by law or not???” Husband asked “Hey! That gandu is a very cool chudai!! He fucks me for 1 hour and 5 minutes!!” I said “Go Sushmita!! Go have fun with the servant today. If I could not fuck you, then what, I have arranged a cock for you!” My husband said I kissed him on the cheek and said thanks. Then I entered the room. Our servant Shyam fell in love with me again. In a while, he made me sit on his cock and sat on his waist and started choking. I felt very happy seeing this. Our servant Shyam was a very capable chick. He had made me sit on his cock and was fucking. I put both my hands behind and rested on the bed, after that I lifted my waist and started kissing with pleasure. Shyam also started hitting me in my pussy from below. Friends, I was getting a lot of intoxication in this kind of banging. My face was towards Shyam. We both were fucking each other. Shyam’s Lauda was 10″ inches long and the whole whole was covered in my pink pussy and was feeding me with pleasure. I put all my weight on both my hands and leaning back, I began to push me up and down with pleasure. I was riding towards some mare with my servant Shyam’s cock in my pussy. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh moms I was making the sweeter sounds than the more to the more to the Ui Uisss. There was a strange intoxication in my eyes while kissing. Like I was falling asleep. My servant Shyam was successfully having vaginal sex with me by putting cock in my vagina. He was an expert player. Friends, having sex with Shyam was really a memorable experience. We both fell in love for hours. Then I felt that the goods are going to be released from my juicy pussy. My body was stiff. I was completely under the control of Shyam’s lauda. I could not stop my waist and pussy. I started riding my servant Shyam’s cock very fast towards some horseman. For a while we both quarreled together. Shyam’s 10” tall lad left his goods in my hot and burning pussy. On the other hand, I also left my pitch. After that friends, my husband used to call servant Shyam 2-3 times a month and make me kiss. Even though my husband Ranjan could not fuck me, but he used to happily arrange the servant’s ladoos for me. The complaint I had from my husband was now gone. You are reading this story on Non Veg

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