15 Days After Fighting With His Wife, He Fucked In The Bathroom

Hello friends, my name is Rajesh Chauhan. I am a resident of Faridabad. I am almost 24 years old. I am a regular reader of Non Veg Story.com. My height is 6 feet and I am very strong. I have had a lot of fun in my life before marriage. When I was not married, I used to have only one purpose, to impress a girl and then take her to my friend’s house and have a lot of fun and fuck. I fucked many girls but never felt happy to kiss me. Whenever a new girl gives a line, in some way refuse her and fuck her. Friends, I have kicked girls’ ass more than their pussy. It’s a lot of fun kicking ass. Many girls used to cry. And many used to spread their ass and get them killed. I got a government job three years ago. When I got the job, the family members got me married. For a few days after marriage, I did not even fuck him. After marriage, I came to Lucknow with my wife because I got a job in Lucknow itself. After coming there, I first kissed my wife Anita a lot. When I used to kiss her, I did not take the name of stopping, because she was very cool and my cock used to stand by the smell of her pussy and pussy. My chudai used to make my wife bad. My cock was quite thick and big, it was about 9 inches. My wife used to get angry sometimes because my sex was very dangerous and I used to tear her ass along with her burp. Which made her angry. But I used to convince him again. I used to call her Ani with love. Friends, time was passing slowly. In between we used to go home too, slowly we were going to get married for a year, the year of marriage was about to fall. My wife told me – “Janu, our wedding year is about to fall, and I want us to go out to have dinner in the hotel that day”. I told him – as you think is right. She became happy after listening to me and started kissing my lips by filling me in her arms. I also kissed his lips for a while. Then he said to me – “That day we will decorate our bed and then like a honeymoon, you will fuck me for the whole night with me that night. I said okay. Slowly our wedding anniversary came. Ani was very happy that day she got ready and we both went to a nice hotel and we ate that food. After having dinner we came home. We had already decorated our bedroom with flowers. After coming from there, I took off my clothes and together I took off my wife’s clothes too. You are reading this story on non veg.com. When I took off her clothes, her whole body was glowing, her teat was tied in her bra. And her pussy was covered by her panties, I removed both her bra and panties. And while drinking his lips, he started pressing his mother. After drinking lips for a long time, I drank his mommo for a long time. Ani was very happy that day. She was giving me her momma’s drink with great pleasure. After drinking Mammo for a long time, I also drank her pussy. And all night I fuck my wife. I was tired but I had taken an energizing medicine. Due to which I used to fuck very fast after eating and spread it by licking Ani’s pussy and ass. On the second day of Salgira, my mood was building again, I told Ani to kiss again – “Today I feel like doing sex again, let’s do it”. So he said – “I’m sleeping all night yesterday, I’m going to sleep, don’t disturb me”. You are reading this story on non veg.com. I got angry very fast but I didn’t say anything. I also fell asleep, the next morning I took Ani in my arms on the bed itself and started rubbing my mouth in her mommo. I don’t know why Anni got angry, she told me – “You are only engaged in fulfilling your lust, when you look then only you are concerned with my body”. I told him – “What are you saying man, I had put my mouth in your teat only with love for you. You are misunderstanding.” So Ani said – don’t talk to me. She left from there. I also got angry, I too quickly got ready and went on duty. And came very late in the night, I did not talk to him even at night and after eating food, he slept quietly. Similarly, I did not talk to him for a week. I was wanting to talk to her, but why should I speak, she too could speak. One day he told me – “Bring me a bra and panties, my old one is torn. I didn’t say anything, just shook my head and said yes. Now maybe even Ani felt that I should not have said such a thing. I did not kiss with both of them, I was very much like to kiss someone, so I sent a message to Ani from my phone. I wrote in it, look there is no use to be angry, we are both husband and wife and we should not fight if we live together. Then after sometime a message came from there, I know your mind is trying to fuck, that’s why you are messaging. I got more angry. I deleted the message. Fifteen days passed by fighting like this, we were not talking properly, nor did I have sex for so many days. The second Sunday of that week came, that day I had a holiday. And I had to stay home all day. I was in a lot of mood to fuck that day. I made a plan, I thought that when I go to take a bath, I will not take my towel and when I ask for Anni, I will take her inside while taking the towel. I went to the bathroom to take a bath, after a while I called out to Anni. Annie, please give me my towel. She brought the towel, when she was giving me the towel, I pulled her inside and opened the bowl, due to which Anni also got wet. He told me – what did you do?? I said – “You were angry so I thought I would convince you”. I grabbed his hand and started kissing and I said sorry to him. She too slowly began to believe. After sometime she herself wrapped me in her arms and started drinking my throat. , I understand that for so many days I have not fucked it, it seems that he is also in the mood today. You are reading this story on non veg.com. I also wrapped her tightly in my arms and, getting wet under the sawal, I started kissing Ani’s lips. Anni also started kissing my lips and then both of us were having a lot of fun kissing each other’s lips by filling each other’s lips and sucking each other’s tongue. I was caressing her whole body while drinking her lips, due to which Anni also got very excited. She was engaged in sucking my lips and drinking its juice. After drinking each other’s lips for a long time, I quickly started taking off Ani’s clothes. I took off his clothes and while taking a bath with him, I started drinking his throat. My cock was completely erect, I started coming down drinking his neck. And in no time I reached his Chuchio. I took off her bra while caressing her mommo and started pressing on her nipples, so that Anni slowly sobbed and calmed herself down with drops of water. I started drinking while mashing his chicks and was caressing his waist with one hand. Ani was slowly starting to go crazy with sexual arousal and started twitching her body. I was enjoying it a lot, because after so many days I got a chance to drink his teat. While I was drinking his chuchiyo, the water of Saval was falling on his mother and was going into my mouth. But after touching her mother, the water also started to taste sweet. I drank his mommo outside for a long time and then slowly while drinking his waist, I reached his pussy. While caressing her pussy with my hands, I started putting my fingers in Ani’s pussy from the top of the panties. Due to which she started becoming more sexist. I removed his panties in some time and while caressing his pussy, I put my fingers in Anni’s pussy and slowly started moving inside out. After some time, I started putting my four fingers in his pussy, due to which Anni started screaming in agony. She was screaming loudly as my speed was increasing. For a while her pussy became wet because water started coming out of her pussy. The water of Ani’s pussy was being found in the water of Saval. After some time, I took out my cock and started rubbing it in the hanging red rash of Ani’s pussy. After some time I took him on the bathroom floor and lifted his legs and put my cock in his pussy and put him inside first slowly. When my cock went inside his pussy, it seemed that his pussy had become tight, when my cock went inside, Ani screamed loudly. You are reading this story on non veg.com. Then after some time I started putting my cock in Ani’s pussy very quickly, due to which my fat cock was creating a rub in the wall of her bosom, due to which Ani’s pussy started to swell slowly, I made my cock even faster I started putting it in her pussy because I became even more excited and because of my fast pelting, Annie louder….ahh ahh ahhhhh ah .. unhu unhu oh oh ohhhh ohhhhh… unhu unhu unhu,…. Oops oops oops oops ha… ha ha ha .. cc cc… mummy mummy .. oh… ahh…… Her voice echoed throughout the bathroom. His whole face lit up. Anni’s ears, nose, eyes, breasts, labia majora and the inner walls of the vagina swelled up. The head of his Bhangakur got washed down. His heartbeat increased even more. Ani’s pussy started kissing well. The fluid started coming out from the vaginal tract of the wall of the pussy. With this smooth butter, her pussy became more smooth and slippery. I began to slip into the hole of Ani’s pussy as if working in a dark coal mine. I started licking him like a scoundrel. I was having a lot of fun. After fucking for a long time, I did it after fucking. I picked up Ani in my lap and mixed my cock in the hole of her pussy and started fucking her on my lap. Ani was in bad condition, she was screaming clinging to me. And I was fucking him very fast. After kissing for a long time, I was about to fall. My mind was also trying to kill his ass but I did not have much time, so I took him down and grabbed my cock and started hitting him. I was fisting very quickly, my breathing started increasing and the heartbeat also became faster, in no time my goods started coming out of my cock. It felt like darkness fell in front of my eyes. After the kiss, both of us took a bath while kissing each other. And then after taking bath we had dinner and rested for sometime. In this way, I fucked my wife in the bathroom itself. You are reading this story on non veg.com.

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