Son fucks widowed mother

My true sex story Vidhwa Ma Beta Sex Story Hindi : Friends, first of all thanks to nonveg for making my desert-like body green, I want to say thanks, friends, today I am going to tell you a true story of mine. . Huh, you would know what life becomes like when a woman becomes a widow in her youth. You have to spend your whole life with your heart. My house was not even such that I would have got my second marriage done, now whatever has happened, it has happened. Friends, I am 38 years old, I was married at an early age. And of course the child was already there. Today my boy is 21 years old. But I look young now, my body structure is such that I look half my age, I have my son and mother-in-law here, my husband has died 10 years ago. There is a lot of wealth in the house. I left no stone unturned to give the best education to my son. I sent my son to Delhi for higher education. My father-in-law said that daughter-in-law, you should stay in Delhi for a few days so that she should never face any problem in studies. I also reached Delhi on the night of 31st December. He came to pick me up at the station and both mother and son reached his flat. Immediately went to the washroom and got ready, I wore a pink color nightie, inside I was not wearing a bra, my big curvy nipples were shaking. Rahul’s eyes were on my nipples and my twitching bum. I was understanding that even the cocks of his youth were not in his bus. I had already sworn to her that you should not get caught in any girl’s affair because I wanted to do something good by reading and writing, after that the whole life remains in this work. I felt that I swore to it that I would never talk to a girl or else I had forgotten that after all she is a human, everyone needs sex. Like I keep pressing my nipples night and night on my own, and finger in the pussy, because I can not live without it. I felt that let Rahul drink my body, I opened the top two buttons even more, so that he could look at my nipples all his life. Friends, you are reading this story on non-veg It was time to sleep at night, it was a cold month, it was very cold. He didn’t have a separate quilt to cover, just one quilt. So Rahul said mother, if you tell me, if I bring a blanket from the market now, then I said no, now the shops will be closing, we will see tomorrow. Today both mother and son sleep in the same quilt. As soon as I fell asleep in a young body, my body started catching fire. My pussy started getting wet. But I did not want to do such a thing that my son should feel that I am a scoundrel, in some way I fell asleep after killing my mind, I woke up at night when my son’s hand was on my nipples. He was caressing my nipples slowly. I beat my hand here and there and saw that his cock got very tight and was getting fat. I was silently pretending as if I was in a deep sleep. I turned and turned the nightie up and stuck my ass in his cock. Now his cock had become like a hammer, it was in the middle of my ass. When I put my hand on my pussy, my pussy was very wet. My breathing started getting faster. Friends, Rahul also started pushing softly, Upper started pressing my cheeks. I was not able to restrain myself. And I turned towards him and caught his cock. And opened his nightie. I was completely naked. He also immediately took off his vest and vest. We were both naked in the same quilt, and I took him in my arms and placed my lips on his lips. And holding his hand placed it on his nipples, he started caressing my nipples. Come and I started kissing. My breathing was getting faster. I climbed on top of Rahul. And by putting her feet on both sides, she started rubbing her pussy on his cock. And started sucking on her lips. I was riding like a deer on his body, my lips and his lips were locked. I said I love you Rahul. He said I love you Sandhya, I understood that today a new relationship was established between mother and son. I caught his cock and took it in my pussy. It didn’t take long for the cock to go in the pussy because my pussy was very wet. Now I started running more like a mare on him, he was also pushing from inside. I got the joy of life after 10 years. My husband also used to fuck like this, now the sounds of ah ah started coming out of my mouth. He was also doing ah ah ah. There was a chirping sound in the whole room. That sound was of the union of my pussy and his cock. Rahul was in full swing. Now he turned me down and threw the quilt. He separated my legs and set his cock on the pussy. And pelted it loudly. Friends, Rahul’s cock was about 8 inches, he was going deep inside while tearing my pussy. I was feeling wonderful. It seemed that it was raining heavily in the desert. He was twirling my body. Filling me in my arms, I was fucking loudly. I had brushed it three times in the meantime. But he was fucking me like a horse. Friends, both of us did not sleep all night, kissed Rahul about 6 times, that was my first kiss, friends, after that there was no distance between us and started enjoying sex every day. I hope you like this story of mine.

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