After being fucked by brother-in-law, she became his personal prostitute

Hello friends, Palak welcomes all of you very much to non-veg story dot com. I have been its regular reader for the last many years and not a single night goes by when I do not read its sexy stories. Today I was telling you my story. Hope you like it very much. I live in Muzaffarnagar. I am 25 years old. I am a young beautiful young bud. My body size is 36,32,38. I am very beautiful looking modern girl. I look very hot My nipples are very attractive. My nipples are like oranges. I mostly live in jeans top. The nipples of my boobs are visible even from outside my top. My ass is also out. When I walk, she keeps on shaking. Many lovers keep following me to fuck my smooth pussy. My pussy is like two slices of apple. All the boys yearn to drink the juice that is filled in it. I love having sex. I love big and fat cocks. I’ve been fucked many times. But the yearning for sex never ends in me. I am eager to get fucked all the time. Anyone looking at me can think of fucking. Friends, today I am telling you my story. My house was in the village. There was no school there, so my father sent me to my sister’s house in Muzaffarnagar to study. My brother-in-law was very nice. Used to take care of me a lot. He liked me and wanted to play my pussy. He used to work in a big company. At my village house, my brother-in-law held me several times and pressed my juicy tits. He had also sucked my luscious lips. “Wink! One day I will definitely fuck your pussy” brother-in-law used to say. Friends, I was very scared of sex and fuck. Many of my friends had got fucked by their brother-in-law and had become pregnant. That’s why I was very scared of Chudai. One day my sister had gone to the market. Brother in law caught me and took me to his room, he held me from behind. Then made me sit on my bed. I was wearing a pink salwar suit. I was looking very sexy and hot material. My 36” boobs were showing through my suit. Brother-in-law made me sit on his lap and forcefully held my mouth and turned me towards him. Then he started sucking my pink and juicy lips. I was refusing but he did not agree. Forcibly started sucking my lips and started drinking. He wanted to eat my lips. After a while I started feeling better. I started helping my brother-in-law. I also started sucking his lips. He removed my dupatta from my neck. I was wearing a deep neck suit. My pale breasts were visible from above. Brother-in-law put his hands on my juicy breasts and started caressing them. I started doing “..ahhhhhh sceeeeee….aaaaa….aha…ha ha ha”. Then brother-in-law started moving his hand fast and round. “Brother-in-law!! What are you doing???” I said “sh sh sh sh sh….” He said and forced me to shut up and started pressing my mom hard. I got addicted to sex. “……Aye…Aye….Aye……Aye….Issssssss…….Uhhhhh…..Ohhhhhh….” I started speaking. At this time I was sitting on the lap of brother-in-law. I was only 25 years old. I was a virgin girl and had not been fucked even once. Brother-in-law was pressing my milk by making me sit on his lap. His hands were going round and round. I was sobbing. Was going crazy Now I was having fun. I was getting fucked. Brother-in-law was completely silent and was busy in suppressing my milk. I was feeling fine. Then he put his hand over my suit. He unbuttoned my bra inside and grabbed my left nipple. “By God Palak!! Your milk is very soft!!” Brother-in-law said, “Press it brother-in-law!! You fuck me today!” I said, then he started laughing and quickly started pressing my left milk. All I could say was “…..hee hee……a a a a.ahhhhhhh uhhhhhhh….. u u u…” I could not say anything more than this. Brother-in-law was pressing my soft and creamy milk. Then he took my left nipple out of the suit and started looking at it carefully. “Blink!! Your tit is very beautiful!!” Brother-in-law said, “Then drink brother-in-law!!” After I said, he bent down and filled my left nipple in his mouth. Then he started drinking. “Ai….Ai….Ai…ahhhhh….cc c c c….ha ha ha…” I was saying. I was having a lot of fun. I was sitting on my brother-in-law’s lap. He was drinking my left nipple. Sensation started happening in my pussy and body. Brother-in-law turned out to be a very clever man. Very quickly he started drinking my milk. Meanwhile my pussy got wet. I was tight Was filling up with sobs. Exhaling hot breath. Brother-in-law drank my left nipple from the top of the suit for 10 minutes. Then put it inside and took out my right nipple. Then started pressing with hands and started drinking. Juice was coming out of my pussy now. I wanted to kiss brother-in-law. He was doing Raasleela with me. “Palak!! I’ll fuck you!” Brother-in-law said, “No brother-in-law! Pleasess… don’t do that. Many of my friends have got fucked by their brother-in-law and have become pregnant. Na baba na” I said, brother-in-law told me that a girl becomes pregnant when someone leaves the goods in her pussy. If a boy drops the goods out of the pussy, then the girl does not become pregnant. I was relieved to hear this. “Come on Palak!! Quickly remove your salwar suit and become naked” brother-in-law said” but brother-in-law, if I become pregnant???” I said again. I was very scared. “I swear I will get the goods out. I will not fall in your juicy pussy.” Brother-in-law said, I became naked after he explained a lot. I took off my clothes. Then opened bra and panty. We both were alone at home so there was nothing to fear. Friends, whenever my sister goes to the market, she does not return within 3-4 hours. Didi loves shopping. She doesn’t buy until she gets 40-50 sarees removed. Brother-in-law had also become naked. His penis will be a comfortable 10″. I was getting nervous. “Brother-in-law!! How big is it? I feel scared!!” I said. He started laughing. He lay down beside me on the bed. “Hey girl, don’t be afraid of my dick, you need to make friends. Come touch and see” brother-in-law said and gave cocks to my hands. Fearing, I touched my brother-in-law’s cock. What a thick and strong cock. He was just like my dad. “Palak! Let’s fat him” brother-in-law said. I started shaking brother-in-law’s cock in fear. Slowly my fear went away. I started licking cocks quickly. Brother-in-law showed me a blue film on his laptop. The girl was licking the boy’s cock and sucking it in her mouth. Then I learned. I took out my tongue and started putting my tongue in brother-in-law’s completely pink supada. Had a mild salty taste. Two lips were made on the hole of brother-in-law’s cock. Goods come out of it. I know Friends, the lips of brother-in-law’s cock were very beautiful. Like the lips of a fish. Slowly I started sucking taking it in my mouth. “Well done Palak!! Suck, suck and work hard…” Brother-in-law said, slowly I started sucking his cock completely in my mouth. I started having fun Brother-in-law had become very happy. He opened his hands and feet. I was sucking his cock by bending down. Slowly I started enjoying it more. I quickly started whipping his cock up and down. I was quickly moving my head up and down. Brother-in-law’s cock used to go till my throat. Then white material started coming out from it which got stuck in my mouth as if I was drinking milk. Brother-in-law ahhhhhh…..c c c c….ha ha ha. Were doing. I was having fun with brother-in-law in the absence of sister. He started caressing my smooth nipples. Started mashing my bhundi. Friends, now I have become completely chudasi. Now I wanted to fuck my brother-in-law. His fat cock wanted to eat in his burrow. I was sucking brother-in-law’s cock quickly like a desi prostitute. Then I started sucking his pills. Brother-in-law’s bullets were very big. It was smooth. I was sucking it in my mouth. Brother-in-law was feeling good. I kept sucking on his pills for 15 minutes. Brother-in-law’s cock was looking like a sharp knife. I knew that this knife would rip my pussy today. I knew very well. Then they made me lie down and opened my legs. Brother-in-law started caressing my pussy. “Your eyelids are completely clear!! When did you make??? Brother-in-law said, “Brother-in-law had prepared this morning.!” After I said, he wetted his thumb by putting it in his tongue and started rubbing his thumb on giving my pussy. “Ai….Ai….Ai… ahhhhhh… c c….ha ha ha…” I started cooing. Brother-in-law was looking at my succulent with pleasure. Friends, my pussy was very beautiful. Then brother-in-law started caressing my pussy. I was longing for some fish. Brother-in-law rubbed my pussy for 10 minutes, then lay down and started drinking my pussy. I was in agony. She was trying to raise her head to look at her pussy. Brother-in-law was drinking my juicy beef like a dog. I am getting restless by saying “Aau…..Aau….hmmmmm ahhhhhh…cc c c c..ha ha ha..” I was feeling strangely excited. Heat was coming out of my body. I was going crazy. There was perspiration on my forehead. Brother-in-law was caressing my beautiful fair thighs with his hands. “Brother-in-law comfortably…….uh uh uh hun.. hun… hun..hmmmmm…ai…ai…..” I said but he did not listen. They were simply engaged in enjoying. He was chewing the grain of my pussy with his teeth. His private tongue was entering my pussy. He drank and licked my pussy for half an hour. After that he lay down beside me and started playing with my juicy boobs. Brother-in-law lay down on me and started churning the milk with his hands. I started to yearn. Then brother-in-law started sucking my milk. After some time he started having sex with me. He pushed hard in my virgin pussy. My seal is broken. Thick red colored blood started coming out. Brother in law started fucking me. I felt very strange. Friends, it is hurting a lot. I started crying. “Leave it brother-in-law….Please fuck me later. It is hurting a lot…… please leave me” I said a lot but brother-in-law did not listen and kept on beating me quickly. In compulsion, I started opening my legs. Brother-in-law’s cock was entering inside my stomach. I was in a bad condition. I was fucking with brother-in-law today. He was playing the band instrument of my pussy. I was like “U U U U U…… Aaaa Aaaaa… C C C C…. Oo-oo…oo….” Was struggling to speak. I was dying It was as if I was dying. My pussy hole was now fully opened. My pussy was releasing its white colored cream. Brother-in-law’s cock was slipping comfortably in my juicy hole. I was in a bad condition. I myself was biting my lips. She was trying to drink by putting her nipples in her mouth. Brother-in-law was engrossed in his own fun. He was just looking at my Chuddi. I was being pounded quickly as if you were doing gym in the gym. Was making sensuous sounds. Friends, brother-in-law was not letting me breathe even for a second. Just eating quickly. I was thirsty My throat was getting dry. “water water….” I was shouting but brother-in-law did not know how to stop. They were pounding me so hard that the bed was making a sound of chr chr. Both of us were sweating profusely. I was feeling that my brother-in-law might fall now. But I was wrong. Brother-in-law had a lot of stamina. He fucked me nonstop for 40 minutes. Then quickly took out the cock and put it on my mouth. 8 to 10 nozzles came out from the cock on my mouth. Friends, I got fucked today. My face was smeared with brother-in-law’s goods. My eyes and nose were also covered with material. I took it in my finger and started licking it. I was having fun My brother-in-law and I kept talking for a long time. My sister had come at 4 in the evening. After that I cleaned my face with my brother-in-law’s towel. Friends, then I went to the bathroom. I stood naked and started peeing. Red color was coming out of my pussy. Brother-in-law had just broken my seal, maybe that’s why blood was coming in the urine. I took water and washed my face with soap and lay down near my brother-in-law. How did you like the story, do give your comments on non veg story dot com.

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