Brother-in-law opened my slogan and stood up and bounced in his lap.

I Basanti welcome all of you very much to this non veg story. I am a resident of Dehradun and my elder sister is married in Delhi. Didi was about to deliver a child a few months ago, so I had to go to serve her. My brother made me sit in the train and when I reached Delhi, my brother-in-law was waiting for me. He works in a government office. As soon as I got down from the train, my brother-in-law warmly welcomed me. Took a kiss on the cheek and lips in front of me. I became watery with shame. ‘How are you sister-in-law??….. I missed you a lot.’ But you tell yours. How are you??” I asked laughing. I was wearing tight jeans top. The top was very tight, in which my mom was looking like a tennis ball. Brother-in-law kept talking here and there at the station for a long time. And kept staring at my tennis ball size mums again and again. When I had come to Didi’s house last year, brother-in-law had fucked me with love. The moment of that fuck is still imprisoned in my heart and mind. And luckily this time also I came to brother-in-law’s house. I was noticing this again and again that if the railway station was empty, there was no one there, then maybe brother-in-law would have given me the same fuck. But there is a lot of crowd at Delhi station, so brother-in-law could not do anything there. But he was repeatedly staring at my size 36 boobs, 27 waist and 34 ass. He didn’t let me pick up my bag and immediately lifted my full traveling bag with his mighty hands. My brother-in-law looks just like Hrithik Roshan. Every day in the morning and evening, he sweats in the gym for 2 hours. His body is very solid. Big lumps are lying in the arms and 6 8 abs are lying in the chest. Visually, he looks like Hrithik Roshan. If any girl takes a look at my brother-in-law, she herself starts putting strings on him and kisses him by saying, ‘Hey, let it be brother-in-law!!! I’ll pick up my bag myself!!’ I said ‘Basanti!! My dear sister-in-law is not made to work. They keep him sitting on the eyelids!!’ He spoke and lifted my heavy bag with a smile. I really liked this act of hers. We both brother-in-law and sister-in-law came out in front after walking down the stairs. Brother-in-law had brought his Honda City car. We both sat inside. It was very hot inside. Seeing my restlessness, the brother-in-law switched on the AC and in no time it became chilly inside. I had fucked my brother-in-law a lot last year. That’s why today when we came face to face, we could not see each other. Out of shame, I started looking out of the car window in a different way. Then suddenly my brother-in-law kissed me on the cheek with soft lips. It was as if my color had gone away. ‘Sister-in-law! I love you very much!!’ Brother-in-law spoke. I didn’t give any answer. For a moment my cheeks and lips wanted to kiss him one more time. I just started seeing with eyes like brother-in-law. Brother-in-law understood that like last year, this year also sister-in-law will give pussy. Will drink to give cock in her cool pink pussy this time too. Brother-in-law passed away. The tone of his face was telling that he was looking very happy. I fell in love with my brother-in-law because of his hero-like appearance. He put the key in the car and started the car. Then we both started towards home. Didi’s house is in South Extension of South Delhi. There is no big garden. The house is only 50 yards but it is made of 4 storeys and is well made from inside. When we reached home, brother-in-law and sister-in-law hugged me ‘Chhoti !! Thank you for coming here!! ”””” Didi said. They immediately started serving me. When I asked my brother-in-law to bring sweets, he brought many things from the market. Didi was about to have a child in 10 to 15 days. But he needed a ladies who could take care of him equally. Because the doctor had told that labor pain can start anytime. Sometimes the water bag of a pregnant woman bursts and the child is born within 10 to 15 minutes. That’s why brother-in-law had called me. Could have been a child at any time. At night I was sleeping in Didi’s room. Brother-in-law wanted to meet me. He gave me a mistake. I understood that brother-in-law is remembering me. I looked like Didi, she was sleeping in a deep sleep. I got up very slowly and went out. Leaving 2 rooms, there was brother-in-law’s room. As soon as I went to his room he was not wearing anything. Was wearing only underwear below. He hugged me. He hugged me like a true lover ‘Saali ji!! Missed you a lot” Jiju said and started kissing my pink lips one after the other. I didn’t say anything. Because I also wanted to romance him. I also wanted to fuck him. The intoxicating fragrance of brother-in-law’s body got absorbed in my name, my body and mind. Last time how he stood up and lifted me in his lap and how he used to jump and fuck me. Friends, those old golden memories became fresh again. I surrendered myself to him. My sister was fast asleep. That’s why there was no tension. Today something similar was going to happen again. I knew this. Brother-in-law hugged me tightly and started kissing me profusely. I didn’t say anything. I was wearing a salwar suit. Brother-in-law’s hands started going on my tennis ball-like round breasts and he started pressing hard. ‘Sister-in-law!! I love you!!! Sister I love you!!’ He was saying many times. Then friends, while standing, he put his lips on my small delicate lips and started drinking without stopping. The fragrance of brother-in-law’s breath got absorbed in my body and mind. He started drinking my pink lips like a lover. So I also became Chudasi. I got hot too. I also started running my mouth and started drinking his lips. I also grabbed brother-in-law with both hands without clothes. We both brother-in-law and sister-in-law started kissing each other hotly. Due to this both of us got choked. Brother-in-law wanted my pussy and I wanted his thick dick. After a long time I could not stop myself. My hand went to his French underwear. Hrithik Roshan’s look-alike brother-in-law’s thick dick started booming in his underwear like a hot dog. I put my hand on his thick pestle-like cock from the top of the underwear and started caressing it vigorously and rubbing it with my hands. I was doing this feat while feeding them with my sweet lips. I’m liking it !!’ When brother-in-law said, I started caressing his cock loudly over the underwear. Brother-in-law’s cock became even more hard due to the touch of my soft hands. Friends, I could not help it. I knelt down on the floor and pulled brother-in-law’s French underwear down with both hands. Immediately that hot dog stood up and started tumbling. Seeing brother-in-law’s beautiful white cock, I could not stop myself and started sucking it in my mouth. Brother-in-law had a lot of fun. When I looked up, he was closing his eyes and turning his head up and was sucking me with pleasure. Seeing this, I became even more hot and sexy and like a priestess of sex, She started moving her head back and forth on brother-in-law’s cock. Brother-in-law started kissing me with pleasure. I was putting his dick till inside the throat and was sucking it like a lollipop. Jiju’s cock was very big, very juicy and very juicy. It was like reaching heaven’s door for me. I was sucking his dick with full force in my mouth. Then in between she used to take out his cock and play with it. She used to pat on the face and eyes with brother-in-law’s cock. ‘Suck it sister-in-law!! Suck even more tightly!!’ Brother-in-law said, I became even more excited and started sucking his cock vigorously. Brother-in-law’s 2 black pills also got bigger and became hard. I filled his mouth with Chudas and started sucking it. Brother-in-law’s cock started feeling like a bear’s cock. The friends were so big that I was scared that how would I eat them. Brother-in-law did not make jhats. Maybe they didn’t get time. That’s why I saw his big hairs too. I kept sucking Jiju’s cock for half an hour. When I stood up, brother-in-law grabbed me by the neck and started licking my lips. His goods were smeared on my lips. Now the brother-in-law sat down on the ground and raised the slogan of my salwar. Removed my salwar. Then stood up and removed my suit. Brother-in-law once again sat down on the ground and started taking off his panty. I was sucking brother-in-law’s cock for so long that’s why my panty had become wet with my goods. Brother-in-law pulled the panty and removed it by lifting one of my legs. My wet pussy was in front of his mouth. Brother in law started drinking my pussy. I sobbed. Brother-in-law’s lips started running on the lips of my pussy. I started shaking. He started licking my pussy with great enthusiasm by taking out his big dog like tongue completely. Started drinking it. I started feeling very good. Started having a lot of fun. Brother-in-law was happily drinking my pussy while sitting on his knees. He was holding both my hands. ‘Jiju!! having fun. But your tongue is working only on top of my pussy. It is not going inside.” I complained. Brother-in-law now opened my pussy with his fingers and started drinking it. This gave me immense pleasure. He was drinking my pussy like a dog. My whole body was trembling. Waves of sweet longing were running in my whole body. My body was trembling. I cannot tell you how much fun I was having. Then brother-in-law put his 2 fingers in my torn pussy. I jumped 1 foot up. “Ah….” I sighed and opened my mouth. Brother-in-law started fingering my pussy. I felt that I have been teleported to heaven. Brother-in-law used to have great expertise in sex. I knew this thing. Because I had seen the skill of him and his son. He had more than one trick of fucking. Every time he used to beat with a new style. Today again some bathing was going to happen. That much I believed. I knew that every time he would not fuck me lying on the bed. Brother-in-law started licking my pussy quickly with his 2 fingers and started licking my pussy like a dog with his tongue. I started getting a lot of happiness. Then brother-in-law did something different. While standing, he started pressing my milk and started drinking it in his mouth. I started feeling very good. What a sweet sweet feeling it was. Brother-in-law tried to fill my 36 size Bubbu completely in his mouth but did not succeed. But still he had filled 80 percent of the chest in his mouth and was drinking it happily. With the other hand, he was caressing and pressing my other mother.’Jiju!! Fuck me now!!….otherwise I will die! I am thirsty for your dick. Quickly put cock in my pussy or else I will die!!’ I said. Seeing this, brother-in-law stopped drinking my milk. He put his hand on my waist and in one stroke lifted me in his lap. I stuck both my legs on the waist of my brother-in-law and wrapped them round and round. So that I don’t fall down while being fucked. Brother-in-law threw me in my pussy after snatching me. I wrapped her in my arms tightly from both the shoulders. Brother-in-law started fucking me up and down. My black shiny silky hair started hanging in the wind like a creeper. Brother-in-law’s cock was deeply penetrating my pussy and hitting my pussy. Friends, now I was not teleported to heaven’s door but directly to heaven. Brother-in-law lifted me in his lap and was fucking me while standing. I looked like a little girl on his well-built body. Brother-in-law was fucking me by doing hapa hapa. They were fucking me with great force. The way people feed their children by bouncing, in the same way brother-in-law was feeding cocks in my pussy. Then suddenly he started fucking me very hard. Both my tennis size round boobs started bouncing in the air very loudly. Brother-in-law fucked me back-breakingly. Then brother-in-law filled my milk in his mouth and while biting it with his teeth, started feeding me. Due to this sparks started burning in my pussy. Brother-in-law’s 12 inch long penis like muscle was beating my pussy with great pleasure. Then after some time Jiju left his hot volcano in my pussy. I returned to Didi’s room after kissing 3 times. After 4 days, Didi’s water bag burst. And at home they had a healthy boy. That brother-in-law was very happy. In the night, he again fucked me in the joy of being a boy. You are reading this story on non veg

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