Am I ruining my daughter’s life? Please tell after kissing the son-in-law

I am Neetu Dogra, living in Delhi, I am 40 years old, I have a daughter, Sandhya Dogra, she is 20 years old, I have just got married 6 years ago, I would like to tell you about myself, I have I have divorced my husband because he had a relationship with another woman, I have my own flat in Delhi, I also work in a media house, and my daughter does modeling, she married her own boss. He is the only son, his mother and father both live in Bangalore. I tell the whole thing about our relationship, from where it started and what has happened till now, I hope that you will give me the right opinion, I I got this courage, after reading some stories on non-veg story, at first I felt that I am doing some wrong thing, then when I searched everything on the internet, many stories of non-veg also came in which such relations was mentioned, so I also thought why not lighten the burden of my heart by telling my story. As you know that my daughter does modeling, the model is the same, she should be very beautiful to see, have a good body. Be covered, maintain figure, when this happens to a girl, then you know that boys die, nowadays boys want beautiful girls, and love happens to many, this is a new era, don’t hold hands or hold hands Goes right into bra or panties, why? Am I saying right? You must have done the same thing to many, had a little talk, either kissed on the lips or pressed the nipple, and got a little chance, put your hand in the panty and took the measurement of the pussy, whether it is puffy or not, wet or not. Isn’t it right. So it happened when it was Sandhya’s birthday, first they came outside to celebrate birthday, they didn’t take me, I also thought let’s celebrate with friends, then when When I came back around 10 o’clock in the night, her boyfriend was also with her, then it was late night, so I told my daughter’s boyfriend, son, tomorrow is Sunday, stay here tonight, Due to the stubbornness of the daughter, he stayed, my room is different, the daughter’s room is different after that, there is a guest room, where he was told to stay, but where will he stay, he kept whispering till late night, my Fell asleep, when she woke up with a scream, that scream was of Sandhya, aaah aaah aaah blood is coming out, aaah aaah aaah died, I ran and peeped and saw Rohit in Sandhya’s room, Sandhya was downstairs and Rohit was in his fat Put the cock in Sandhya’s pussy and was caressing her tits Oh, what should I do now, kept quiet, Sandhya was speaking, you pushed hard, my pussy was torn, then they slowly started fucking and getting fucked, I looked wet for a long time, and I came back to my bed , with a wet pussy, almost whole night, the talk of fuck was echoing in my ears, I was very upset, why Sandhya had sex before marriage, in the morning I made breakfast for both of them, and then I took both of them to the drawing room I called her and said that you have gone too far in the night, what will happen now, Rohit, you know, I am the only woman, if I am defamed once, I will not stay anywhere, and started crying, then Rohit came and He hugged me, and said mother, why do you worry, I am ready to marry Sandhya, if you tell the truth, I was not happy, I thanked Rohit, kissed him on the forehead, and I said son, you are mine. Keep respect, and the boy turned out to be good, within fifteen days the coat got married, Rohit started living at my house, I have my own house, and there is no one to stay, both Rohit and Sandhya went to Goa for honeymoon, for four days for, i In these four days, I kept repeating all the things of that night, because Rohit’s muscular body and fat cock had attracted me a lot, now I started thinking about him again and again, then what to tell friends, once a fashion show I had to go out of town in the evening, and Rohit was having fever, Sandhya left in the morning, brought her after seeing the doctor in the afternoon, Rohit’s fever subsided in the evening, I was changing clothes in my bedroom in the evening, And the door was open, I didn’t know when Rohit came, I was naked at that time, I was pulling out my bra hook as it got tangled in my hair, as soon as Rohit saw me, he remained standing, but I started hurrying and my hair got tangled even more, I ouch then Rohit immediately came to me, removed my bra from my hair, but he was standing in front of me looking at my body, as soon as I met him , Eyes not lowered, because he himself was wearing a towel, and when we both hugged each other, I didn’t even know, my lips started touching Rohit’s lips, and Rohit’s hand started rubbing my tits. ,F But what happened on the bed, sometimes on top of it, sometimes on top of me, then I spread my legs and he put cock in my pussy, I was thirsty for cock for many days, I fucked a lot, and that too in all the poses of Kamasutra. Friends, it’s been 4 months since then, Sandhya is doing modeling, but I am about to become the mother of Rohit’s child, that too three and a half months old, you can read this story on Have been Now I am confused about the solution, what to do, what will happen if my daughter comes to know about this, now Rohit is taking more interest in me than Sandhya, he says that you give birth to my child, I will give birth to Sandhya. I will agree, but I think whether I am wasting Sandhya’s life, please tell me,

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