fuck me slowly because it hurts

I am Rakesh Pathak age 19 years, I live in Ghaziabad, I am a chudkkad type of boy, wherever I have seen any goods, I feel like Chod du, this habit is not good for me because due to this habit I did not even leave my sister Because whenever I see someone’s nipple, I do it, and I did it too, many times I also mashed my mother’s nipple, I will tell you an incident, I gave my younger sister only, Once upon a time, my mother had got smallpox, and my sister has a habit, she has not slept alone till today, she is very afraid, my father has passed away. Mother is a teacher in a school in Ghaziabad. So that day the mother said Rakesh, Rita will not sleep with me today because I have got smallpox, this is a disease of untouchability, so you take Rita to sleep with you. After having dinner, Rita came to my room only, but mother knew that my intentions are not always right, because of this mother said that both of you sleep in the drawing room today, the drawing room is visible from mother’s room, So mother rightly thought that today my daughter should not go to bed, till that time I was not thinking about my sister, Rita put the bed outside and both fell asleep, like Rita’s ass stuck in my hand. So I got restless, I thought this was not going to give a better opportunity, so I started touching Rita slowly, she also started enjoying a little bit, I said Rita nowadays is the time to be bold, yesterday I got a new one from the mall for you I will bring a dress or you will buy a walk with me of your choice, then Rita said, thank you brother, how good are you, and she turned towards me, I also pressed her a little closer to me, her tit was pressing on my chest, I asked my mother I saw in the room that the mother had slept because there was intoxication in what the doctor had suppressed so that she could sleep, Rita told me this. I was happy to hear this, I said sister, if you ever need anything, then tell me, I have a lot of money, I get a lot of salary in the call center, in this way I was impressing my sister, then only She took a kiss on my head, said you are very nice, I also kissed on the head, then on the nose, then on the cheek, then I put my lips on the lips, her breathing started fast, she said brother, this is a good thing No, this is going wrong, I said it’s nothing wrong, you don’t worry, and I pulled her closer, now both her nipples were sticking in my chest, I pressed her bum and cock Took her to her burrow, she was wearing a tight capri, the round bum was clearly felt, Rita said, “Brother, don’t tell this to anyone.” I said no, why would I tell, so that quote is fine I also feel like kissing a boy, but I would have done it with you, I don’t know what kind of boys would be outside, you are good and she started kissing me, I put it inside her top Putting her hands on both of her big tits I started pressing, she started talking brother, don’t press hard, it hurts, I kissed and said no, my sister, I will do whatever you like, then I took off her top, she was in the bra, there was a light of light in the room It was burning due to which her beautiful body was visible, I took off her bra and then capri and panty, she was completely naked, then I also got naked now both of us were inside a bedsheet, I lit my mobile torch and Looked at the bur, pink color was visible, there was not much hair in the bur, there was a small hole in the bur, she was virgin, I could hardly put a single finger in it, as soon as I put my finger, it issss to issss I got up and went inside the room and brought Vaseline and applied it on its burrow and then I applied it on top of my cock. Then I climbed on her and spread her legs and put my cock over her burrow, but she was not allowing to enter, saying she was in pain and used to pull her bum, I tried to understand for the first time There will be pain then there will be no pain but she was not agreeing, then I started drinking her nipple, started sucking lips, slowly started pressing the nipple, then she slowly started getting sensual, her breath had heat, she then me too She started caressing, then she said, slowly put brother, I climbed on Rita. Put my cock on his burrow and gave a blow, my 3 inch cock went into his burrow, I held him tight, he tolerated this shock but his eyes watered, then I hit another blow and my cock Inside, she chuckled and grabbed me, I calmed down a bit, then slowly started to chud, she also started enjoying lightly, but she was saying brother slowly it hurts, I too slowly started my own Fucked my sister about 5 times in the night. Now every day when my mother goes to school, I fuck in different styles, now she does not say slowly, now she says, fuck brother-in-law, fuck her sister, what does she do slowly, don’t do it loudly, don’t chuckle Who will press the nipple, my brother-in-law sucks, what is your finger doing, where have you put your finger in the ass, don’t put it in the ass, you can’t even fuck your brother-in-law properly, let’s move properly. Now I have started doing Viagra to her, now she says, I will die, slowly, do not press tightly, my sister is very chubby, but it is better than kissing somewhere else It is good that it is chugging in the house, please tell me how did you like the story of my sister brother

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