An incomplete love story ends after tearing the hole

Student teacher sex, village sex, bihar sex, bihari sex, virgin sex, pahli chudai, Tuition Sex Story feels good. The one whom I loved with all my heart, loved since childhood. And how would you feel if you didn’t get him. The same thing happened to me for which I used to dream day and night. Wanted to be with her, wanted to live life with her. When one of my wishes didn’t come true, it ended with sex. I could never express and the day I expressed that I love you, what would you call it if we had sex on that day. And how would you feel if that day is also the last day. Still haven’t understood what was lost and what was gained. Good happened, bad happened till today I keep thinking. I will tell you this whole story of mine. I will talk about those last days only when I fulfilled my lust with him. He had sex with me in his arms. He did all that I used to think about every night. But friends all that happened but happened for 1 day and then we both got separated. So let me tell you my story. I also read sex stories everyday. Especially nonveg is my favorite website where best sex story is available to read. There are many other websites but there is no fun there. I don’t know, maybe you would feel the same way. But I will definitely not hesitate to share this thing about myself with you. Nonveg is a great website where one gets to read more than one sex story daily. My name is Kalyani. I am a resident of Bihar. I was fond of love since childhood, but I used to think that some boy should propose me, but till date no one has done it. The reason for this was that I was from a landlord family, due to the fear of father and brother, if any boy raised his eyes and saw, otherwise love did not happen. The one on whom you threw your heart, he returned the thrown heart. Means no one gave any price. Not that I am not hot and sexy. I am a cool girl The dream of sex was a far away thing, didn’t even talk to any boy. But yes a boy came into my life. That was Rajeev. Rajeev used to come to study Tuson, he was my boss but not much older than me, I used to study in eighth and he was in intermediate. I found a boy who liked me. Very nice boy I gave my heart to him. But he didn’t take my heart, neither did he give his heart. Because he knew that if my family members come to know about this then it will be very difficult. I was the one who kept on being Maneka in front of him but he never showed any emotion. Sometimes he would gaze at me and I would be happy in that. I was hungry for sex, but slowly seeing his straightforwardness and innocence, I really fell in love with him. Now I started behaving with her as if I am a simple girl. Because I fell in love with Dilojaan and thought that I would marry him later, my way of seeing changed and there was a difference in my behavior. I reached 10th standard and she in graduation. One day a mountain fell on my head because he told that he is going to get married and after marriage he will shift to another city and will not teach me anymore. To tell the truth friends, I am so broken, life has become monotonous. When my sister-in-law came to know all this, she said that you talk and I will talk to Babuji that you should get married to this boy. I said that it is not possible now because they have had a fight, the matter has also been confirmed. Still, I started trying to convince them that you don’t get married now, become something, do it again, etc. But he did not agree. He did not come from 30th, he said that he will teach till 30th only. When he came to teach on the 29th, I was at home, my younger brother who used to study with me went to his grandmother’s house with his parents and there was no one else at home. My brother and sister-in-law had also gone somewhere that day. When he came, I felt that my husband has come because I was dreaming of my husband for two years. I expressed to him that day I said I love you and I want to marry you he said this is not possible because now it is too late. I said even then I will love you for the rest of my life saying this I hugged him and started crying. He put his hand on my back and started comforting me. When a young girl and a young boy are in a room and there is no one in the house and the girl is in the arms and the boy is caressing the back, then you also tell what will happen. When I started kissing him, he hesitated and said that this is wrong. But I knew where to stop. The one whom I was seeing in my dream is not going to come from tomorrow and the one whom I assumed to be my husband is settling down with someone else. I wanted to surrender my everything. I myself started taking off my clothes and got naked in two minutes. And said you fuck me, you have sex with me. If you can’t get married, please satisfy me by considering me as your wife. Then I will never bother you again. He also said that this is wrong, but when there is fire in the body, it will flare up now. He now took me in his arms and started kissing me. Slowly caressed my ass and started pressing the nipples. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Within two minutes we both lost consciousness and went wild. As in the blue film, the girl becomes English as soon as her clothes are opened. They began to lick me Litya and Burr on the bed. Started drinking my teats. I started fainting. He started licking my body from the base of the peer till the lips. Ohhhhhhhhh my pussy was watery. My boobs were tanned. Hot hot breath and hot hot pussy water. Ohhhhhh what to tell friends of Nonveg Story Dot. Today I got lucky. The one I was waiting for. When he started licking my ass, my whole body felt like electricity. He put the pillow under my ass, put both my innings on his shoulder and set his cock in the middle of the hole. Mashed the tits with both hands and pushed hard, the whole cock entered. My bore was burst. Moaned in pain. Tears started coming from the eyes. I wanted to enjoy this moment so I wiped my tears and started taking cocks by shaking my ass. Now he would push and I started enjoying that push. That day a lot of Chudi ass by picking up. I was very tired. I got satisfaction that I got what I wanted. My incomplete love story ended after having sex. He stopped coming and I still remember that fuck.

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