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Dear friend my name is Rishab I study in 12th class this story is from 11th class when I was 18 years old there was a girl in my class named Seema (age 18 years old) also she was in this section And I was in a section of class 11th I was one of the topper of my class and as you know ke agar padhi aachi ho to ladkiyan class ki aap aati ha tumse paas aise hey seema joki puri 11th 12th class ki sass hot sexy and Beautiful girl came to me with some doubts regarding maths and when I was telling her the doubts then my hands and feet were shivering as if the temperature of surrouding is in minus but it was the month of June and I was feeling cold like December and my land He was also standing up, sometimes while telling doubts, my mind would go to her boobs and forgetting everything, I would keep looking at her who was 36, she was all understanding why I am behaving like this. And so she also started asking doubts and after a while the bell rang and I controlled myself and told her to meet in the evening in the badminton court, when I went home, I could not even imagine that the most beautiful girl in the school met me. I had heard many times that many boys proposed to her, but she accepted everyone by slapping me, I thought that I don’t want to be slapped, so I forgot about that and then in the evening whenever I went to play badminton Even then she used to come but never talked to her but on uuse day she came and she talked, she always used to lose in mixed doubles, so this time she offered me to team up with her, so I accepted. And that day we both won the match, she was very happy and so she asked me to go with her to celebrate, we both had dinner together. And then I was leaving her home when she said can we be close friends??? I said is this also something to ask??? And went away with a smile, then we started talking normally in school, now July has come and my birthday came, that day I told her in school that where is my gift?? First she broke it, looked here and there and then after kissing my check, she slowly came near my ear and said that I love you, I was like in a coma, I stood there for a while, then she shook me vigorously and said what Happened???? Don’t like the gift? I didn’t say anything and then we didn’t talk again. Uses day in school, then when I called home then his message also came that sorry don’t feel bad we can be friends also atleast I also replied I love you to and then like This world had become a heaven for both of us, everyday talking, saying I love you and kissing everyday was common. But November had come and I don’t know why I was very hungry for sex and wanted to have sex with her and she used to say that we will do it but I used to agree that having sex is a big thing and then she After marrying, the full responsibility of the girl falls on me, but now I started feeling that I can marry her and manage everything, so I do it, every 4 days I used to say that let’s do it, this time I I did it and then made a plan for my house, my house, well, I went to the wedding, but I had to work, so I stopped, as soon as the work was over, I called her and she came, as soon as she came in, I picked her up and put on the sofa. He took it and made me sit and asked, will you drink water? She didn’t say anything and as I turned to take water, she held my hand and gestured that she will not take water, she got up and then came to me again I asked what will you drink? So she held my land and said I will take it, she used to kiss every time so this time I held her hand tightly and stuck it to the wall and started kissing her hard. I put my tongue as deep as I could. Put it inside the mouth and started kissing her deeply by sticking her hands to the wall and started pressing her with my body, started pressing her boobs with my chest and I also started pressing her clit with my cock and so on. Clinged to her as if I am 6th to enter inside her, she was resisting me and started pushing me as she could not bear it so hard kissing and pressing fetish where was I supposed to believe Laga raha ache se den konthanuos 7 min After that kiss we parted, after that I asked her how did you like my kiss, she said with a smile that she wants like this every day and started kissing me again by holding her tightly, this time I kissed her more deeply, hoping she was ready. all to bear. That’s why she was not resisting at all but my mind went and this time I took hold of her boob and pressed her as hard as I could and she screamed and she started pushing me away but I grabbed her second boob as well Pressed and started pressing both of them as hard as I could press, after pressing for 10 minutes she went up to him and said don’t do it anymore I picked her up and took her to my room and put her on my bed and He lay down on her and started kissing me, now I was so cold that I could not bear it inside, so when she felt it, she rolled her socks on the bed and came on me and tore my T-shirt and She started kissing the chest, then took off my lower and freed my land and I also took off her top without delay, while kissing and all her clothes too, we both were inside the blanket and kissing each other. Kissing like crazy. And I was kissing her very hard and I was not squeezing her boobs even by mistake, now she was completely hot and so was I, so I opened her door and pushed her as hard as I could. She screamed and said get out pleaseeeeeeeeeee I put lips on her lips she was unable to bear the pain and I stopped there then started pressing her boobs, after a while when she calmed down I hit another hard shot and My full 8 inch cock went inside, she screamed again but this time she screamed less and tolerated it, then I started fucking as I was very excited, so only after 5 shots I started doing it at very fast speed and Whenever I was putting it inside, every time it was coming out completely, my bed which did not move till date, was shaking so hard that it would break, I held both his hands and stuck them to the bed, and I heard loud shots. Put. She was also saying “Teez karo karo just tear me pussy today e common all yourers jusssst fukkkkkk meee aas mach aas you kannnnnn kommoo fukkkkkk me harraddar oh aaaa sssss leeke tees sss ssssssss give it to mee ahh ahh kaman e vanatattatt itttatt deeppp insiddia me give me morrei pleasi donttt stop oo eaa isss keep on going hrrrrrrr and harder” and then she held my hands and put them on her boobs and started pressing herself I understood that I want to press boobs too so I want to press boobs too hard Started pressing and increased the speed further, I again hugged her and continued to fuck and deep kissing her and this time I was doing three things at once i.e. pressing her boobs hard I was doing whatever I was doing, and don’t ask the speed of the fuck, I put as much as I could, she was also making scratches on my back with her nails, I was feeling pain. Fet had a different fun in that pain, the more she scratched, the more I would increase the speed and kiss harder and press her boobs, she had wiped 5 times in 20 minutes, now I was about to extract sperm and I asked where I went inside and lay on top of him and we both hugged each other hard and he said I love you so much baby I am very lucky that I got you no Your perfect for me, I will never regret sucking you and I also gave her a smile and then we got up and she came fresh and when she was going to the washroom I observed that her ass is very sexy and big too now I want her ass I wanted to kill her, so till she came out, I changed the bedsheet and there was a lot of blood on it. And then we broke up in 12th class she left me I felt very bad but you must write a comment so that I can post more sexy stories

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