Bad Behan Ki Chudai, Sister Ki Chudai Ki Khani, Behan Ki Chudai Ki Khani

My dear friends, my name is Saurabh and I have been a regular reader of non-veg Which inspired me to write my story too. I have read many such stories on this website, so today I am also writing a story for you. This incident happened one night between me and my elder sister whose name is Shefali. Let me tell you about my family. We are ordinary people, friends, my father is in a government job. My mother is a housewife. Didi is married and I am still studying. We don’t talk to each other much. No one ever talks about sex in our house. Let me tell about my elder sister, height is 5″ 4 inches, size is 38-26-36, her body is very fair and my sister is married and she was married for one year. My brother-in-law is in a job next to the village and he was transferred to a rural area, so he left Didi in Lucknow to take care of his family. One day all the people of my house went to a wedding, so Didi and I was the only one at home. After making all the people sit in the bus, I went to college. At night we had dinner and went to our respective rooms. Didi came to my room at around one o’clock in the night and woke me up and asked what happened, she said nothing and went back. After some time she came again and asked if Saurabh slept, I did not say. After UX, I asked what happened, she said, I am not able to sleep, so I said that your health is fine. But now her breathing was going fast and she was getting nervous too, so I felt that her health would worsen. I said, you are not feeling well. So she said, I am fine, but I want to talk to you, I said, I am fine, tell me. She said that you have grown up now. If you will help me then I said yes why not. So she said, will you drink my milk? We had never talked like this before today (I had never heard Didi talking or meeting any boy), so I was shocked to hear this. I asked what? So she said yes.. (Now her breathing became very fast and her heart was beating very fast, due to which it was known by the movement of her nipples. I asked Didi for what? After remaining silent for some time she got up and left. I had never talked to any girl like this before, so I was stunned but inside I was feeling strangely happy which I cannot explain. After about 10 minutes she came back again and this time she was looking very confident. and asked what did you think. I said what happened to you? Now my breathing became fast due to which my voice could not come out but my penis was erect. She said look, I have not met your brother-in-law for many days Now I need her. My health will be fine only after having sex. Hearing this, my cock was ready to tear my pants. She said, I know that you also need a girl. I said, but you are my sister. Yes.. She said that’s why I am saying now her and my face was red. I said but I have never done it so she said I have done it. get to know Sing. Stop everything now. I had seen blue film many times so I knew but in real it is more fun than that. Then she took me to her room. That day she was wearing a red silk nightie, she was looking amazing, it came to know when all this happened. Didi said come, then put one hand of mine on her nipples and said press it. I did the same but was a little afraid that it would be painful. Then she said, press a little harder, I said it would be painful, she said it would not be painful, and once kissed her red lips with mine, I was shocked but enjoyed it. Then I applied my lips to his lips and started sucking, she was giving equal support. I made her lie on the bed and climbed on top of her. I started kissing again. After some time a little came down and cut her tits from the top of the nightie, ahh came out of her mouth. Then I came down from the teats and kissed on their stomach, then went down further but did not kiss the burrow. Now I kissed his toe and started moving up. Slowly I went up her nightie and kept kissing her feet. When I did her nightie on her waist, I saw that she was wearing silk red panty but she was looking a bit wet when I was kissing her thighs. An intoxicating aroma was coming from the pantry. When I kissed Panty, my lips got wet. I slowly put the nightie up and reached her nipples. She was wearing a pink colored bra, I started sucking from the top of the bra itself, it became hard. Then picked them up and took off the nightie Didi took off all my clothes. Didi said, you were saying that you do not know anything, then how come all this? I said seeing you it is happening. I kissed her and took off her bra, now her nipples were bare, I immediately started sucking and biting her nipples, she said, suck comfortably, I am not going anywhere. I said, you only told me to drink milk. Enjoyed I said a lot. Now I came down and removed her panty. What a bore, man. Gulabi Boor that too for the first time in real life, so you guys can understand what I must have been feeling at that time. Burr had short hair. I spread his legs and started to lick the hole, as soon as I put my tongue on the edge of his hole, the trance was covered. I continued to lick it slowly, but Didi holding my head started rubbing it vigorously on her bore, then in some time her water came out on my mouth. I could not understand anything but liked the taste, so I drank and licked it. Didi had completely calmed down but I continued to lick my ass. After some time she said come up, I went up then they started kissing again. I responded and kept pressing the nipples together, now she is ready again. I was also excited, this time I put a finger in the bore and started taking it out, then put another finger. Sister said, if she would have calmed down by putting her finger and finger, then what was the need of you. I got excited after hearing this and I put my cock on Didi’s mouth and pushed her. The front end of my cock went with great difficulty that I started feeling pain. Didi said come bring the cream, I brought the cream and she started applying cream on my cock with her hands, because of being excited, I spilled semen on her as soon as I touched her hand. I got scared but she said no problem, it happens like this. He cleaned the semen and then took my cock in his mouth, after sucking for a while my cock was erect again. Then he applied cream on my cock and his hole and pointing towards the hole said, let’s start working. He spread his legs and I rubbed my cock on the hole. I jerked by keeping the cock on the mouth of the bore, but only a little cock went inside that I started feeling pain again. Sister said first time there is pain. Let’s be men and tear apart your sister’s burrow. I got excited after hearing this, hit a tremendous blow and my whole cock went inside, both me and sister screamed. My cock is a bit thick and that’s why it’s long. I was having a lot of pain, so sister said, drink my milk, then you will get strength, and as soon as I put my cock in the hole, I started sucking her lips and nipples alternately. Now I got more strength, I slowly started moving my cock back and forth. Didi was also supporting and the speed of my jerks was increasing. The sound of aaaaah ooooooooooooo was coming out of Didi’s mouth, listening to which the enthusiasm was increasing. Sister started shrinking her legs due to which I had to apply more strength. Didi’s water broke again. He asked to stop. I stopped and started sucking her nipples, in some time she got ready again and said you also complete the work. I immediately started jerking after some time my cargo is about to come out, so I said mine is coming out, she said put it inside, nothing will happen until the hot lava gets inside, there will be no peace. Then we both fell down and I lay on top of them. Now it was 5 in the morning. And we went to sleep. The very hot sexy kahani bhai aur bahan ki, Badi Behan ki Chudai ki Sachhi kahani, Sister ki chudai ki kahani sex with sister in lucknow.

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