I fuck my younger brother daily in the dark of night for 6 months

Desi Story, Bhai Behan Sex, Indian Story, Rishton me Sex, Ghar ki Chudai Kahani We are brothers and sisters, but what happens in the darkness of the night, I am going to tell you through this story. No one can think that a person can live like a brother and sister throughout the day, even if there is no such thing, 6 Haven’t felt for a month what happens at night. Sex also happens quietly, both calm their lust and play with their body, but even at that time both of us do not talk to each other as if nothing has happened, talk of the night till the night. Now I will tell you my whole story in detail. am. My name is Sandhya, I am 21 years old, my brother is younger than me. Apart from this, I have parents. Mom and Dad sleep in one room and we both brothers and sisters sleep in one room. We also sleep with the door closed and parents also sleep with the door closed. It was a matter of one day, my brother was scared at night and he was shivering. His condition had become like crying, I asked him what happened, he said that he is feeling scared. I said okay, go to sleep, there is nothing to be afraid of, so he said, sister, I am feeling very scared, so I said come, come and sleep with me. My bed was a bit big, his bed is small. He came to my bed and fell asleep. He was caressing my tits while I was in deep sleep. I was also awake, he was also awake, his breathing was fast. You will know that the one who is not in sleep, his breathing pattern will be different. I kept my eyes closed and started pretending to sleep. He would caress my nipples and press them slowly. My big big round nipple was probably making him crazy. I was feeling good, I felt that he kept pressing like this. Friends, you must know that when one level is completed, he wants to come to the second level. He had pressed a lot from my clothes, now he is inside my clothes. Started trying to suppress. He put his hand inside my throat and caught my nipples and was touching my nipples. I started getting sensual but didn’t say anything, she also closed her eyes and I was also closed. After that he started caressing my pussy, after that he put his hand in my pant, my pussy was very hot, water had come, it had become wet. I thought it was not right, so I pulled it out by holding his hand and went to sleep. This was what happened that day. On the second day, everything remained normal throughout the day and went to sleep at night. Papa and mummy were also asleep in my room, I too had come to my bed. My brother also went to his bed. The light went off. Couldn’t sleep because I was remembering last night’s talk. My body was tickling just thinking about it. She was thinking everything with her eyes closed, it seemed like it was yesterday’s dream, nothing happened in reality. Suddenly felt my brother got up from his bed, I started pretending to sleep quietly. You are reading this story on nonvegstory.com. Then he came to my bed. And slept with me quietly for about half an hour. He didn’t even touch me, he felt that I was asleep. Then his hand fell on my boobs. That day I was wearing a nightie. Nothing was worn inside, not even a bra, not even a panty, but was wearing a maxi, the neck of the maxi was also wide, my tits could come out comfortably. He put his hand on my boobs alternately on both boobs, maybe he was measuring how big it is. It was felt just by his touch. Then he put his hand from above and started touching my nipples directly. Both of us were silent, after about ten minutes he put the nightie up above the waist and started caressing my pussy. That day I had cleaned my pussy hair, so my pussy was clean. He started caressing slowly and then started inserting his finger, I spread my legs. Pressing her nipples, she lightly kissed me on the cheek, I remained silent, she also remained silent, he started kissing me on the lips, both of them were breathing fast. That’s why I turned and turned my ass towards him. He now put his hand forward and started rubbing my nipples. And started caressing my broad ass and round butt. He took out his cock and started rubbing it in my ass. Caressing my tits. I was very hot, my breathing started running faster. He put his land on my pussy from behind. I put my upper leg on his leg, that is, there was a space in the middle, my pussy was open between both the thighs, he moved a little and took the angle of my pussy and his cock. Started trying to insert but was not going, my pussy was very tight. Slowly slowly he inserted his cock in my pussy. Now he started moving back and forth slowly. He started fucking me even then I was silent, he was also silent, he slowly increased the speed, I also started pushing back. He started pushing inside out loudly. Suddenly he started sighing and put the whole material in my pussy, I was also cold till then and he had also taken out his material, he took his cock out of the pussy. Lowered my maxi and slowly got down from my bed and went to sleep on his bed. In the morning we both started living as normal as if nothing had happened. Neither stealing eyes nor anything else, everything is normal. The same thing happened the next day at night. My brother again came to my bed around 12 o’clock in the night, that day I was wearing the same maxi, no bra, no panty. He came and slept close to me, I slept on my side that day, he started rubbing his cock in my ass. I slowly put my maxi up. He started caressing my ass with his hand. Then he put my maxi up and grabbed my boobs from the bottom side of my stomach and started rubbing my nipples with his two fingers. I got fire in my body. I straightened up and spread my legs. He climbed on top of me. Started sucking my lips, pressing my nipples. I started rubbing my cock in my pussy, I raised both of my tops a little, he set his cock in my pussy and pushed hard. The whole dick got inside my pussy. You are reading this story on Nonveg Story dot com. I would also hold both his butts and pull them towards me so that his entire dick gets into my pussy, now I started pushing from below as well, she from above and me from below. Both are not saying anything to each other just fucking. Because he fucked for thirty minutes and we both fell together, both got cold. He quietly went to sleep and I also fell asleep. The next day when I went to college, I brought birth control pills, eat them once a month and enjoy them every night.

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