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I am Sakshi Singh from Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh, I am 21 years old, my bra size is 34, I am very sexy, I am so beautiful to see that if anyone sees me, his day goes very well and night I definitely hit my name, friends, my brother broke my seal, that too just a few days back. Today I am going to give you the fun of this funny story, friends, my pussy still gets watery when brother calls me high sexy, my body burns a lot. Friends, you must have read many stories on the internet, this story is a bit interesting, the reason is that this story is 100% true, today I am going to tell you the true story, I hope that your cock will also be shocked by this story of mine. After that you can fuck either your wife or girlfriend by remembering my name, if you are a girl then you can enjoy yourself by putting finger. My kajrari eyes and round butt, long long double tufts of hair which always hangs from the front through my big nipples, keep troubling everyone, my brother also used to drink my body a lot with his eyes earlier. Friends, I became young in front of his talkative eyes, but later I also fell in love with that young man, not before when his cock entered my pussy. Today I am going to tell you the story of the same cock. I went to Delhi to give bank exam. My father did not want to send me alone, so he told my brother that you went with the witness, so my brother Naveen also got the ticket deducted, but got the ticket for waiting, as he got into the train, after saying TT, brother allotted a seat Took it. First TT stared at me from top to bottom, then I also gave a randi bali smile, perhaps he was moved because of this, and he had no difficulty in giving me a seat, friends, give me a seat, me and Naveen Bhaiya. So it was not known but there was blood in the lion’s mouth on the same berth, did you understand? Perhaps he had tasted my body from above. Reached Dill in the morning, next to the station there was also a place called Paharganj, brother took the same hotel, when the hotelier was asking what was the relation with him, he said wife. I heard this thing. I understood that their intentions can never be pure. Because the one who can call his sister wife can also call his sister a friend. Well, after taking a bath, went to give the exam, the exam was in Karol Bagh. Got free at 5 in the evening, brother and we started waiting for the same bus. Only then I saw that a beautiful couple was kissing at the bus stop itself, I was a little shy because my brother was also with me. That boy had started pressing the girl’s nipples while kissing, friends, seeing him, my lips automatically came inside the teeth, brother saw me doing this, I was a little shocked. Only then the bus arrived and we both went to Paharganj Hotel, reached the hotel and I went to freshen up, it was around 7 in the evening, brother went downstairs and brought chicken and 3 bottles of beer. I asked why these three bottles, then he said that two for me and one for you. I said, I don’t drink, so he said, drink today, friend, enjoy life, what else is there, I said, just do it brother, don’t you feel ashamed while speaking like this to your sister, then she said, I know that sister is also ashamed. No, how was she peeping at both of them at the bus stop. So I said friend, what happened if you see, then he said what will happen even after enjoying today. I agreed with little hesitation. I had drunk alcohol many times before with my friends but didn’t fuck, but today I was feeling that today my brother’s intentions are not good because he took off all his clothes and came in a frenchie panties, And I could clearly see his cock. Friends, I could not stop seeing her curvaceous body and I also started getting a little bit sensual. Then the eating and drinking started, I didn’t realize when both finished the beer together, now I am intoxicated with beer. Brother, was caressing his cock from the top of the panties.. I said what are you doing? So he said laughing like a scoundrel. He was missing you today. I said man, are you not ashamed, you are saying this for your sister. So he said what is the shame? Two of my friends are having a relationship with their sister since two years ago. He also asks me that friend, before giving your household goods to someone else, enjoy them in a good way. You only think Sakshi, how much I love you, and how would you feel if you give your body to a stranger, that’s why I want to have sex with you first, then someone will do it, only after that I will let you get married. I felt that there is no use in increasing the matter, I also wanted to fuck, but brother was taking the initiative. I said ok but don’t do it loudly, he said mother I swear I will do it slowly, and he came near me and started kissing my lips. I also put my hand on his shoulder and touched his chest and then started kissing his lips. He grabbed me and started saying I love you while rubbing his cock near my pussy. And started taking hiss from his mouth, after that he took off my top, then by opening the hook of my bra, started playing with my boobs. Friends, I have had the pleasure of pressing my nipples earlier also, but today as soon as my brother took my nipple in his mouth, I got electrocuted. After that he made me lie down on the bed and opened my panty, he also opened his frenchie, I was scared because his cock was about 9 inches, and it was about 3 inches thick, I was scared thinking What will be the condition of blank pussy, my brother started licking my pussy after having a lot of fun. He asked me to take his cock in my mouth but I refused. that I can’t take So she said I swear to you don’t stop me today, and then somehow she took cock in her mouth but not for long she started vomiting. I said okay don’t take it in your mouth. He wet my pussy a little with his spit, you are reading this story on After that, keeping the cock on my pussy hole, lowered it up and down for a while and when I got excited and started sobbing from my mouth. So he gave a jerk and half of his cock went inside my pussy. I moaned in pain, he started caressing me, but the pain started becoming too much for me. He said not to move and then he started caressing my tits. And again he gave a push, this time the pain subsided, after that what can I tell friends, cock started coming in my pussy. When the rubbing of the cocks was inside, my body would be on fire and only the sound of ah ah ah was coming out of my mouth. Started fucking me hard. I also got very excited and I also started fucking a lot. Friends, both of us were engrossed in all the poses of Kamasutra throughout the night. Fucked a lot my brother, had fun all night, he was talking about kicking my ass too, so I said not this time, there is exam next month too, then beat him. Now both of us have come back, brother tells me to fuck at home, but I am afraid that if my mother comes to know about my sin. That’s why I said that now I will give it next month only, when I will go for the exam. Now brother is bringing different job forms for me. And fills himself. 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