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My dear friends, today I have brought a very interesting story for you, this story is not hearsay but true. And this is about my mother. Today I will present you the story of my mother’s chudai as it is. My name is Kamlesh and I have brought my true story on in which my mother got fucked by Dilip Chacha and I hope you will like this story very much. Let me give a little introduction of myself. My name is Kamlesh and I am 19 years old. I am doing a private job and live with my mother who got divorced when I was 5 years old. Now her age is 44 years, her name is Dalljiet Kaur and her height is 5.8 inches. Because of the height and her ass and boobs are very nice full and round and shapely.. not hanging much and she is so fair that even milk fades in front of her and she is very sexy, many friends At times it seemed that I should hold my mother and make her drink. Friend, every day after coming from school, I used to go to tuition next to the house and my tuition time was from four o’clock to six o’clock. So one day when I came home from school, my mother was present at home. I was very happy to see her and I hugged mother and then I asked mother how are you at home today? So she said son today there is no maid at home so where do you eat food so I thought to have lunch with you today and there was some work and then hugged me. Then we had fun for a long time and had lunch together. Then we talked here and there for a while and mother asked me about my studies.. how is my tuition going and she told me that tonight you tell me the complete work of your studies, how much of your course is left and How much have you accomplished and then said let’s hurry up now it’s time for your tuition.. rest things will be done after coming from tuition. So I quickly got dressed, changed into school clothes and left for tuition. My tuition is not far from home and I go there everyday by cycle and when I reached tuition I came to know that some guests have come at my sir’s house so today sir will not take class. Then I started going back home and on the way I thought that I should pass by my friend’s house.. I should ask him whether he will play? And when he went to friend’s house, he came to know that he would be going to someone’s birthday party. Then I went home and as soon as I reached home I saw a car parked outside.. I thought maybe we have guests here too? So I didn’t ring the bell and opened the door with the key which I keep with me everyday and went inside and at that time it was 4:35 and I came inside and looked..but there was no one in the hall And then suddenly from mother’s room I started hearing someone laughing loudly. So I went towards that room and pushed the door slowly.. but it was locked from inside and suddenly the sound of laughter stopped and the sound of mother’s moaning started coming. So I felt that maybe something would be happening inside.. I then went to the nearby room and started peeping through the ventilators and I was very scared that those people might see me. .. But still as soon as I looked inside, mother and Dilip uncle were lying naked on the bed and were kissing and fucking uncle. Missed a lot of scenes. Then started pressing uncle’s boobs and they were being pushed and fucked and mother was sighing ahhhh ahh yes ahhhh. Then moved away from uncle’s top and got up from the bed and went towards the cupboard and brought out another condom.. He took out the previously worn condom and put on a new one. Then my attention went to his cock and it was huge..about 7 inches or 7.5 inches. After applying condom, uncle again came to the bed and as soon as he came, he started sucking mother’s lips. Then the uncle said something softly to the mother and the mother turned and lay down. So uncle put a pillow under her waist and started rubbing his cock on her pussy.. I was having a lot of fun and was also happy that the whole show didn’t come out and then uncle gave a couple of hard thrusts and her cock was easily pushed by mom. Went in wet pussy. Friends, you are reading this story on So he lay down on mother and then I could clearly see uncle’s cock entering and coming out of mother’s pussy and his eggs were seen hitting on mother’s ass, that day I could not see anything because of the darkness. .But today I was feeling very good and mother’s pussy was very clearly visible and her pussy was very full of hair and pink in color from inside. Then uncle kept pushing hard and mother was going to sigh.. ahah ahahhhh and uncle in between biting on mother’s waist, on shoulders and near the neck and licking her back. Then the uncle took his one hand forward and started pressing hard by holding the boobs dangling like a big mango of the mother. So the mother was saying ah ahhhh and louder and louder ahh yes and press harder. Chachaki was pressing her ass with her hand behind her back. She was looking very agitated and I could not understand anything. Well, at that time I had learned everything new about sex and then uncle got up a little bit and grabbed mother’s boobs and pulled her backwards and now both of them were on their knees and mother put her arms around uncle’s neck .. As they used to hug and both started kissing. Friends, I had not seen such a kiss before. I felt very happy and electric current was felt in my body and then uncle pressed mother’s boobs hard and started fucking her. So mother’s scream came out.. Ahhh ouffff uffff uuummmmmm. So uncle fucks mother like this for 5-7 minutes and mother fainted and immediately fell on the bed. Uncle’s cock was still in mother’s pussy and both were on their knees. Just now mother put both her hands forward and hid her head on the pillow .. It had become a wonderful position to fuck and uncle stopped for two minutes and started fucking mother and mother’s body was trembling with every push, then mother Chachato pushed his hand back and said that.. Mother: Please just take it out now. Uncle: What happened? Mother: Will not be taken now.. This one is a very strong push. Friends, it is true that water was dripping from mother’s pussy on the bed.. but it was dripping one drop at a time.. it was not too much and it was all new to me because I have not seen this even in porn movies. saw. Uncle: Ok be normal..but you are trembling all over. Mother: Hey, what have you done today (and she started laughing gasping for breath) I have never had such sex and such fun.. Oof ahhh uhhh. Then mother lay down on the side.. but uncle’s work was not even done and mother said that.. Mother: Why what happened to you last time? Stayed on the wicket only for 10 minutes and today you are not even taking the name of stopping. Uncle: Today my love is showering on you.. That day I had just got a chance, so it was only sex and in those days I was also under a lot of tension and tension only hinders every work. Mother: Is that much? But I don’t feel like you were the last time. Today yes just God have mercy.. It has become very difficult to stop. Then my uncle and mother both started laughing and uncle kissed mother hard and then as soon as uncle was about to break the kiss, mother held uncle’s cheek with both hands and again started kissing his lips and they both got busy in their kiss. .. Perhaps both had calmed down now. Friends, I am coming soon with my second story on non-veg story dot com. Till then thank you all from the bottom of my heart for reading my stories. Maa ki chudai Hindi story of maa ki chudai. Ma ki chudai, chacha ne maa ko choda, mummy ki sex kahani very hot chudai ki kahani in hindi fonts.

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