Bhai Bahan Winter Sex Story

Winter Sex Story, Real Bhai Bahan Sex, Brother Sister Sex Story, Indian Brother Sister Hindi Sex Story:- This thing happened friends 2 years ago. Me and my sister Neelu were preparing for civil in Allahabad. Both of us had written names in a coaching. It was the month of December. It was freezing cold. Both of us siblings had also taken a flat on rent. I wanted to bring a mattress quilt from my home in Jaunpur, because the extras were kept there. I didn’t want to spend money unnecessarily. Because in the same way big money was spent in the education of both of us siblings. I was 21 years old and my sister Neelu was 20 years old at Kadak Mall. It was so amazing that all the stray boys of the locality used to call her Chhena Chhena. My sister’s figure was 30 28 34. Had a small but cool momma. Every boy in the locality wanted to fuck my sister. Some used to kill him in the city, some used to give him love letters. Somebody used to pull Neelu’s dupatta, some used to take her photo. Whoever used to see my sister like Chhena wanted to tear my sister’s bosom. Without a quilt mattress, both of us brothers and sisters were somehow spending the month of December. My uncle was about to come from Jaunpur. He was about to bring the quilt and mattress. That’s why I didn’t buy. That day was Wednesday. That day was amazing. Even after waiting till 12 in the morning, the sun did not come out. It was neither sunny nor hot outside. It was raining hard. Our coaching was suspended for a week. I had lit a little fire, which was over now. My young cool sister used to take blankets in her room to keep away from the cold. After the fire was over, I felt very cold. When I looked out the window, no one could be seen far away. There was no dog or bird to be seen. I went to my sister. and lay down in his blanket. My 20 year old young sister was very hot. I found some relief there. But I do not know from where the blanket was torn, so the wind was blowing. To escape from the cold, I clinging to my youthful body full of gullible youth. Now there is some peace. I fell asleep. After sometime my young sister with cool cheeks turned towards me. And held me tightly. Neelu put her feet on my feet, the way she used to put her feet on mother’s feet while sleeping in her childhood. I felt a little weird. But she was my sister so I didn’t want to remove her. Slowly I got all the warmth of my young, muscular sister. I got very hot. My young sister’s juicy lips were right near my lips, suddenly there was a shock and my lips met on my young sister’s. I started sucking too. When he turned to Neelu, a cool succulent mamma came out of her suit as if saying that why are you not sucking me in such a cold. Thinking of the above as a weapon to cut the cold, I started drinking my real sister’s mother. Maybe my young sister liked it so she came closer to me. I started drinking his breast full of milk with pleasure. Was it a cool chest with round black circles? I wondered when my sister became such a cool mall. If he had known, he would have slapped it. It was so cold that it was impossible to go out. The greatest wisdom was to stay with my sister. I had not drank tea the same way since morning. Now his young sister was drinking milk. Maybe Neelu liked to drink my milk and also expelled the other Mamma from him. I started drinking to avoid the cold. Slowly both of us brothers and sisters started getting hot and hot. I took off my young sister’s suit and both the moms took turns drinking. Slowly both of us became so hot that it happened that now the fuck should also happen. I gestured to Neelu and asked, will you give??? She got ready. He opened the slogan of Salwar. And took off the tights. While drinking Neelu’s milk, I extended my straight hand towards his young pussy. Oouff, aaaah what a smooth puffy pumice it was. Felt a marble body. I was surprised how my sister who was very young a few years back turned into such a wonderful mall. My hand reached to the pussy and I started fingering her. Was the pussy like a hot hot furnace. I started fingering. My young sister started getting excited. I started licking his pussy. The path of the pussy was open. I was surprised when he got the seal broken. Oh Neelu! When did you kiss?? I asked when you went out on a picnic, I had kissed Mohan uncle’s boy Kapil. Neelu told. Hi, Rand, your work did not work without LND. If it was so soon, I would have told you, Chod Chod would have torn your pussy! I said angrily. And how tightly I began to finger in the pussy. My sister fell silent. I put both the fingers in his pussy and started fingering very quickly. My sister started crying, she started sighing, sobbing. Now I load on my young sister. I had tightly covered the blanket from above, tightly pressed on all the four corners, so that the air could not come in. I raised both the hands of my young sister and began to drink at her juicy lips. We both got very hot. Both of our bodies were burning. My sister’s lips were twitching. She was shaking a little bit. His lips were shrinking. The children were small again and again and then they grew up. I came to know that my sister has become chudasi. Now it should be sucked as soon as possible, otherwise it will die. I kissed my young sister’s pitted navel. He opened both his legs. I put the lump of Lund in his pussy and put it inside and started fucking him. Today, after a long time, my sister was also eating cock, so she was feeling very tight. I started kissing him. She was ashamed, she turned to the right. Neelu!! Oh blue! Won’t you make eye contact with your brother? I did not ask with great love, brother! I feel shy! Neelu said no problem! I said. Neelu kept looking to the right and I kept on playing it. chit chit! Pat Pat! His voice started reverberating in the room. I had covered the blanket from above. My snake-like penis was biting the soft vagina of Neelu. I was banging mercilessly so that he churns the whole whole and tightly. While staying, I was also getting a little angry that why did he get the seal broken from Kapil’s uncle, Mohan’s uncle. One tongue tells me to break the seal. If I didn’t break, I would say. I was banging furiously. We both siblings were on a light folding ply bed. It felt like it might break somewhere. If the bed is broken somewhere, then you will have to sleep on the ground !! Neelu warned me. Now I slowly started to pee. Because in this debilitating winter I did not want to sleep on the ground in any condition. Now I started taking care of my sister comfortably. What a cool cuddly pussy, it was a lot of fun to fuck Neelu. Then I left the water in his gujiya itself. I hugged my sister by the chest. We slept barefoot like this. Our sleep was broken at 8 pm. Brother! I am very hungry!! Neelu said I got up and got dressed. Got down from the flat and went to the nearest shop. Brought bread and eggs. I made omelets and bread for my sister. Neelu and I ate very full stomach. Because we were tired since morning. When we were full, we went to bed again. Because of the cold, I didn’t even feel like reading anything. So I slipped into the blanket next to my young and naked sister. Now it was going to be night. But what night and what day. There is only a mist since morning, there is no light outside, otherwise which day and which night. Neelu again glued me to his hot body on his bare body. Neelu! Don’t tell anyone that I have seen your cheese! I told you to flow! I will not tell anyone that you have eaten me Choda! Neelu said, my wise sister! I kissed him and kissed him on the forehead. Brother! If you want, fuck more! I’m having fun too! Since when was Lund thirsty! Neelu said you told the truth. Since when I was also thirsty for pussy. I’ll play you all night! I said. But first I will kill your virgin ass! I said. Come on, be a bitch! I told Neelu that she has become a bitch. As soon as the lump of Lund was placed on the ass, the Lund sank into the ass without any hindrance. What is this Neelu! The truth is, who kissed your ass?? I asked that brother, when Kapil got me kissed, he did not know from where he saw my ass. Said your ass is very smooth. I will fuck your ass too. So I got the ass also pecked. Neelu bidsali rascal! I used to think of you as Sati Savitri, you turned out to be a big chip. Where is the sister-in-law of Randi? I shouted and loudly started licking Neelu’s ass like a dog. Now I started tearing Neelu’s ass out of hatred. I started licking him like an animal. Knowing how big my sister is, I started slapping her smooth tails tightly. Brother, kill slowly, it is hurting! Neelu Bolihramin! When Mohan was killing his ass with uncle’s boy, then you were not hurt! Why is your ass bursting now?? I will fuck your mother, where is the randi? I made 2 3 slaps on Neelu’s chutdas again. She started crying. I kept tearing his ass with pleasure. I had become the same scoundrel. What do I do? I was not able to get the ass killed. Am I not a man? Can’t I tear his ass? I started pushing hard. My LND got completely engulfed in Neelu’s ass. I was thrashing my real sister’s ass with great gusto. Take it! Take this Chinal! How much cock do you need?? I asked Bahana Bhaiya Bhaiya! gradually! Neelu started crying and sobbing. Hi Mommy! hi mommy!! I’m dead!! Neelu started shouting! Take it bitch!! How much will you eat?? Eat Lnd today! Then don’t say that you are thirsty for LND! Take this bitch! I shouted like a devil and gave 2 3 slaps on Neelu’s cheek. His rosy cheeks turned red. I buried the rand for 2 hours. So much power had come that I threw away the blanket and blanket. Truly friends, there is great power in sex, I have come to know in this cold day. Then I left water in Neelu’s ass. This time it was 12 o’clock in the night. So much energy was spent in sex that I felt hungry. Neelu! I am hungry. Go make something! I said. Blue got up. She was naked. He put on warm clothes. Then he left laziness and made lentils, rice, vegetables, roti. We both brothers and sisters ate food. Brother! Tell me one thing! Won’t you be angry? Neelu did not ask! I said, I wish I had known that if you fuck so well, I would have kissed you. Brother ! I want to kiss more. The heat of my pussy has not subsided! Blue Speak! Don’t bother! Tonight I’m going to fuck you like a scoundrel! Promise! I said. Then after having dinner, I lit a little fire. Both of us brothers and sisters warmed our bodies. Then we both lay down next to the burning fire. I opened his leg. Put it on the shoulders and put a lot of Choda Chhinar. Then I picked him up in my lap and shrugged him a lot. Then by lifting it in my lap, I also beat my young chudasi sister’s ass. The next day my uncle brought our quilt mattress. Now we started sleeping on different beds in different rooms. Then we both never had a kiss. We hid this secret from our brothers and sisters in our hearts forever. Thank you very much for reading my story on non veg story dot com,

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