Saw his wife having sex with a non-man like a scoundrel

Hello friends, I welcome all of you very much to nonveg I’ve been a regular reader of it for many years now and not a night goes by when I don’t read its succulent chudai stories. Today I am telling you my story. I hope everyone will like this story. This is a real incident of my life. My name is Dhani Ram. I live in Jabalpur. I am 36 years old. I am a married man. My wife’s name is Sulochana. It looks like a wonderful item. Men’s cock makes them stand up immediately. He had a house in the same village next to me. I too was in awe of him seeing his huge chutneys. We both started liking each other. Slowly, I used to call him and take him to some secluded place and have a lot of fun. He used to press his nipples. He used to warm her by fingering her pussy. When she started yearning to kiss. So by putting his 10 inch cock in his pussy, he used to pacify the heat of his pussy. My heart was filled by kissing him before marriage. I was forced to get married. At that time I was 23 years old. But Sulochana still looks like a tremendous commodity. After marriage, I have made her pussy bosom by kissing her. Till now she had prepared two products (children). I tore her pussy torn and made her filling. Since then, it has now turned into a melon from a lemon. Now her figure looks even more attractive. Sulochana wears more salwar kurtas. Her nipples look very exciting. The people of my street neighborhood keep taunting him. She also keeps giving lines to everyone. I was having a fight with him for a few days. Friends, I forgot to tell you that I have a very big salon shop in Jabalpur itself. I stay there all day. I didn’t even look at him for a few days. He had a habit of eating cock every day. My wife did not call since few days. Friends, I started getting suspicious. Somewhere it has not started eating someone else’s cock. I made a plan. The next day I left the house and started going to the shop. But I had opened the back door. Secretly coming in through the back door, he hid in his room. There was a verandah in front of my room. Right in front of him was his room too. After some time no one came. Nor was there any sound. I started getting bored. Started thinking that my stay was in vain. Then I saw her coming out of the bathroom barefoot. Was looking a little hot today. My children had gone to school. She was wiping her nipples with a towel. I heard the voice of a man talking. She was talking to someone with a phone in her ears. Sulochana- “My Anoop Raja, come soon!! Today I want to eat your cock for a long time” I came to know. His name is Anoop. He was also saying from there. Anoop- “I am coming to control my life a little. I will come and feed you my cock now.” Sulochana- “Come early, I have just gone. Will come back by evening” Anoop- “If you have some food, tell me. I will bring it.” Sulochana- “You come soon, I want to eat your cock.” He hung up the phone saying I am coming. Here my scoundrel wife was yearning to kiss. She was looking very happy. I didn’t know that sister-in-law would turn out like this. I too sat to watch the full program of his chudai. She only wore bra and panties. What a tremendous look she was making today. So much so that even in marriage she was not decorated. For the first time, he was seeing her adorned like sticks. By applying a lot of powder on the cheeks, she became fair from Savali. Putting red lipstick on the lips, she was applying black lipliner. My cock was standing like a missile. I also wanted to see everything today. Quietly took out his cock and seeing him started licking his fist. He put on the bra and half the panties too. She started seeing by touching the hair of the pussy. Her pussy was surrounded by dense forest. She picked up my shaving razor. Sitting from there, she started shaving by applying cream. Today preparations were being made for full chudan. I wish I didn’t have to see today, I would have eaten his pussy by cutting it. The hair gets that fast and fast. By clearing everything from the sound of. Picked up the hair and put it in the garbage bucket kept nearby. Then there was the sound of knocking on the door. He ran and opened the door. I saw that man for the first time. Seeing him in his bra, he also raised his missile. His pants immediately became tentacles. The bamboo of the tent looked very big. He too quickly took off his clothes and sat down on the sofa kept nearby by being in a kutcha. My wife went and sat on his lap. My heart used to kill both of them now but I didn’t do anything like this. Silochana was watching the whole scene. Sulochana- “Janu how pricking your cock is” Anoop- “You have made it such a sight that my cock stands up” Sulochana- “I wish I could play with your cock everyday” Anoop- “ If your husband comes to know, he will tear your ass.” Sulochana- “He is afraid of him. Otherwise, I would have kissed you everyday” Anoop- “I too was worried about kissing you for a long time. But didn’t get any chance.” Sulochana- “Today I am also going to eat your cock after many days. It’s been a long time since the sight of your cock. Get me your Baba’s darshan soon” Anoop- “What is the hurry? He has just gone, the whole day has passed. Today I will quench the thirst of my years by fucking you” Sulochana- “So what is the delay, my king!! Today you tear my pussy. This too is thirsty for cocks for a long time. Tear it today and make it stuffing” Anoop- “Your pussy has not got a cock for a long time” Sulochana started saying while being on the edge of the sofa – “Yes Anoop, there is a fight going on between me and them. He doesn’t even look at me far to fuck me.” He said sticking to my wife- “No problem, today I will erase this yearning of yours. I will remind your pussy of the old days. When I used to drink, you mummy mummy used to shout” Sulochana- “Don’t be late now. Seeing your stem cock, I can’t stay away from it.” Both of them stuck to each other after saying this. I was getting to see the blue film straight today. I was smiling looking at me. Both stood up. His height was much bigger than my wife. He lifted my wife’s face and bowed down and started kissing. My wife was also doing long kisses with the help of her toes. What was the view? Seeing Cupid too, do the work yourself. I had not seen such a kiss neither in any movie nor in any blue film. Today I was getting anxious to watch the whole scene. Whose kissing is so tremendous, how well he will fuck. Both of them kissed for about 15 minutes. Kissed for so long without stopping. Both were looking at each other gasping. Su… Su… was breathing heavily. Both of them once again enjoyed the kiss. This time he was doing it slowly by pressing down on his cheeks. As soon as he presses the chutchio, he “…… ai… ai…. Aye…… Aye…. Issssss……. Uhhhhh….. ohhhhhh….” The hissing started coming out. Biting her lips, she was sticking tightly to him like a lizard. He was enjoying pressing the melons from the top of his bra. His big melon was moving like a buffalo’s udder. He too was enjoying it by tossing it. I got very excited too. Till now there was fire inside me too. But it subsided as soon as I ejaculated with my fist. Now I was just enjoying watching them both. Sulochana sat down. His long silky black hair was covering his back till the ass. Removing her hair, Anoop started opening the hook of her bra. Now he was agonizing to drink her nipples. Removed her bra and laid her on the sofa to see both of her melon-like chicks. He was making filling by pressing both his boobs with his hands. After a few moments, he put his mouth on her nipple and squeezed the milk and started drinking it. Taking pleasure in his nipples, he was sucking. Grabbing the nipple by the teeth was pulling it. My wife Sulochana grabbed her lover Anoop’s head and said, “..ahhhhhhh ssEEEE… Show my king by dropping your missile in my pussy. As soon as he said this, he took out his brief and threw it and said – “My life missile is ready. Now you too get ready to play with my missile.” Saying this, he put his cock on his mouth. His cock was really worthy of praise. It was much bigger than my cock. Whatever was left of me, it was now about to be completed in making her pussy food. Sulochana put her mouth on Anoop’s cock and started licking it like ice cream. The cock was getting erect and was getting more and more terrible. Sulochana was wielding her cock for some time and was running like a cycle pump. His pump was getting thicker. Both the bullets were seen swinging. My wife also sucked both the rasgullas of his cock for some time. Taking out his panties, spread both the legs while sitting on the sofa. As soon as Anoop saw her pussy, he started saying – “You have already become so juicy pussy that your bad. Yes, I squeeze all its juice and drink it.” Sulochana- “Drink the king of my pussy!! Today take out all the juice of my pussy. I am very itchy in my pussy. Extinguish it today.” On hearing this, Anoop started licking his mouth by putting his mouth on her. Like a dog licks his master, he was licking his pussy from bottom to top with his tongue. He pressed her head in his pussy “Aaaaaahhhhhh….. EEEEEE…. ohhhhh…. Ai. , Ai.. ai….. ai.. mummy….” was sounding. Hearing Sulochana’s rousing voice, he was licking harder. Seeing all this my mind was spoiled. I somehow restrained myself. Friends, if you ever think that your wife is doing this with a non-man, then how will you feel. I too stopped with a lot of courage. Anoop was grabbing the grain of her bosom and pulling it. Water came in the canal of his pussy. Anoop was licking like a dog. By inserting his long tongue into the pussy of my wife, he cleaned all the goods from inside. After that, he spread his legs well and put his cock on his hole. By pushing, he inserted half his cock into her pussy. As soon as he entered the cock, he loudly said, “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh aye .Ai… U U U U U…” she started shouting. His voice echoed the whole verandah. He hit hard again and dedicated the whole cock to her pussy. Sulochana’s pussy also ate the whole cock. He was pushing hard and pushing his cock inside and out. Her pussy was also getting wet. His cock was penetrating till the root and cleaning his pussy today. While drinking the chutchio, he was jumping on the waist and was giving a fuck. After having sex for some time, he picked up Sulochana. Taking him with the support of the wall, lifting one leg, he started choking. Now he was enjoying kissing too. Sulochana was also being kissed with the voice of “….uh uh…..hmmmm…ai…ai…..” Had been. I understood why she was getting happy singing this song in the morning. The king of his pussy was about to meet him today. Bibi Sahiba bowed down and was having sex by putting her cock in her pussy. He was also hesitatingly putting his cock in the bur and taking it out. His pussy became full. She had fallen many times due to such loud kissing. Anoop, my wife’s lover, was saying, “Earlier you used to walk for a long time. Now he starts leaving the atomizer very quickly. “Repeatedly dropped the material in his pussy leaving the atomizer. Anoop took out his cock. The goods on his cock were falling down step by step. He put his cock on the ass hole of Sulocana bitch. Started rubbing the creamed cock in the ass. His supada got pushed inside as soon as he was pushed. Pushing the whole cock into his ass and began to fuck. As soon as he kisses the ass, he loudly “Come….. Aaah…. Hmmmm ahhhhhhh… cc cc c.. ha ha ha…” The ass was shaking and kissing. He too was defeated by pelting it again and again. Anoop took the cock out and sat on the sofa. Now my wife Sulochana came to him and sat on top of the cock by the ass hole. Slowly the whole cock was inserted in the ass. After that she started kissing by going up and down. Coming in the mood, started chugging very loudly. His lover Anoop’s cock also started answering in no time. He started saying – “I am going to leave. Tell me, where should I drop the goods soon? On hearing this, my scoundrel Bibi took out her cock from her ass and took it in her mouth. Anoop left the juice in his mouth. Both had a lot of fun today. After kissing, both of them got tired and drenched in sweat and sat down. He left before the kids came home. I pretended to come home in the evening by leaving the back door. In the night, Sulochana was scolded for several hours and made her cry a lot. I took the medicine that day and gave it to him. By stopping the fall of the goods, he scolded his Chinal Bibi a lot and took revenge. How did you like the story, do give your comments on nonveg

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