bra panty seller chocked me in the shop itself and gifted 5 sets bra panty

Hello friends, I am going to tell you my story for the first time today. I am a big fan of non veg That’s why I am telling my story to you readers. I am a resident of Jhansi. My house is in this city. I buy bra panties for myself from the nearest shop. Just a few days ago my panty was completely torn. She could clearly see my pussy. So I took out a 500 note from my husband’s purse. The trunk broke. The pussy is clearly visible. Somewhere while coming to the market, if someone sees my pussy, then there will be a ruckus. That’s why she is taking 500 rupees from your purse!!’ I said roaring. Although my husband is a very stingy man, but when it comes to covering my pussy, he gives money immediately. Taking money from friends husband, I went to the nearby shop. I always used to take bra panty from that shop.’How are you sister??… The shopkeeper said, ‘Aye… to whom does sister speak. My name is Meena Rani…Meena Rani’ I said. He was shocked. ‘Show my panty bra in which my pussy can be covered well,’ I said. The shopkeeper started laughing.’What is laughing??” I said ‘Meena ji!! I have seen your pussy, do I know your size? Now if you show your pussy, I can give you the right size panty!’ The shopkeeper said He was looking completely mad. She was wearing a dirty lungi and vest. The vest must have been white once, but now it was as dirty as a lungi. I understood that this bra panty guy wants to fuck me by picking up my panties. I went inside his shop. ‘O Chotu! I’ll show the stuff to madam!’ … you take care of the shop!!’ Said bra tights. Shorty laughed. Maybe he knew that I was going to kiss his master. I went inside the shop with the bra tights. As soon as I reached inside they caught me ‘Why Meena Rani! Is there itching in your pussy? He asked with a wink, ‘Yes, the matter is like this!’ I spoke like a real surety bastard. The shopkeeper caught me and started taking pappi on my lips. Started kissing. For a long time, I was only kissing my husband, so I was not enjoying anything special. That’s why today I thought of getting this bra thong man kissed. He started kissing my pink lips one after the other. Then started drinking with great love. I did not know the name of the shopkeeper. I did not know about his family, but I was going to kiss him. What a strange thing it was. The smell of the shopkeeper’s unwashed vest was going into my nose. I asked ‘…Meena Rani! I take a bath but all sweat turns into sweat. There is so much cock standing from above that the heat rises!’ The shopkeeper said He made me lie down on an empty space inside. Take my sari and take the size of my pussy!!’ I told her ‘.. what’s the hurry Meena Rani !! Will take the size of your pussy comfortably. Let me take the measurement of your mother first!!’ The shopkeeper said Then he made me lie down and started opening the button of my blouse. I let him do whatever he wanted. Today I was not wearing bra and panty because they were torn apart. When the shopkeeper saw my milk like doom, he went mad.’ Meena Rani!! The stuff you are cool!!… The shopkeeper said. Then he started playing loudly like a horn in my mother. ‘Ah!! Bastard!! This is my coolest mother. I have done great service to them since childhood. And you are brutally suppressing it like this!!’ I gave him the data aloud. He got scared and comfortably started pressing my chest like a spilled jam. I wanted to make a new place in Chinalpan. That’s why today I came to kiss this shopkeeper. It was giving me lines for the last several months. Wanted to measure my pussy. But today I gave it a chance. The shopkeeper started drinking my milk loudly. I got great relief. Because my husband keeps on sitting at the sweet shop all day weighing the sweets along with the peeler. He never drank my milk with love. When I looked down, the bra panty guy was swirling my milk and drinking it with pleasure. He was getting completely distraught and restless. He was afraid again and again that some customer might come to the shop. ‘small!! Don’t let any customer come inside…..say that the shop is closed’ said the shopkeeper leaving my milk. Again he started drinking my breasts. I had put on very heavy makeup today. I was painted in red color. red bangle. Big red dot, red lipstick. Not only this, I had also filled red vermilion in my red pussy. So today everything was red. The shopkeeper was going crazy seeing my mommy like the jam spilling. His eyes were twinkling. Like he had not seen the mother of any cool goods for many days. I said that the shopkeeper seemed more happy than before. Now he started drinking loudly in my mother’s. Come on now drink my pussy!!’ I said that the shopkeeper started sticking out his tongue like a mad dog, like a stray dog ​​gasping for his tongue in summer and driving away the heat. The shopkeeper turned my saree in one go as above. I was without any panties. Because the panty was torn. Seeing my red pussy, the shopkeeper became frightened. Keeping his mouth straight, he started drinking it like a sweet syrup. I had a lot of fun. After how many days today some man drank my pussy. When I was newly married, my confectioner husband used to drink my pussy every night. Then as I got older, my pussy also got old along with me. After that he stopped drinking my pussy. Would come only at night, hit my pussy and just fall asleep. That’s why for many days I felt like kissing a non-man. The shopkeeper selling this bra panty started drinking my pussy loudly. Started panting on the pussy with his tongue. Drink well!!’ I gave him the data. Then he started fingering my pussy. I liked it very much. The shopkeeper’s finger got completely soaked with my nectar juice and the butter of my pussy fell on his whole finger. The shopkeeper started thrashing my pussy very loudly. Which made me enjoy a lot. My pussy started tingling. I felt that the volcano would explode in my pussy. In this way, the fire of my lust was ignited by thrashing my pussy loudly. ‘Louder louder fat bastard!!…and louder louder!!..Tear my pussy!!’ I scolded the shopkeeper loudly. He started thinking uncontrollably that I should not refuse to give him a pussy. So he did as I said. Like a machine, the bra panty guy inserted his 3 fingers in my pussy and started thrashing. My mother chuckled. Then my waist started moving back and forth. Then suddenly she rose upwards. And then a lot of white and white stuff came out of my pussy. The shopkeeper was still thrashing my pussy like a well-meaning child. My waist was still dancing back and forth. It seemed that a bomb would explode in my pussy now. Come fuck me!!’ I said. The shopkeeper opened his lungi. Removed the briefs and started putting his dirty lauda in my pussy. Wait stop.. I will not kiss with such a dirty laddo! Go wash it well first!!’ I said like some sort of scourge. You must have known how abusive the randis are. That’s why today I was acting like a scoundrel. In the bathroom of the bra tights shop, he started washing his cock thoroughly with water and soap. After rubbing a lot, he cleaned his cock. Wipe off with a clean towel. Then came to me. ‘Yeah!! Now it’s right! Come fuck me!!’ I said that he started fucking me like a madman. I started having fun. How many days had passed since I had not eaten any non-man’s cock. The shopkeeper began to fuck me with pleasure by lifting his heavy backyard. For a moment I felt that someone was hammering hard in my pussy. Have you ever fucked your wife in such a way that it is pushing me hard? doing it comfortably. The pussy is not the pit of any wall !!’ I reprimanded him. The shopkeeper started eating me comfortably. With great love slowly began to chud. Now I like it. Surely he must have hit his wife in the same way, I guessed. Then he started eating me like the goods of the house. I started kissing hard on my cheeks and lips. My lips started drinking. By now he was able to enjoy well. While kissing him, both my buttocks were banging on the ground below. I had tightened both the legs in the shopkeeper’s waist. The sound of my anklets was filtering through. That shopkeeper was doing a great job. Then after half an hour he left his white goods in my red pussy. Friends, some 100 grams of goods came out. Then he hugged me and started drinking my lips like his woman. He pressed one of my chuckles hard and said. ‘Yes Bhadwe!! Had a lot of fun Tell me what is the size of my pussy???’ I said ’34’ The shopkeeper said, ‘You are right!!… you are absolutely right!!’ I said. ‘Come on.. now take my pussy from behind!!’ I said. Then he made me a bitch. Coming from behind started praising my flabby butts. I stood on my knees on both hands and both feet. The shopkeeper started drinking both my ass and pussy. From behind my pussy looked like a lost gujiya. There was a long filled pussy, which was cut from the middle. Even today my husband used to fuck me everyday. Because of this my pussy was completely torn. The shopkeeper was drinking by pulling each very precious lip of my pussy with his tongue. He was a real chubby man. Along with selling bra panties, he also knew how to take off bra panties. Then he put his fat lauda in my burr from behind. My soft pussy once again broke from the middle and ate the lode inside. The shopkeeper started fucking me. He was caressing my back, spine, shoulders, soft buttocks and was fucking me furiously. From behind, the cock was jumping completely inside my pussy and was making a splash. Fireworks were bursting in my pussy. The shopkeeper was dressing me like his girlfriend as I am his household item. Then he started hitting me very hard. I was getting a lot of tightness from behind. It seemed that he had not put the cock in the pussy anywhere else. The shopkeeper’s lauda was reaching and hitting the G-spot located inside my pussy. Due to which there was a huge intoxicating feeling. In his small shop, I was hiding from everyone’s eyes. ‘Why Meena ji…. have fun?? He asked ‘Yes, yes!!….You are a very cool chudai!!’ I praised the shopkeeper. Then he started to slow down for a while. Then I started to lick me. This time his cock started reaching my stomach. Then he left the hot goods. I felt that I should not die while kissing. Friends, today I had become a pure chhinal. Today I had got that shopkeeper kissed in his shop. When I was done, I went to the bathroom. I washed my pussy thoroughly with soap. When he started coming, he opened the treasure of his heart with the bra panty. She gifted me a set of 5 5 bra and panty. ‘Aati Rahan Meena Behenji!!.. will miss you and your pussy a lot!!” The shopkeeper said ‘Oh Bhadve!! Who said sister? I am Meena Rani…everyone’s beloved Chhinal Meena Rani!!” I said. 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