Indoor bulbs can be the cause of your anxiety, depression – Desi Story New

To save money and electricity, many of us have replaced our old lights with ‘Energy Saving’ bulbs. Although these bulbs are said to be environmentally friendly, in fact they are causing terrible damage to our lives, experts say. Prolonged use of energy saving bulbs can cause problems like dizziness, constant headaches, migraines, fatigue, anxiety. So if you suffer from fatigue, anxiety or migraine for a long time, the main reason may be the light in the house.Why are energy saving bulbs so toxic?1. Mercury is contained in energy saving bulbs. This mercury is a neurotoxin. Which is extremely harmful for pregnant women. Neurotoxins are the most harmful, especially for the brain, nervous system, liver and kidneys. It can damage the cardiovascular system and the reproductive system as well as weaken the body’s immune system. Sleep deprivation also increases the risk of tremors, anxiety, insomnia, headaches, cancer, and Alzheimer’s.2. Researcher Peter Bron tested the energy-saving bulb at the Alab Laboratory in Berlin, Germany. After research, he reported that this bulb is carcinogenic. These bulbs contain the acidic toxic crystalline component phenol and the volatile crystalline compound naphthalene. Both of these substances are derived from coal tar and are used in the preparation of chemicals. In addition, these bulbs contain liquid hydrogen. Which is available as a petroleum by-product. All three of these components are carcinogenic.3. UV rays are emitted from energy saving bulbs. UV-B and UV-C radiation are harmful to the skin. The UV rays emitted from these bulbs destroy the immune system. Inhibits the production of vitamin D-3 by damaging skin tissues.Find Sexy!! Plz share 🤳

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