Broad Ass Thick Thighs And Tight Boor Aaj Ki Raat Ki Tastan

Broad ass thick thigh and tight bore tonight’s story, ohhhhh my god what should I tell man since tonight my cock is erect since I’ve fucked my neighbor twice in the night, and after he left about I have already had sex 3 times, but remembering her and remembering her body, broad ass, thick thighs and tight boors, as soon as the penis comes, what should I do, what should I do? I am a regular reader of nonveg, I used to think that all the stories would be just like this, who is lucky enough to fuck his neighbor’s sister-in-law, but today my dream has come true, thanks to all my friends. Crazy in making, I read many stories on this website, and also masturbated while reading the story, also enjoyed, everyday life was passing with the help of pillow, but tonight spring came in my life and you should also enjoy that spring. I want to feel My name is Roshan, I have just come to Delhi to study, where I live, it is only a commodity, it was desolate in the village, but it is spring here, first time in Delhi, big big tits, ass , cool woman, don’t know friend, which mill do the girls here say they come from, and my village’s looks like dry cow dung. Ha ha ha ha, I laughed because I am very happy today. My age is 21 years old, I am very handsome to see, now on the straight story because I am also eager to tell you my story. The bell rang in my flat at night, I live alone in the flat, no friend has been made yet, so I was a bit worried that who could be there at 10 o’clock in the night, he was wearing only panties, not even a vest. Was wearing, I wrapped the towel and went to open the door, I was speechless, a beautiful woman, about 24-25 years old, wearing a pink color nightie, with round nipples, whose nipples were clearly felt, under her clothes thighs I was fit, the whole body was visible from the top of the clothes, white hair was made in a bun, velvety body, a smile on the lips, brown eyes, pink lips, what should I tell yaar, ohhhhhh ohhhhh ohhhhh. Brother can I come in? Yes yes yes come I said, she came inside, said you have come new? What do you do? Where is the village yes? My heartbeat was fast, but I was answering her questions, then I indicated to sit, she sat down, I said on the chair, I will bring cold for you, she said no, but I did not agree, wearing a shirt Ran downstairs brought a cold one for her, gave it to her and I also took it, salty was in the plate, both were eating and drinking, I was looking at her body again and again because she was not wearing anything inside, then She started going to keep the glass herself, I refused, but she went to the kitchen, when she got up and bowed down, I saw her nipple hanging, I was convinced, then when she started leaving, her round wide ass was moving from behind. was going to be taken My land has stood. I said my husband works in a company, we are married for 2 years, he is not able to keep me happy, he is always away from home on tour, I am open minded girl, I want to live my life Huh, I want you to support me, if you need money, I will give it, there is a lot of loneliness in my life, and she was looking at me with her intoxicating eyes, she extended her hand and I also shook hands, a little Come closer, my whole body was touched like a current, my breath became fast, till today I had never kissed any woman or girl, ohhhhh what can I tell, when my eyes closed and I only started sucking my lips Well, he held my hand with his hand and put it on his nipple. I slowly started pressing my nipples and started sucking my lips, she was also sucking my lips in the same way and caressing my hair, then she removed my towel and from the top of the panties she started pressing my cock. She snuggled close to me and wrapped me in her arms, she made me lie down and after taking out my cock, she looked at me with a sensual look and then started sleeping, I was sighing, suddenly she took me in her mouth, I was crazy. It was done, I grabbed her hair tightly and stuck it in my cock and started pushing from below. Then she took off her nightie, I was blessed to see her beautiful body, say say Bhabhi ji ki jai…. When I went to the middle of her thighs, I saw a hole for the first time, when I touched it with my finger, it was a sticky substance, when I smelled it, I didn’t feel anything, I licked it, it was salty, then I touched it with my tongue and rustled a little, she said in agony. Was just waiting for this, and do and do, I kept doing the same way she was saying Aaah Uffffff Maa Uffffffff Aaah Aaaah, now she was out of tolerance. I saw that a little semen was automatically copied on my cock, again I started licking and in about ten minutes my cock took a fierce form, was taking thick long hilores, I kept cock on his bore and pushed hard I hit the whole cock about eight inches in the middle of the bore, I caught the tit with both hands and started giving it forcefully, she was also crying hi hi hi on every jerk, I had seen such a beautiful waist ass woman for the first time. I was going to fuck while looking at the whole body, she was jerking by lifting her ass, both of her nipples were shaking due to my jerk, then what was it, she took a deep breath, hugged me tightly and nailed my back. Fucked and uffffff uffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff sound came out and jerked off, I was fucking hard, suddenly I got a shiver like electricity and I made a loud aaah and I put my cum in his ass and on top of him He became exhausted, both of them lay down holding each other for about twenty minutes, then put on their clothes, had sex twice that night, at about two o’clock in the night they went to their room. Went to latte. And the bid will come tomorrow. Then what was it, I stayed awake all night, I had to masturbate every hour, it was something like this, I am writing this story early in the morning, I am going to get silver tonight too, I hope Huh, you must have liked my story, if yes, then do rate on the star below and comment, please

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