My boss made me cheat and fuck me to the fullest

Hello friends, I Rajjo Kumari welcomes all of you very much to Non Veg Story dot com. I have been a regular reader of Non Veg Story since last many years and no such night passes by when I do not read its juicy Chudai stories. Today I am telling you my story. I hope everyone will like this story. I used to live in Chamanpur area near Kanpur. I was very poor. Chamanpur starts in the countryside and the village starts from here. My father was also very poor and used to work hard in the fields of the head of our village. One day the headman saw me. I had taken lunch for my father. The head of our village was repeatedly thrashing me from head to toe. Then he called my father to him. “Ramdeen [मेरे बापू का नाम] Your daughter Rajju is lonely, she cooks food very well?? Pradhan asked “Ha Maalik….Rajjo is very useful cousin girl” My Bapu said “I am looking for a job for this in Kanpur city…I will get 7 thousand per month. Have to cook and clean the house. Will send Rajjo to work?? That Pradhan asked my Bapu. “Sure sir… Rajjo will do maid work comfortably” Bapu said “My brother is a big officer in Kanpur, he needs an honest girl who does work, so don’t cheat and work honestly. Ramdin! I will send Rajjo to his house” Pradhan said “As you think is right, sir…” My father said, we were in great need of money, so my father had said yes. In a few days his brother came to our village with his car. His name was Lalla Bhaiya. Everyone used to call him by this name. He put a bundle of 1 lakh in my Bapu’s hand. My family got me ready and I came to Kanpur with my boss Lalla Bhaiya. He had a very big house. There was no servant there. I started working hard and honestly. Nor did she commit any kind of theft. My boss Lalla Bhaiya’s wife was a big leader and she always used to stay outside the house. Slowly my boss started liking my work. One day when his wife was not at home and had gone to Delhi for her leadership work, my boss called me to him. I was understanding his point. His own woman was not at home, so whose pussy would he hit, so he slowly started convincing me to fuck. I was a 22 year old young girl and was all set to fuck. “What is it master??” I asked “Hey Rajjo!!… come sit near me. Really you cook very well. You do a great service to us. I will take you to the market this evening. I will get you some nice clothes. I have some pain in my head. Come on, apply some balm!” The owner spoke. When I started applying balm on his head, he slowly started kissing my hand. I was understanding everything. He wanted to fuck me hard. In the evening he took me to the market and got me 5 very expensive suits. Food was also served outside in the restaurant. He was impressing me. After a few days, I got a call from my father. He needed 50 thousand rupees, so my boss immediately gave the money. “Le Rajjo….go and give money order to your Bapu!” The owner said that in this way he started spending money on me. One night he called me to his room. ′′ Look Rajjo!!. Your mistress is always out. She sleeps outside with other men and has a lot of fun. I am lying here alone. There is no one to sleep with me at night. Will you sleep with me… speak??” He spoke and started staring at me. I kept quiet. How could I have kissed her like this? I was still a virgin girl. The marriage had not even taken place yet. I was going to say no. “See, I always take care of you…. You should not have lacked anything till today. I immediately gave the money to your Bapu. ′′ The owner said, so friends, I had to be buried under his favor. I agreed to fuck him. There was no one in the house anyway. my boss [लल्ला भैया] He took me in his arms and started kissing me here and there. He was a 40 years old man. I was a young 20 year old girl half his age. I was looking like his girl in front of him. He was a 6 feet tall man. He took me in his arms and started kissing me. “Master… will tell this fucking thing to anyone, will you not??” I asked apprehensively “Are you crazy….. does anyone tell all these things to anyone” he said. After that he took me to his bed and started making love with me by making me lie down. He wrapped me in his arms and started sucking my lips which looked like fresh rose petals. Slowly I started liking it too. For a long time he kept drinking my pink lips and started consuming my fragrant breath. My mom was of size 38″. I had very attractive milk. I was very young and beautiful. This was the reason that many boys in the village wanted to fuck me. But friends, there is a saying that the name of the person who eats is written on the grain and the name of the person who fucks is written on the pussy. My ass was to be fucked by my boss’s cock today. Maybe that’s why till date I have not made any boy my boyfriend and have not got fucked by anyone. My boss wrapped me in his arms and started pressing my boobs. They were pressing my solid breasts from the top of the suit itself. My breasts were so big, tight, big and round that the owner could hardly hold my milk in his hand. “Rajjo!!… are a wonderful asset. I eat food made by your hands everyday but today I will get to eat your pussy!! Tonight I will make you a woman by fucking you!! He said. After that the owner started having fun with me. He did not undress me for a long time. From the top of my shirt, both of my 38″ kept pressing the milk and kept drinking the nectar of my juicy lips. Then they removed my salwar kameez and also removed my bra panty completely. The owner removed his white kurta pyjama and became naked. His 11 inch dick was looking like an African dick. I was scared that how will I get fucked by such a thick dick. After that both of us became completely naked. I started hiding both my juicy breasts. But the owner removed my hand and started sucking my milk in his mouth. “….higheeee, uuuhhh, aaahh” I screamed. After that he completely lay down on me and I started suffocating under his weight. He started pressing my soft soft boobs with pleasure and started enjoying. I started making sounds of “Aaaaaahhhhh….eeeeeeee…ohhhhhhh…….ai..mummy….” The owner was pressing my soft and butter cream like teats with full pleasure and sucking them in his mouth as if I am not his maid but his woman. The owner had held both my hands tightly and had spread them so that I could not stop him. They were happily robbing me of my youth. His leader caste woman was getting fucked by another man in Delhi and the owner was going to fuck me here. Both the people had arranged their own sex. Friends, my breasts were very beautiful. Big balls and soft like maize cakes. The owner was going mad seeing such beautiful milk. I had big dark circles around my pomegranate red nipples, which were adding to my breasts. If any man would have seen my naked mom like this, he would not have let me go without getting fucked. The owner became restless after seeing my cool gait and swollen breasts and started pressing tightly with his hand. I sobbed and said but there was no effect on him. He kept pressing my milk with pleasure like someone takes it in his hand and squeezes it to extract its juice. Simultaneously, he was drinking and sucking my juicy breasts in his mouth. Here my life was dying. It seemed that today the master would drink all my milk and leave nothing for my future husband. His teeth used to pierce my soft nipples again and again.”……Oui..ui..ui…. Mother….mother….ohhhh mother…. .ahhhhhh.. looks like a boss!!” I said. But he ignored me. He kept on sucking and drinking both my big musammis for half an hour. I just felt great. I was getting hot. Now I also wanted to fuck the owner tightly. He was pressing my teats considering them as his woman’s teats. By doing this again and again my pussy had become wet. I wanted to fuck fast and wanted to eat thick cock in pussy. After drinking my milk the owner started kissing my white and smooth belly and started enjoying a lot. I too was enjoying all this. Because friends, I was not fucked even once. I also had a dream that some big cock would fuck me tightly. Today my dream was also about to come true. The owner started licking the part below my navel quickly with his tongue. I started getting horny. After some time the owner reached my smooth pussy. Friends, it is not good to praise yourself, still I will say that my pussy was very beautiful. I used to shave my pussy everyday, never let it grow. The owner kept looking at my pussy for a long time and kept looking at it. Then he started drinking my fuddi with his tongue. Friends, most of the girls’ pussy is sunken inside, but my pussy was very big and it was emerging like outside. My pussy was pink like a bloated mouth. The owner broke down on my pussy as if till date he has not seen any young maid’s cool bosom. Started licking my virgin pussy like a dog. I started feeling sensation all over my body. Was having a lot of fun too. The owner was drinking my pussy in such a way that it seemed as if it would be eaten. This moment was a memorable moment in my life till date because till date I had not fed my fuddi to any man. I raised my head and looked at my bosom. The owner’s eyes were closed and lips were pressed against my bosom and sucking my pussy deeply. “Aaaaaahhhhh….eeeeeeee… ohhhhhhh… ai.. ai.. ai…. ai..mummy….” I sob and It was tight. Slowly I was getting addicted to sex. I was going crazy. Lust started crawling on my body. It would not be wrong to say that I wanted to rub and lick the owner. The owner was cutting my pussy grain, I was enjoying it. He was drinking all the juice of my virgin pussy.”……Oui..ui..ui…. Mother….mother….ohhhh mother…. .ahhhhh..” I was crying. I was completely naked and with both knees open I was being taken on the bed in front of the owner. For half an hour the owner was drinking my juicy pussy. I was caressing her hair with great love. His dirty tongue was repeatedly teasing my delicate pussy. Juice was now coming out of my bosom. It was clear that I was completely ready to fuck now. The owner bent down and spit in my pussy and put both my legs up. He put 2 big padded pillow under my ass and he put his 11 inch thick cock on my virgin pussy. Then holding the cock by hand, he kept rubbing my pussy up and down for a long time, maybe he was waiting for the right time. After some time he put his dick on my pussy hole and holding the cock pushed inside hard and my seal was broken. Uh uh..” I screamed as I was in excruciating pain. But the owner started fucking me fast and started enjoying. He didn’t care about my pain because I was just a poor maid for him. I started having severe pain in my pussy. I started suffering like a fish. The owner hesitantly started fucking me. In the middle of my thin pussy, his big long peg like dick was looking very strange and awkward. Like a father feeding his daughter. It seemed exactly the same. But the owner had completely become Prem Chopra and was pushing me hard. His cock was feeling very strange in my sweet little pussy. He started fucking me. I felt a big fat thing moving in my delicate pussy. I was scared. But still it was a pleasure to fuck. The master held both my hands tightly. I wanted to let go, but his strong hand held me tightly. My boss was fucking all the time. After some time my pain subsided. The owner’s cock started going in and out of my smooth bosom comfortably. I started lifting my waist very high. “U u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u in u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u in u u u u in in u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u in u u u u in u u u u u u u u u u u u in u u u u u in u u u u in u u u u u u u in u in u to u u u u u u u u u u u u u… I started sobbing and moaning. For some time there was darkness in my eyes. I felt that I was dead. But then the picture of Malik like Prem Chopra was in front of me. They were pealing loudly. Cocks were giving in my pussy. There was greed in his eyes to kill my pussy. There was lust in my eyes and his cock was in my pussy. Everything was working perfectly. By saying ‘ha ha ho ho ho ho’, the owner was pushing humk humk. Then he fell down. Now he fucks my ass every night and my mistress also hardly stays in the house, so the master gets more opportunities. How did you like the story, do give your comments on non veg story dot com.

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