Brother fucked me

Sister-in-law understands, brother has fucked me Your answer would be no. But I have come here to tell you my truth. My brother fucks me means a brother fucks his sister. This is my true story and this is my first story on non veg I come to this website and read sex stories daily, the stories here are very hot and sexy and do not seem like the story is alive. So let’s come straight to the story, I will not waste your time, I know how precious your time is. My name is Rani, I am 21 years old. I got married only 15 days before my brother’s marriage. You can say that sister-in-law came here and I went there. Once such a situation had happened. That I came and on the same day sister-in-law had to go to her maternal home. Brother was forbidding sister-in-law to go, he did not want to let her go. The reason for this was that he had got a new bride and a new pussy, so who leaves his new bride. It becomes a habit of daily sex. But it was very important to go to the sister-in-law, so mother and father decided that they would send the daughter-in-law. The next day the son would be told to go there too, but his departure was very important and the brother-in-law was not ready to let him go. So the plan was made that the brother would be sent to the sister-in-law without informing her. And I came to my maternal home the same day in the morning. My brother did not know this because he had gone to the office on a break. And no one knew that he was going to come today, everyone knew that he would come tomorrow. It was 9:00 in the evening. Both mother and father went to the satsang. I was alone at home. doorbell rang. It was dark outside, there the bulb was damaged, because of which nothing was visible, I went and opened the door. Just like that brother came inside. I was not clearly visible to them in the dark, they thought I was sister-in-law. The new bride looks the same because everyone’s red looks the same. As soon as he came, he took me in his arms and I started saying something, but he put his hand on my mouth and stopped my voice. has been closed. And keep pressing it hard. He put his bag down there and took us to the corner. I was trying to get rid but failed as I could not get a bit he was holding my mouth with one hand. He took me behind and there in the corner from behind he raised my saree, lowered my panty and bent me down, pressing my mouth. He put his cock on top of my pussy and pushed it hard. Soon he started fucking. I was not able to say anything just he was being pushed from behind. He used to play me day and night, thari was reaching inside the pussy, I was also feeling pain because my husband had also mercilessly fucked me for 15 days. I could not do anything just kept fucking. Now slowly I started enjoying because even I had got the taste of land like my brother had got the taste of pussy. If it is done, then we enjoy it. I calmed down and he was being pushed from behind. Then he put forward his hand and opened the hook of my blouse. I remained silent, then opened the hook of the bra in it and started rubbing my big boobs with both hands. While rubbing her breasts, brother said to Holi, how have your boobs become big. Now what can I say that I am not a sister-in-law, I am a sister. Silently he was rubbing my wrists and pushing and fucking me from behind. He again started rubbing my nipples and then said that your nipples have become very big. Looks like your nipples have grown too. And your boobs are looking disheveled. I didn’t say anything. He started fucking even harder. My height my body texture my thickness is same as sister-in-law now same as sister-in-law but my boobs are little big and sister-in-law’s boobs are little small. He pushed harder and dropped all his goods inside my pussy. And took his pant up and put on his belt. Picking up the bag, went inside, there was no one in the house, said from there where is the mother and father. I went ahead and said that those people have gone to satsang. He was shocked and upset seeing me. did she say you? Yes I have come today I said. He said it was you, don’t know why people were trying to ask who was the one who got fucked in the corner. I said yes I was there. Where did sister-in-law go? I said she has gone to her maternal home, tomorrow you also have to go there. You were supposed to come tomorrow. It was very important for the sister-in-law to go to her maternal home. Mom and father thought that you will not send, so sent today without asking you and both of them were saying that tomorrow you too should go there. I was not sister-in-law, he did not fuck his wife but his sister. He said why didn’t you say anything. I said that you kept your hand tightly pressed on my mouth. He said that’s why I was holding it. So that the person in the house does not know what I am doing. Or she refused me so I did it. Sister, I made a big mistake. I don’t know it was you, I thought it was your sister-in-law. I’m sorry, I never dreamed that I would have sex with my sister, but today I lost my temper. Just got a call from mom and dad. I told him that brother has come. When they heard that brother had come, parents decided that I will come again in the morning, I stay at aunt’s place, aunt lives next to me. I said okay you guys enjoy at aunt’s house and reach her home soon after satsang. After taking out the food to brother, he washed his hands and feet and ate the food. Again and again he was smiling looking at me, I was also smiling. I said, you push very hard. He said why didn’t you enjoy. I said if you don’t enjoy then why would you remain silent, later I became silent. He said your boobs are very tight and big, very solid. Saying this he started looking at me. Then he said that you were looking exactly towards sister-in-law in red saree, that’s why you came in my possession today. Means the matter started increasing, both of us wanted to go one step further because whatever had happened is done. You can sleep with me today if you want. I said okay, whatever you did in a hurry at that time, now you have the whole night comfortably. Whole night he fucked me caressing my big tits inserted his big dick in my ass destroyed my pussy. He had made my lips swollen by sucking. There were marks of his teeth on both my nipples, so drank and pressed. Sitting me up all night, lifting me from back to front, sometimes up, sometimes down, sometimes down up. He fucked me hard from all sides the whole night. My maternal home became memorable. I will never forget what happened to me, but whatever happened, it was a lot of fun, a lot of fun, fuck brother’s ass. While writing this story, my lust is raging inside me, water is coming out of my pussy. I want to fuck again I will tell you all the things again in the next story and till then thank you for coming with a new story.

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