The story of Shukla ji’s debauchery and the lust hidden inside him

Shriram Shukla was the principal of Subhash Inter College in Ayodhya. He always wore white kurta. Rudraksha beads around the neck, red leather sandals on the feet. Shukla ji used to wake up at 4 in the morning and go to the Yamuna river to bathe. Used to offer water to the rising sun in the east. Hanuman used to read Chalis, Shiv Chalisha. Not only this, once in a year he used to go to the court of Vaisnodevi or Sai Baba and pay obeisance. When November came, he used to get Jagran done. And on the arrival of Mahakumbh, he used to go for Kalpavas. In this way, Shukla ji was a man with great religious thoughts. Some will be of 45 or 50. But Shukla ji had many faces. The other face was different. He went to the Directorate of Education in Allahabad and got bribe and became the Principal of Subhash Inter College. He started showing his other face. Earlier he would come exactly at 7 and leave at 2. Just like 2-3 years have passed, Shukla ji came here forcefully. Now he comes at 7 o’clock. Used to do some daily work like meeting teachers, shaking hands, getting their attendance marked in the register. Signing on official papers etc. Then, after half an hour, he would take off his spectacles and put them on his table and disappear. He had threatened the babus that if he did not do as per my request, he would get their salaries stopped as well. And will not sign. That’s why all the Babu were afraid of him. Now this has become the rule of Shukla ji. He used to come for 1 hour in the morning and would open his glasses and put them on the table. When someone used to come to meet the principal, Babu would tell that sir has gone somewhere. And everyone knows that sir is in this school. Slowly 2 Shukla started changing his appearance. He started flattering the big officers. And he made his younger brother the government master in the college. Then he also made his youngest brother a master. By feeding the big officers, he made his uncle’s son, who was only 10th pass, a peon. Now 4 people of Shukla ji’s family got jobs in Subhash Inter College. Slowly 2 Shukla ji’s strength kept on increasing. The other 20 master and babu of the school, the peon started getting scared of him. Shriram Shukla ji was very expert in talking. He used to speak very sweetly. But he had a hidden form. One day a ladies sweeper went to sweep their principal’s room. Her name was Maya. The sweeper belonged to the Kurmi caste. But she was young. Shukla ji held Maya’s hand. What is this sir? What do you do? I am broken! Maya said Maya, my life is broken, but Shukla ji is young. Maya had tattooed Kallu on her hand. Her husband’s name. Shukla ji’s hands went on Maya Bhangan’s chest. He wanted to have her. No sir, that is wrong. If Kallu gets to know my man, then the sky will burst, Maya said, no one will know Maya. I will get your salary stuck for 6 months passed. Shukla ji gave a lollipop. Maya’s husband Kallu was Aida’s brother-in-law. Brother-in-law was always lying drunk. Maya was in great need of money. She agreed. Shukla ji started caressing Maya’s breasts. Being a pundit, he did not even go near any Bhangi, neither did he leave her. But today Shukla ji had changed his principles after seeing a new mall. Wherever the woman was seen, the principle of winking was adopted. Shukla ji made a peon ready at the gate that no one was to come inside. He is doing important work. And got drowned in Maya’s fuck. Despite being a bhangi, Shukla ji stuck to Maya. Started turning his hands on her nipples. Started pressing them hard. Being young, Maya also started enjoying. His 5 feet long broom fell down from his hand. Maya’s body started to stir. Maya, I always found you beautiful. Shukla ji said, Maya remained silent and started enjoying the fuck. Shukla ji removed everything from Maya’s nipples. Saree’s pallu fell down. Shukla ji saw Maya’s 2 beautiful full breasts. He started unbuttoning the blouse. Shukla ji started seeing Maya’s ripe guava. Maya was broken but very beautiful. The color was black, but the body was completely disfigured. Any man would have seen her for a glance, then his cock would have stirred and he would have thought that if he could meet Maya once. But today Shukla ji was about to open his luck. Her slightly soiled blouse had a total of 6 hooks. 3 After the hook was opened, Shukla ji saw Maya’s juicy breasts and he ran to drink her. Oops, how were you mom? When Shukla ji quickly opened the rest of the hooks, he found that Maya was not wearing a bra inside. And with a kiss her breasts came in front of Shukla ji. His life changed. He quickly hit his table with one hand and threw sarees, files, copy books down. Sister-in-law, what a cruel thing Shukla ji’s mouth came out. He dropped Maya Bhangan on the table. And his swollen breasts started drinking. He started enjoying life. Maya also started enjoying. Shuklaji’s mouth could not take Maya’s 2 big breasts completely, but he put his heels and peak. Hopper, they started drinking the mother of Maya Bhangi. Young Maya’s pussy also started getting wet. She also started thinking that everyday her drunkard man Kallu makes her drink, today we will get to taste something new. Her pussy also started releasing water. After drinking mummy for a long time, Shukla ji unbuttoned his white kurta and took out his big cock. Maya! She said, Maya Bhangi was scared to see Shukla ji’s big cock. It is very big sir, I will not be able to take Maya said Shukla ji quickly put her big cock in Maya Bhangi’s mouth. His mouth got jammed. He was not even breathing. Shukla ji’s wife had gone to heaven only 7 years back and today these gandus were spoiling the religion of a bhangan. Maya’s man was a drunkard and never used to make her suck cock. That’s why Maya did not have the experience of cock sucking. Shukla ji caught Maya by the shoulders and started fucking Maya Bhangan’s mouth. Lick my water, Gandu Shukla ji said it will help in severe cold. He started fucking Maya’s mouth. . This was Maya’s first time mouth fuck. He was feeling very strange. Feeling very dirty sir. Maya will benefit in cough and cold. Shukla ji said, Maya started sucking his cock. Shukla ji’s penis started getting hard like a leaf. He started fucking Maya’s mouth with double speed. Then one of his eyes went on Maya’s juicy breasts and Shukla ji’s water got licked. Maya’s whole face became dirty. In a second, sadness covered Shukla’s face. This was the sadness of his hidden Chudas. Now how will those young men overcome Maya Bhangan. How will you do it now sir? Maya asked, winds started blowing on Shukla ji’s face. Got such a smooth material today. And I fell before fucking it. Shame on me Shukla ji started thinking. He quickly put on his pants. Went out and gave 100 rupees note to Babu. Listen, bring 2 capsules of Vigora 500 and see if I mention about it to anyone, no one will be bad for me. Shriram Shukla ji once again threatened Babu. He brought the bullet in some time. Shukla ji quickly picked up the water from the jug kept in the room and swallowed both the capsules. Maya Shukla said, she will stand up in a few seconds. Within 10 minutes, her body started getting hot. He started feeling anxious. And fought to stand up for Shukla ji. And Land Phool became 12 inches. Maya Bhangan’s grave got stuck. Smile returned on Shukla ji’s face. He knew that now he would fuck Maya very well. He lifted Maya’s black saree from Shukla ji. Then lifted the petticoat. Maya was very poor. Salary was also not received for 6 months. These days he didn’t even have the money to wear underwear. Shukla ji saw that Maya is without panty. His arms blossomed. He broke down on the cunt of Maya Bhangan. What a delicious juicy pussy it was. When Maya came to sweep the room today, her pussy was very dry. But Maya’s pussy had become juicy due to Shuklaji’s work. It was a very cute bird. Maya’s man could not fly this bird of his woman properly. The pussy was clean, there was not even a single grass. Oh Maya, you keep it ready. Shukla ji said yes sir, my man takes it only once a week but asks for it after cleaning it Maya said Shukla ji started licking this pussy of Maya Like a thirsty dog. Where Shukla ji used to consider even touching a Bhangi, Chamar as a sin. And today they were licking the ass of the same bhangi. Maya started getting great happiness because her man was Kallu Gandu. He didn’t even know how to fuck a beautiful wife. Wherein Shriram Shukla ji was the debauchery of the olden times. Seeing any beautiful woman, he used to stand up. Shukla ji fixed his sacred thread, moved it to the side, lest the sacred thread should come in between while doing dirty and unholy work like sex. He put his big 10 inch long ass cock on Maya’s beautiful bosom. Rubbed Maya’s belly from top to bottom once or twice, then she trembled violently. And then Shukla ji pelted his big cock. Maya lifted her waist and took the cock. Shukla ji started kissing Maya. He was making good use of his big office table. Shukla ji started enjoying Bur in Randape. Maya spread her young legs. And started eating cock with pleasure. Maya got a real man today by coincidence. She drowned in the fucking ocean and started taking bath. Shukla ji Gacha Gacha was going to feed him. After some time, when she started resting for some time, Maya said sir, do….do… Maya requested. Shukla ji enjoyed it. When the woman herself says to tear my pussy, then the man will definitely get excited. Shukla ji started rapidly breaking Maya Bhangan. In this pelai, the postman brought the government paper. Some other people also came to meet the Principal. But loyal Babu did not allow anyone to enter the principal room. There was a lot of pelai going on inside. Talked at 10 o’clock in the morning. It was a strange thing that no officer worships any woman in the college during the day, but Shukla ji should give a man with a lion’s heart. He used to do all the black work during the day. When the first round of sex was over, Shukla ji left his goods in Maya Bhangan’s burrow. He wanted to fuck Maya even more. The effect of 2 capsules of Vigora 500 was that Shukla ji’s weapon stood again after some time. Maya Bhangan could drink only 2 sips of water in the meantime. She too was happy today. Where did you come to sweep and where did you get the dick. In the second round Shukla made a plan to fuck her ass. Maya, now I will fuck your ass, it will be a little painful. To bear Then there will be fun later, Shukla ji said. He has now taken Maya on her stomach on the office table. And saw the ass.. Hey Maya, is your ass a virgin? He smiled and said, sir, my man is far behind in sex. He just enjoys the pole, said Maya, see, today I will break the seal on your ass, Shukla said. Gave a forceful push and Maya Bhangan’s ass burst. She started crying in pain. Maya’s face shrank in pain. Get out sir, it is hurting a lot. Maya said, wait for two minutes, you will enjoy a lot. Gandu Shukla ji spoke and having fun started fucking Maya Bhangan’s ass by moving her Janeu to one side. In the whole college, no one knew the role of Shukla ji as this jerky old man. Only his confidant Babu knew. Outside, all the masters were teaching children in their two rooms. On the other hand, Principal Saab was giving sex class to Maya Bhangan. None of the master could have imagined that at this time, at 10 o’clock, a hot class of fucking was going on in our college itself. Poor master was diluting his eyes in thick 2 books, while his head respected principal sahib was sharpening his eyes by showing Maya’s juicy breasts and her juicy boobs. Shukla ji fucked Maya’s ass fiercely. And then took out his cock. Maya Bhangan has become a complete fucker. She once again started sucking Shukla ji’s cock. After sucking, then Shukla ji hit her pussy. Maya Bhangan started thanking God in her heart that today she got to eat a lion hearted man and his cock. After some time the round of chudai ended and Shukla ji fucked his mall in his hole itself. Friends, this is how you came to know the reality of Gandu Shriram Shukla ji.

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