Brother fucks sister inside blanket in winter

Bahan Bhai Sex Story, Sardi Me Chudai, Kambal Me Chudai, Delhi ki Sardi Me Sex Story : My name is Sushma, I am a 22 year old girl, living and studying in Delhi. My twin brother named Rohit studies in Pune. Came to Delhi yesterday evening as both of us were going to our home in Lucknow. But due to Delhi’s cold, I made him sleep with me, but he did a scandal with me. I am going to tell you my sex story through nonveg This is my true story and it happened last night only. Hope you will find this story very hot and sexy. As you know we are twin brothers and sisters. So the twin who is a brother and sister is very open minded because they were together in their mother’s womb and came into this world together. We have a habit of living together since childhood, we have a habit of playing, we have a habit of eating food, we both have received the love of parents equally. Never felt like we were brother and sister, used to play together, lived together. But when both of them became young then it came to know that we both are different and not same. When we grew up, our parents also started putting us to sleep separately, so why did both of us know that a young boy and a girl should not be put to sleep together, even if they are brothers and sisters in a relationship. Perhaps you would also know that siblings who become young never sleep together. Last night’s incident was the reason for the incident. I live in a single room in Delhi’s Mukherjee Nagar and am preparing for IAS. My brother is doing engineering living in Pune, his last semester is only. Both of us were about to go to our home town Lucknow and were going to go together, so he had come to Delhi so that we could go with him. He had come at around 6:00 in the evening, we both went out and had dinner at a dhaba but When it was time to sleep, there was only one quilt. So both of us could not even sleep separately because it is very cold in Delhi. We both decided to sleep together. I started reading non-veg on my mobile because I sleep every night after visiting this website. My brother was having a sexy talk with his girlfriend. Because when I went and saw his mobile, I understood that both of them were talking dirty. Now my brother was talking dirty with his girlfriend, so it was natural for his cock to stand erect. And when I was reading the stories on this website, I had already become hot. But there was nothing in my mind that I would have sex with my brother tonight. I don’t know, while reading stories, I read stories for 2 days, after that I fell asleep. I didn’t even know when I fell asleep. But my brother slept late and probably because of sleeping late, he fucked me. Now I am going to tell you how my brother fucked me. When I woke up at night, my blacksmith’s pulse was open. And he had gotten off his ass. I was wearing panty and he was rubbing his cock in my ass. I am very hot and sexy girl, my ass is very wide. Big nipples, round cheeks, the color of the nipples on my nipples is pink. I have long hair, my lips are red. I am very beautiful I do not brag about my beauty but I am telling you that I am very hot and sexy girl. At first I did not understand whether he is running with his hand or with his cock but later I came to know He was moving his cock up and down in the crack in the middle of my ass with his cock. Then he took down my panty and when he put his hand on my ass and pussy, I was shocked. My hair stood on end, I started taking fingers. To be honest, I initially felt bad that how can someone do this to his brother. But when the lust wakes up, then all the relationship ends, the only thing that remains between the two is only about sex. By that time my pussy had become very wet because as soon as he put his finger on my pussy, it was hot. Hot water started coming out even more. Now he used to put his finger on my pussy again and again and he was licking the sticky substance that came out of my pussy because the sound of licking was coming clearly to me. After that he started pressing my tits by raising my top. I couldn’t help it, I thought why not make tonight a colorful night, when I put her to sleep in my blanket, I can have fun too. But I thought it would not be good to say or do something direct First of all, I told him that what are you doing brother, I am your sister. He said you are so hot and sexy and that too in a blanket with the door closed and no one else you tell yourself what should I do I am convinced seeing your sexy body. You have become sexy and hot as soon as you came to Delhi, don’t stop me today, let me love you with all my heart. I said, brother and sister’s love does not mean sex, it does not mean touching or kissing her body. She said tell yourself what will happen after burning matchstick and petrol, whether it is brother or sister or someone else, a young boy or girl. What happens when one falls asleep under a blanket? I turned towards him and looking into his eyes, we both came close to each other’s lips. He started sucking my lips, I also started sucking his lips, slowly we both came in each other’s arms. She took off my clothes immediately, I also took off her clothes and started kissing her body. I caught his cock and then started sucking the fat cock in my hand, my body was on fire, my hair was shivering, I was taking my fingers. I could not help but started sucking his cock in my mouth. He started pressing my nipples, I started sucking his cock. Then I lay down he climbed on top of me first played with my nipples rubbed my nipples with his fingers spread my legs apart and started licking my pussy. We both put the blanket on the side, I spread both my legs, he put a pillow under my waist, put his thick cock on my pussy hole and thrust it inside. As soon as his 9 inch cock entered my pussy Entered inside, I went mad, started twirling my ass and getting fucked by my brother. He started fucking while mashing my tits, he was abusing sister’s mother and was fucking loudly. Then he lay down I climbed up holding his cock and sitting on my pussy hole. Now I bounced and started getting fucked. He fucked me by making me a mare, he fucked me by making me a bitch, but I was no less. I also took his 9 inch land in my pussy and went round and round and fucked it. Whole night we both sister and brother were kissing each other’s bodies, were juicing and fulfilling each other’s needs. He fucked me whole night when I woke up in the morning you could not walk properly because my pussy was very swollen. Friends, last night was the night of the first fuck, today my brother had fucked me during the day also, in the evening I am writing this story, tonight he will fuck me ass. I am going to write my second story soon on non-veg till then my loving greetings to all of you friends.

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