Driver and servant fucks me husband commentates sitting on the chair

Driver sex story, Naukar (Servant) Sex Story: Earlier people used to think that there are only one person in the world. But now my husband is in my house, today I am going to tell you his misdeeds and you will not be surprised to hear about his misdeeds. For many days you will remember this story of mine and you will say that there is such a husband. The one who gets his wife to have sex with his driver and servant and he enjoys sitting on the chair and comments and comments. Today I am going to write my own story on nonveg, I hope you will like this story of mine. My name is Saloni, I am 28 years old beautiful woman, yet I have not had any child. My husband has his own business and earns a lot of money. There is no shortage of anything in the house, the car, the bungalow, the servant, the driver are all there. But my husband has a very dirty habit, he also shares his things with others. Their vehicles are taken by their friends. Sitting with him, his loved ones drink liquor worth thousands of rupees. Someone else fucks his wife. Think for yourself how would you feel when there is a person in this situation. You try to feel my problems, let’s come directly to the story without wasting time. When I came to my in-laws house after getting married, there was no shortage of anything, I had everything, but After a few days, a deficiency started to appear. The drawback was that my husband is not interested in women. He never let me get close to him. He doesn’t love my body, he doesn’t love my body, he never kisses me, he never has sex with me, he never sits on my lap. The reason for this is that he has no interest in women, he is a gay man. He is interested in men because many times I see that when I go with him, he is happy to see men and keeps away from women. One day we had a lot of fight, he also told me everything and I also told him everything. Everything has been said. I even said that if you have brought me in marriage and you have problem in sleeping with me, then you have problem in having sex with me. Either you leave me, or bring some man or boy to satisfy the hunger of my body. And if you don’t do it, I will do it myself. Friends, I am telling the truth, I had no wrong feelings in my mind, I just said to scare her so that she could have sex with me. By the evening, I was under a lot of stress. Because I had said the wrong thing to my husband. Because of this, I was feeling very guilty. Then my husband’s call came, he talked to me very lovingly on the phone. He also brought a diamond ring for me. I could not understand that today there is neither Karva Chauth nor Teej, yet why is my husband giving me a gift, even my birthday had just passed. I was surprised that why he has brought me such expensive gifts, whereas today there was such a fierce fight and in this fight, I don’t know, I even insulted him. Everything changed at 10:00 in the night. He said that today you told me one thing that I should arrange a man or a boy for you so that he can make you happy in sex. I said no, no, those are old things, I made a big mistake, today I cried a lot all day, I should not have said this to you, I said this because of my emotions, today I am regretting saying this. He said no no you don’t need to say sorry, you haven’t even said anything wrong, you have said absolutely right whatever you have said. It is my fault that I am not able to please such a beautiful hot and young wife. So today I want to tell you clearly that look I am not much interested in women. Seeing women has never made me want to have sex. Sometimes if I have done something to you just to make you happy. But you also know that it cannot last for long, that is why I am telling you this today. That I might not be able to make you happy. But yes, I have selected two people for you, who will make you happy, that too in front of me. And he is no one else, one is my Nepali servant and the other is Ram Singh, my driver. Then he took out the phone and called Ramsingh and Nepali. Ram Singh and Nepali both said that sir, I am coming in 10 minutes and they came in 10 minutes. wear. My husband had already explained to both of them that you remember to make Mem sahib happy in front of me. The process of illegitimate relationship started from here, the husband handed over his driver and the servant. My husband had taken a bottle of wine and handed it over in front of the bed, he sat there and kept drinking it. Job driver both opened their clothes first then both of them together opened my clothes. And all this was happening on the orders of my husband, but in the morning, after drinking alcohol, they were commenting that now you remove the discussion of Mem Sahib, now you open the hook of the bra. When I became completely naked, both of them started roaming my body, both of them had brought Jasmine oil. Both started massaging my whole body with Jasmine. Varun and I started feeling lighter, both of them were erect and water started coming out of my pussy. Now all three were burning with lust and nothing will happen until the commentator says something. Husband said, Nepali, you lick Mem Saheb’s pussy, and Ram Singh, you take out your cock and put it in Mem Saheb’s mouth. Both of them did the same. Ram Singh’s thick long land went into my mouth and started licking pussy in Nepali. My husband was commenting sitting there, lick it well, put the land in your mouth. Both of them started tearing my body. Both of them touched my big tits. Today for the first time I was feeling so happy because till date no one had ever done such a thing to tease my body. When Nepali was licking my pussy, sobs were coming out of my mouth. Ramsingh holding both my hands The nipple was being pressed with his finger. I became so sensual that I cannot tell you that my body was on fire. I wanted to take both of their cocks in my pussy as soon as possible. Husband was doing commentary. Nepali could not resist, he took out his cock and inserted it in my pussy. The height of Nepali was very small but he was very big and fat too. He was thrusting his cock into my pussy and I was also enjoying by lifting my ass. Ramsingh started sucking my lips and kissing my neck. Started kissing my cheek, he even bit my cheek. The teats were so concerned that my teats turned red. My nipples turned red. Ram Singh was not leaving my lips, he was being sucked. And Nepali was fucking me from below. Then Nepali came up put his cock in my mouth and started rubbing my tits. Till when Ramsingh took out his fat cock and put it in my pussy again. He decided by holding both the legs with both his hands and in the middle he started fucking me with a force. By making me sit, by lifting me like a mare, by making me a bitch, fuck me a lot. Ram Singh’s cock was very thick and long, he had a little smaller cock of Nepali, but earlier I found Nepali’s cock very thick. When Ram Singh’s land started coming and going in the pussy, I could feel it inside. The stout body and amazing stamina of both of them was not getting tired while fucking. As loudly as he was pushing the cocks in and out. It looked like an electric machine. And seeing all this, my husband was very happy. He drank the whole bottle and got intoxicated. Now he started telling me, darling, I have brought 2-2 fuckers for you. Now enjoy yourself everyday, now don’t ever give me a chance to complain that I didn’t do anything for you. If I can’t fuck you then these two will fuck you. He said loudly, will you both keep making my wife happy, won’t you? In both of them said yes sir. And loudly both of them started fucking me in turn. Pain had started in my legs, pain had started in my thigh, my back had started breaking, both of them fucked me so much. But I was feeling very good today I was very happy as I wanted to fuck today I was getting Ram Singh and Nepali tore my pussy. Slept with Everyday I do not feel good to sleep with other man but yes I decided that on Saturday these two will come and fuck me. Now I have started drinking alcohol too much and have a lot of fun on Saturdays. Soon I am going to write another story on non-veg till then thank you for your support.

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