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Raksha Bandhan Sex Story, Rakshabandhan Sex Story, Raksha Bandhan Sex Story, Bhai Bahan Sex, Rakhi Sex Kahani: My Harish Bhaiya gifted a nine inch cock this Raksha Bandhan. Today I am going to tell you the sex story of my Rakhi. From this story I will tell you how my brother fucks me with his sister. I will tell you one thing what and how all this happened. This is my first non-veg story but I have read many stories on this website so today I also felt that I should share my sex story with all of you sex story readers. I also enjoy reading your story, so today I will also tell you my story. At first I felt that I should not share this thing with anyone else because it is a matter of domestic violence and it is about brother-sister brother-sex relationship. Earlier, I was also thinking that maybe I did this wrong too, but when I read the stories on this website, I felt that I am not the only one who has sex with brother and also read the stories of many other girls. Then I felt that I should also share my sex story. So take it spot on, my sex story. My name is Palak. I work in a bank. I’m still a virgin I am not married, I live on rent only. In a city of Uttar Pradesh, I will not tell the name of this city. And my brother works in a company in Noida and both parents live in Kanpur. Last time when I was in bank training, I could not tie Rakhi, so my brother was angry with me. So this time I thought why not go and surprise my brother myself. And I myself went to tie Rakhi on the day of Raksha Bandhan. My brother lives alone in Noida. When I went to his flat, he was stunned and happy. And he hugged me and from there his intentions got spoiled. Because when my big and tight boobs were tight in her body, she lost her senses. Because repeatedly he used to stare at my ass and sometimes he used to stare at my tits. Because I had lost a lot here in one year. My organs had become young and blossomed. So anyone can go crazy after seeing my beauty and if he sees my boobs, if he sees my ass, he will surely sleep after fisting. I had become like this. On the day of Rakhi, she had reached in the morning, so after taking bath and worshiping, she got ready to tie the rakhi, my brother was also ready to tie the rakhi. I tied Rakhi to her with great love. When I asked him for my gift, he immediately took out five thousand and put it in my hand and said that I also want a gift from you. I said yes, say yes, I also earn, I will also give gifts. He said, I will ask in the night. I said ok too. I thought he would ask for something but I did not know that he is asking for my pussy. As soon as the evening came, his style of looking and staring changed. In the evening, food was ordered from outside and a bottle of beer too. He also drinks beer and I also drink sometimes. He brought four bottles. We both sat down around eight o’clock in the evening. While drinking beer, both of us were telling each other about our past that his heartbeat increased and he used to stare at me again and again and tried to say something but he would again take a sip of beer. I was starting to understand little by little because he was repeatedly staring at my private part and grinding his teeth, I understood that he needed something else. That’s why he said sister, you had promised that you will give me a gift in the morning, you will not refuse, then the time has come. I said go ahead and ask whatever you want. He immediately said I want to kiss, I said just take a kiss. He immediately came close to me, I put my cheek forward. Kissed her on the cheek and then started moving towards my lips. I said what are you doing. Do you know who kisses on the lips? My brother said, I already knew that you will not give me a gift. I said ok take it. As soon as he said this, he put his lips on mine and started sucking my pink lips. I clenched my fist and remained calm for some time, but soon I too broke down. I immediately grabbed her hair and started sucking her lips hard. We both locked each other’s lips. And then they put their tongues in each other’s mouths and started kissing. I slipped in his love because his big cock spread his tentacles. And his hands came to both my nipples. He was pressing slowly, due to which my whole body started stirring and shivering. I was mad. I forgot that he is my brother. She made me lie down and climbed on top of me. Sometimes he would press my nipples, sometimes he would caress my thigh, sometimes he would play with my hair and sometimes he would kiss my neck. When he started taking off my clothes, I refused. She said you are my brother not my husband. How can I let this happen? He said nothing will happen, it happens nowadays. No big deal brother can also fuck his sister. I understood that today he will leave me behind. He took off his clothes. I went crazy seeing his thick cock and the desire to have it awakened. I could not stop myself and immediately started licking his thick cock in my mouth. Now slowly I took off my clothes and lay down. Means I was ready to have sex with my real brother. I separated my legs, he looked at my pussy first, then started licking it, hot water started coming out of my pussy and he started licking my mouth, sexy voice started coming out. I started going crazy. He was bringing me as if I have come to heaven. I was shivering all over my body and my throat was getting dry. He drove me crazy for about ten minutes. Sometimes he would lick the ass, sometimes the pussy and with both his hands he would rub my nipples with two or two fingers, which made me go crazy even more. Then he put his cock on my pussy. My pussy was already wet. He put cock on pussy piercing, about nine inch cock gave a jerk then it was halved. I started moaning in pain. I said take out my pussy burst but he did not accept mine. Masala sucked my lips and pushed hard again and this time his thick nine inch cock entered inside my pussy. Now he started pushing hard and I also raised my ass and started pushing slowly. Ohhhhhhh what can I tell friends, she was in heaven. Slowly moving her ass round and round and inserting her cock and then she thrusts hard in between. It was fun. For about an hour he fucked me upside down. When I reached, she also dropped all her material in my pussy. Friends, what should I tell, both of us slept in such a way that we did not even know when we fell asleep. When I woke up after about two hours, I realized that my pussy was swollen. And light blood was also coming out of my pussy. I woke him up and showed him my pussy, he forgot my pain and started shaking his cock again and again fucked me. When I woke up in the morning, both of them bathed together naked. He also fucked me while I was taking a bath. Three remained till three and in three days he destroyed my pussy. I had marks all over my body from his teeth and from his kisses. There was pain in my nipples, there was a lot of pain in both my legs. Pussy swollen. But the feeling was amazing. Now I am back in my city. My brother is calling me. I’m looking forward to going too. I am soon going to write my second story on this website i.e.

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