The Farewell Sex Party

First let me thank you for reading my one of the latest hot stories. This story is about the farewell sex party. Barun walks through the gate of the apartment society and goes towards the watchman’s room. Through a glass window he signs on a fat register, writing his name and the apartment he is going to visit, that is the rented apartment of Ria and Priyanka. Once he completes all security formality the watchman takes back the register and smiles at Barun. However, as Barun starts towards the elevator, the watchman gives him a key and says that this is the key of the apartment and Ria has instructed him to give it to Barun.

For a moment Barun stands their thinking what does this mean, because Ria called him to come today and Barun took it for granted that she will be all alone at home. After a few moments he decides that Ria must be out for some reason and will be back soon and meanwhile she wants Barun to enter the apartment and wait. Barun enters the elevator and push the button for 7th floor.

For the last four months Barun is living a peculiar life. After their encounter in which Priyanka blackmailed him to fuck her and eventually got fucked twice, there were four more occasions when they indulged into sex but every time Priyanka visited his hotel at Bangalore and never called Barun to their apartment. On the other hand, it was always their apartment for rendezvous of Barun and Ria. Barun spent some nights also in that apartment while Priyanka was away from Bangalore. So, Barun had his hands (or, should we say some other organ?) full whenever he has visited Bangalore during last four months.

However, sex with these two ladies have been entirely different for Barun. Just like the first day, sex with Priyanka is always carnal, as if two animals are indulged in mindless fucking and only stop when both are spent entirely. Priyanka is never satiated till Barun fucks her in all possible way. She has also talked about anal sex but they couldn’t indulge into that as Barun has a very thick cock and Priyanka couldn’t gather enough courage to take that up her arse.

On the other hand, Sex with Ria is always very soft, tender affair starting with lots of foreplay and gradually reaching the crescendo and finally leaving both of them fully satisfied. In fact, they enjoy the afterglow of the sex, lying in each other’s embrace as much as they enjoy the act itself. Sex with Ria to Barun is almost like sex with his wife Mou, always feeling both his emotional and physical desire.

Before he could gather his thoughts properly, Barun finds the elevator stationed at the 7th floor and the door is opening. He steps out and walks towards the apartment of Ria and Priyanka to find it locked, as expected. Barun puts the key in the hole and turns. With a satisfactory click the lock opens and Barun steps into the dark sitting room closing the door behind. He reaches for the switch to put on the lights but stops in his way. A stream of light is coming through the half-closed door of a bedroom and Barun could hear faint sounds from the room as well.

Immediately, all his senses got alert and he start walking towards that door in soft steps, without making any sound. Whatever erotic thought he had in his mind while entering the apartment evaporated by now. Instead, Barun is thinking about what can be the source of that light and muffled sounds coming out of the bedroom while the apartment was locked. Naturally, Burglary is at the top of that list of thoughts and he gets ready to catch the thief red handed. Reaching the door, silently he peeps inside the well-lit room and what he sees inside freezes him on his feet then and there.

Barun could see the balloon like buttocks of a woman, stark naked, facing the door. The ass is jacked up in the air and there is a head, that of another woman between the shapely thighs. Barun took a few minutes to ascertain the whole situation and when he does, to his utter surprise he could find that the head is that of Ria whose mouth is dipped inside the crotch of the other woman and muffled sound of moaning along with slurping is coming out from there. Barun kept on watching as the bubble butts start swaying a little which made part of the hairless pussy visible to him and he could also see Ria’s tongue and lips working hard in the slit. Barun stood there stunned as electrified though he could easily guess who the other woman is.

For a few minutes Barun stood there, transfixed at the scene playing before him, without thinking anything clearly. His head feeling empty, unable to stagger his thoughts as he can’t comprehend this exhibition of lesbian sex between Ria and Priyanka. He himself has indulged in unabashed, carnal sex with these two ladies but could never imagine, let aside understand that they are bi sexual. But, looking at the gusto with which they are enjoying the oral sex, he could understand that they are quite habituated in pleasing each other.

Barun comes back to reality with a jolt, seeing that the tempo of the sexual act before him has increased by now. While Ria has started almost fucking Priyanka’s pussy using her tongue as a little penis, her fingers have also joined in rubbing the pussy. On the other hand, Priyanka is also putting serious effort as is evident from her slurping sound and moaning and changing contour of Ria’s face. And most surprisingly, Barun discovers that he is having a raging hard on and unknowingly he has started massaging it from outside.

While massaging his hard on, Barun unintentionally push the door and it opens with a soft sound. But, that was enough to attract Ria’s attention who turns her head to look at the door and smiles widely as soon as Barun catches her gaze. By waving one finger, she calls Barun to come close and as he comes close, Ria holds his cock tightly from outside of his trousers while her mouth returns to Priyanka’s pussy. Barun keeps on watching this scene which he never thought could exist.

Ria’s fingers gradually go towards the button of Barun’s trousers as she tries to open it. Barun is still so stunned that he only watches without doing anything. After a few futile attempt Ria looks at Barun, leaving Priyanka’s pussy and says in a low hissing tone,”pant ta khule tomar bara ta ber koro na!” (“open your trousers and take your cock out”). Barun hastily comply by pushing his trousers and undy down while his 6″ extra thick cock springs out. Next minute, Priyanka takes that in her mouth and two of his fingers take her mouth’s place inside Priyanka’s pussy. From the next second she starts licking and sucking the cockhead while finger fucking Priyanka’s already slick pussy.

With the help of her lips Ria push the foreskin back and takes the large mushroom head into her salivating mouth. Within a second Barun feels her tongue swirling around the helmet while her lips make a tight O around his shaft and starts sucking hard. And then, when Ria starts to rub the tip of her tongue along the ridge, Barun can’t do anything but to stand still and enjoy the unbearable pleasure while watching Ria finger fucking Priyanka’s slick pussy which by now is oozing wetness.

After a few minutes, once Priyanka’s moans become grunts, Ria takes her finger out from her pussy and takes Barun’s cock out of her mouth. The cockhead by now, has grown into a gigantic purple mushroom slick with saliva. As soon as she does that, Priyanka hisses out,” chharli keno? Chod amaar gud ta ke. Bhalo kore chod” (“Why have you left my pussy? Fuck it hard”).

Ria replies in low, deep voice with a smile, “ektu dara na, toke ram chodon dichchhi”(“Just wait for a moment, bitch. You would get fuck of your life time”). Then holding Barun’s hard cock she pulls it towards Priyanka’s pussy.

Barun takes a step forward and stands putting his legs wide apart, in a manner that Ria’s head is between his two thighs, his cockhead touches Priyanka’s pussy lips and his balls are hanging just above Ria’s face. Holding his hard cock Ria starts rubbing the head between Priyanka’s pussylips. Within a second Priyanka could realise this change in her pussy and turns her head to see what’s going on. But, before she could do that, Barun pushed hard and deep. Notwithstanding initial resistance, his thick cock goes inside the dripping wet pussy. Another hard push and Barun is balls deep inside Priyanka’s pussy.

A loud “Ahhhh” comes out from Priyanka as her torso tries to spring up off Ria’s lower body but Barun catches the back of his throat and push her back, face down. At the same time, he starts fucking her in slow, long, deep thrusts, going deeper with each thrust.

Ria quips, “kire Priyanka, tor gud bhorechhe”? (“Hi Priyanka, got enough in your pussy?”).

Priyanka replies in muffled voice, “Uff Barunda, tomar bara ta ki darun!! Amar gud ta mone holo chhire dile” (“Oh Barunda, your cock is awesome. It has torn my pussy apart”).

As Barun keeps on fucking Priyanka’s pussy, her moan becomes grunt. In between some illegible words are coming out from her mouth as, “chodo, chodo Barun da” (“Fuck me harder, Barun da”). Slowly Barun starts massaging her back while increasing his speed gradually. Suddenly he feels Ria’s warm tongue on her gyrating balls. Ria is licking his balls and the area between the base of the penis and his anus. Intermittently, she is taking the balls in her mouth and sucking them softly. The fiery hot pussy with silky smooth wall around his penis and warm wet tongue around the perineum area drives Barun crazy and he starts feeling lightheaded as his cock becomes hard like an iron rod.

However, within a minute Priyanka’s grunts become shrill cry and Barun feels her hot, wet silky muscles are contracting and relaxing, giving his cock a wonderful massage. Licking and sucking of her pussy by Ria for so long already made her super horny and a few strokes by Barun’s thick cock has reached her to the crescendo. Priyanka’s cry becomes louder and with a long, hard “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh” she falls on Ria’s crotch while Barun pushes hard till the end, keeps his rod tightly buried inside her and Ria starts licking the juice oozing from the plugged pussy of Priyanka.

After staying there for a few minutes, as Barun pulls back, with a plop sound the rockhard cock comes out from the pussy and a stream of pussy juice follows it. Ria lapped up most of it by her tongue but a copious amount flows down her cheeks and Priyanka’s inner thigh.

As Barun stands with his cock erect like a flagpole, glistening in Priyanka’s juice, Priyanka turns over and facing Barun, says” sotyi Barun da, tomar moto kore amake chudte aaj porjonto keu pare ni. Tomar oi mota bara ta amaar guder sobkota kon porjonto chhuye esechhe. Erokom aram ami kokhono karor kachh theke pai ni” (“Really Barun da, nobody could ever fuck me the way you have done it. That monster of yours actually touched all the nook and corners of my pussy. I have never experienced anything like it”).

Barun keeps on looking at this slut who is by now rubbing her pussy slit with her index finger and more juice oozes from the slit. The slutty smile added to that makes the whole scene extremely erotic. Barun once again stands there quietly as his mind searches for appropriate words. But, he couldn’t continue to think for long as Ria wrapped him in her arms and in the process Barun turns to face Ria who is already flushed and her shapely boobs are heaving. Before any word was transpired between them, Ria pulls his head and start kissing hard.

Barun was taken aback for a moment at the sudden lead taken by Ria which normally she doesn’t take. But, within a minute he also started kissing her back, sucking her lips as their tongue mingles inside her mouth giving them the taste of each other’s saliva. Barun’s hands meanwhile got busy in rubbing her back and sides, as Ria wraps him tightly in her arms. Barun could feel Ria’s boobs getting crushed between them with the hard nipples poking on her chest while Ria could feel his rock-hard cock grazing on her belly making wet lines.

Barun goes to Ria’s neck leaving her mouth and starts kissing and biting there. Ria sounds her approval with low moans and her nails dig deep on Barun’s back. As Barun’s bites on her neck become harder, his hands try to get between their bodies to grab her boobs. But, they are pressed to each other so tightly that Barun couldn’t succeed. Instead he kisses his way down to her boobs, bending his upper body and pushing Ria with his hands. As soon as he could reach her boobs, he starts to suck and bite her already taught nipples.

Ria responds in a hissing tone, “chosho Barunda, amar mai gulo aaro jore chosho. Kamrao, amar bota gulo jore kamrao”(“Suck my boobs hard Barun da, Bite my nipples hard”), which makes Barun even more aroused and he goes all out for the boobs. However, as her grip on Barun’s body loosens, Ria also lose her balance and falls on her back, on the bed with her legs dangling in the air. Barun falls on her and straight goes for the boobs. He starts his signature licking of her areolas in circles and rolling the other nipple between his fingers, constantly interchanging between the boobs.

Next, Barun starts pulling the nipples simultaneously, one by his teeth and the other by his fingers. He suddenly comes back to reality at the hissing sound from Ria, “Ki korchho Barun da, amar mai gulo ki chhire nebe?”( What are you doing Barun da, my boobs will be torn apart)” Without uttering a single word Barun leaves her boobs and starts his downward journey by kissing and licking Ria’s chest and then tummy and his hands take charge of her boobs, squeezing and mauling them which increases the moaning of Ria.

As Barun reaches her pussy, a musky scent welcomes him. He kisses on the swollen lips and then parts the tightly closed lips with his fingers. A wet, pink interior comes into view with a hard, swollen clit sitting like the jewel in the crown. “Oh Ria, tor ei porishkar kore kamano gud ta je ki darun lage na amaar …” (“Oh Ria, how I love this squeaky-clean pussy of yours”), says Barun in a tone almost unknown to himself.

“Khao Barun da, amaar gud ta khao” (Eat my pussy, Barun da), replies Ria as she puts her legs up and parts them wide giving Barun an easy access to her fuck hole.

As Barun dives into Ria’s pussy and starts licking along the slit, suddenly he feels something on his half hard cock. Looking under, he could see Priyanka sitting between his legs, is licking his cockhead. As their eyes meet, Priyanka winks and with her hand she pushes the foreskin back and starts swirling her tongue along the ridge of Barun’s cock. Exhaling audibly, Barun goes for Ria’s clit and starts licking it in circles, pushing it with his tongue and pressing it between his lips.

As Priyanka starts sucking Barun’s cock and massaging his balls in her hand, Barun inserts two fingers in Ria’s pussy and starts finger fucking her while continue to lick, press and suck her clit with his tongue. Ria starts squirming like a fish out of water and Barun makes a cork screw with his fingers and start going in and out like a cork screw opener, all the time keeping the swollen clit between his lips and licking the tip. In no time Ria’s moan becomes grunt and Barun starts exhaling like a steam engine.

Priyanka is drawing slow, long lines on the soft skin between Barun’s testicles and his anal sphincter, with her long nails while she sucks and swirls her experienced tongue on the swollen cockhead. Meanwhile, Barun has taken his fingers off and now busy in licking Ria’s pussy royally, starting at the bottom end close to the anus, going up slowly, lapping her wetness, darting his tongue inside the pussy occasionally and finally ending at the clit once again giving the hard knob a hard suck. Both Barun and Priyanka keep on repeating their ordeal diligently and this continues for some time. Barun can feel his cock aching as if it will burst any time.

“Barun da, ami aar parchhi na, please amake chodo. Tomaar oi mota bara ta amar gude dhukiye chude chude otake chhire felo. Please Barun da tomar bara ta dao” (Please Barunda, fuck my brain out by inserting your monster cock in my pussy. Please Barun da, Please), pleads Ria in an illegible voice as her torso makes a “S” on the bed. By now, Priyanka is rolling the rockhard cock between her palms while swirling her tongue around the large purple helmet so softly that Barun remains at the top of her ecstasy but don’t ejaculate. Giving a long, hard lick Barun leaves Ria’s pussy and stand up. So does Priyanka from her sitting position and stand beside Barun as he puts his cockhead between Ria’s pussy lips and makes it slick with her juice.

Then without any word, Barun pushes and pushes hard. The dripping wet and slick pussy makes the insertion silky smooth except the large head which pushes apart the tight pussy muscle and Ria feels as if a thick, hard iron rod is being inserted into her. She groans … “Hmmmm” …. “Hmmm” as Barun pushes hard. Once almost two third of the cock’s length goes in, Barun stops for a few moments, keeping his cock firmly in her pussy allowing Ria to get used to his girth. Then Barun pulls his cock out as Ria groans, “Bara ta ber kore nichchho keno Barun da, aaro ektu rakho amaar guder modhye”(“Why are you taking your cock out Barunda? Please keep it inside my pussy”)

Barun pulls his cock till only the helmet remains inside and after waiting for a few seconds Barun push again. This time it is harder, faster and deeper. An “Ahhhhhhhh” from his voice box confirms that the cock is fully buried inside Ria’s pussy. Confirmation from Ria comes in the form of a loud guttural shout as their pubic bones meet each other. Barun again stops for a while and then starts fucking Ria in long, Hard, deep strokes ….. going deeper with each stroke. Gradually he increases the speed and force and Ria expresses her appreciation by some loud moan which eventually changes into unclear blabbering “chodo, chodo, amake chodo Barun da.tomar oi shokto bara ta diye amar guder sobkota kon chude dao”( fuck, fuck fuck me Barunda, fuck all the corners of my pussy by your hard and thick cock”)

Barun keeps on fucking Ria and bending forward he starts kissing her while his fingers get busy again with her taught nipple. Barun rolls the nipples between his fingers, squeezes them hard, tugs them up. Ria’s talks become more illegible as her entire body gets slammed on the bed helplessly. Barun increases his pace and now fucking Ria in a frenzy. Ria also is approaching her orgasm as her pussy muscles start to contract, crushing Barun’s cock as Barun enjoys the entire thing.

Suddenly, Barun feels a wet fingertip rimming his asshole. Bending backward he can see Priyanka smiling at him with her finger rimming his sphincter while extending her face for a kiss. Barun gets up from Ria and obliges immediately, goes for a kiss and they indulge in a long, hard kiss while Barun’s hard cock remains firmly buried in Ria’s pussy. The pressure of Priyanka’s finger gradually increases and suddenly she inserts one finger in Barun’s asshole and start fucking his ass.

A carnal “Ahh” leaves Barun’s mouth as he starts his fucking once again, in top gear. Pulling out almost entire cock and pushing it hard and fast the next moment. Ria’s dripping wet pussy makes the entire process silky smooth and a squishing sound alongwith the musky scent of sex feels the air. Ria meanwhile is trying to shout but through her widely opened mouth she can’t make any sound other than low grunts. Her eyeballs roll over and she looks like a giant fish out of water.

Suddenly Barun hears Priyanka hissing in his ear, “Barun da, chude Riar gud fatiye dao, or bodh hoy 6-7 bar orgasm hoye geche, ebaar tomaar maal ber korar somoy hoe esechhe. Ami tomaar pnode angli kore dichchhi aar tomar pithe amaar maai ghoshchhi, dekhbe ekhuni maal beriye jaabe” (Barun da, Fuck Ria hard and fast. She has already got 6 or 7 orgasms and it is time now for you to cum. Let me finger your asshole and rub my boobs on your back so that you’d enjoy cumming hard”). Though Barun has heard the dirty, almost slutty talk from this woman earlier also, once again he got stunned. Just like she said, Priyanka puts her body on Barun’s back and start rubbing her melons with their hard nipples while her finger keeps on fucking his asshole.

Barun almost falls on Ria and straightway goes for her nipples. Taking one in his mouth, he strats sucking and biting them. Ria could only utter “Ahhh … Ahhh …. Ahh” before Barun feels that hot cum starts journey from his balls towards the penis. He makes two hard and deep strokes before pushing his cock to the hilt and keep it there. Ria’s pussy muscles massage his cock beautifully as he feels first spurt of his hot, thick cum erupts in her pussy like a bullet and a few more follow. Next moment Priyanka falls on him completely and Barun falls on Ria who wraps her legs around both of them taking the cock entirely inside.

As both Barun and Ria shakes uncontrollably in a thunderous orgasm, Priyanka keeps on rubbing her boobs on Barun’s back and screwing his asshole. Barun digs his face in Ria’s neck and kiss continuously while Ria could only make some illegible sounds. As they slowly come down from their ecstasy, Barun kisses Ria hard on her lips and look at her eyes which is full of love, almost welling up. Barun smiles but enjoys the sandwich massage he is getting from these two well-endowed ladies.

First one to move is Ria who unlocks her legs and brings them down from the position where they were pointing skyward and her body was almost folded in half. Next to get up is Priyanka and then Barun. Before leaving her chest Barun plants two kisses on Ria’s boobs as she smiles. As Barun stands erect on the ground, his semi hard cock comes out with a plop sound from Ria’s pussy. Immediately a thin stream of their mixed juice comes out of her slit and flows into the inner thighs. To his utter surprise, Barun watches as Priyanka promptly kneels down and starts licking the juice from Ria’s inner thigh. The entire scene looks so erotic that Barun can’t take his eyes off as Priyanka extends her tongue to Ria’s swollen pussy and licks it thoroughly. She completes her ordeal by making a long slurp between the lips and winking at Barun. Ria voices her appreciation with a loud moan.

Turning to Barun Priyanka says, “aare, Barundar bara ta o poriskar kora dorkar to. Eso tomar bara ta chushe porishkar kore di”(Ohh, Barunda’s cock needs a cleansing too. Come, let me suck it clean”). And, promptly she takes the half hard cock in her hand and pushing the foreskin back, starts to lick and suck it. Gradually, she takes the entire cock in her mouth and start sucking hard while massaging his balls softly. After some time Barun feels his cock stirring once again. But, Ria intervenes, “ekhon char Priyanka. Onek somoy aachhe. Barun da ke ektu bisram nite de, taarpor abaar suru kora jaabe”(Leave it for now Priyanka. Let Barun da rest for some time, we have enough time to start afresh”).

As Priyanka leaves his penis and stands up Barun and Ria sits at the edge of the bed. Looking at Barun, Ria starts in a naughty tone, “Barunda khub chomke gechho, na?” ( “I know you are terribly shoked, Barunda”). Barun prefers to keep mumb as Priyanka joins with her signature giggles. “aasole tomar bara to pai dumashe ekbaar ba borojor maashe ekbaar. Tate ki khide mete, bolo? Thik tokhon e Priyanka amake ei swad dilo. Or angul aar dildo diye tomaar barar obhab metai. Tobe tate ki aar tomaar barar obhab mete? Kintu oi aar ki. Tobe Priyanka eisob byapare ekdom jhanu maal. Seta oboshyo tumi o bujhechho.” ( “Actually Barunda, after you introduced me to sex I always wanted to have your cock, but I get it only once in two months or maximum once a month. How can I be satisfied with that? At that time Priyanka introduced me to this lesbian sex. She is a naughty yet accomplished woman, and I know that you know that already”) Ria completes with a wink and Priyanka’s giggling increases.

“Darao, ektu coffee kore aani. Tobe Barun da, tumi kintu kitchene ese amake abaar lagate jeo na. Ami ei ghore fire ele tinjone onek chodachudi korbo” (Let me bring coffee for us. But Barunda, don’t come to the kitchen and fuck me. After I return, we would have lots of sex here only”), says Priyanka laughingly as she walks towards the kitchen.

“aami just bhabte parchhi na je tui amake erokom ekta threesome er modhye niye esechhish. Amaar ekhono bhison obaak laagchhe.”(Even now I just can’t comprehend you have called me for a threesome”), says Barun as he looks at Ria with a smiling face. “ebar bolo, tumi amake eka pele beshi bhalo lagto naki dujonke eksonge chudte beshi bhalo lagchhe?” (Now tell me, do you like to fuck both of us together, more than fucking me alone?”), says Ria in the same tone with a naughty smile pasted on her face. Barun decides to play along and teasingly says, “tor songe eka chodachudi korte bhalo laage to botei, kintu dujonke eksonge paowar mojai alada (“Sex with you is definitely great but fucking both of you together is something great”).

Ria makes her face as if she is annoyed but ultimately laughs out and says, “Asole Priyanka biye kore bideshe chole jachche. Aar next month e amaar o transfer hoye jachchhe Kolkata te. Tai bolte paro eta amader parting fuck party. Priyankar etai tomar songe sesh baar dekha bole eta ke ekta special kichhu korte cheyechhilam” (Actually, Priyanka is getting married and going to settle in a foreign country. I will also get transferred to Kolkata next month. So, it is a kind of farewell party, or rather you can call it a parting fuck party. And, as This is the last time Priyanka is meeting you, I wanted to make it special”).

Barun jovially asks, “Party te ki khali sex e aachhe naki khabar dabarer byabosthao aachhe?” (“Have you arranged for sex only or there are arrangements for food also”). “duto meye ke khaowar pore o aro khabar chai?” (Do you need more food after having two women?”), pat came reply from Ria.

Before Barun could respond, he hears, “Aajke Barun da ke ekta special jinish debo, amaader sesh sakkhat ta sara jibon mone thakbe” (“Today I will serve Barunda something special so that he will ever remember our last session”). Turning right he could see Priyanka who has come with coffee now.

Three of them continue to chat while sipping coffee from their respective mugs, about many things like Priyanka’s wedding, Ria’s relocation and Barun’s family. Barun felt weird, sitting and chatting with two young women, completely naked. However, all three of them agreed that the sex they have enjoyed for last year and half is the best one can ever get. While Barun told that his sex life with Mou has improved drastically as he can now try many new things and can fuck Mou for longer, even twice in the same night, Priyanka told that her sex life with her boyfriend Debasish has also improved as she has taught him about oral sex which she learnt from Barun.

As Barun empties the mug, he can feel Priyanka’s mouth planting small kisses on his inner thighs. He didn’t notice when Priyanka has gone down and sat on the floor between his legs. Once he puts the mug aside and looks at Priyanka she gives that signature slutty smile and lick her own lips slowly before going down to his inner thighs, planting kisses and soft bites, going up towards the crotch. Before Barun could take his eyes off Priyanka, he felt something light on his chest and something heavy on his tummy. Looking there he finds Ria has started licking his nipples in circles while her ample boobs are resting on his tummy.

Gradually, Ria pushes him on the divan they were sitting on and start sucking his nipples harder, biting them softly. By now, Priyanka has reached his cock and started massaging it lightly while licking the head as if she is enjoying an ice cream. Very fast, Barun’s cock responds to the treatment and starts to wake up while he lies down on his back with his legs dangling out of the divan. Next, Ria seats on Barun’s tummy putting her legs on both side of his torso, bends forward and continue to lick, suck and bite his nipples. Barun sounds his appreciation.

On the other side Priyanka starts to suck Barun’s balls softly, taking them inside her mouth and swirling her tongue around them while softly making lines on the hardening shaft with her long nails as it grows harder and thicker with veins bulging out. After a minute Priyanka leaves the balls and start licking the shaft sideways, feeling each crease, each vein till she reaches the ridge. Reaching there, she starts licking along the ridge by turning her tongue, but not taking the cockhead inside her mouth. Her tongue is making round after round along the ridge and Barun feels his cock becoming an iron rod.

But, Barun can’t think about his cock for long as by now Ria has spread herself on Barun and giving him a wonderful body to body massage while kissing him passionately. Barun feels her soft yet firm boobs crushing on his chest while her leaking pussy making wet lines on his tummy. Their mouths meanwhile are engaged in a seemingly never-ending kiss. Slowly, Barun brings his hands between them and start fondling the boobs, ever so softly as if caressing. Ria looks into his eyes, leaves his mouth and whisper with a smile, “amaar maigulo niye na khelle tomar hoy na, na Barunda?”(You can’t live without playing with my boobs, Barun da”). Barun just smiles as his hands remain busy. His mind travels back from the time he got enamoured at these boobs and subsequently the steamy sexual encounters with Ria and again he felt love for this woman which he never felt for anyone other than his wife Mou.

By now, Priyanka has started sucking his cock taking the head inside her mouth while her tongue swirling around the head. Barun’s cock is almost aching as it has become so hard that he can drive a nail down with it. “Ebar tomra prem kora bondho koro to. Aaj amar farewell e amake chodate dao. Ria tui Barun da ke char, Barun da ekhon abar amake chudbe” (“Please stop your love making. This is my farewell party and let Barun da fuck me again. Leave him, Ria”), blurted Priyanka, as she leaves Barun and stands up.

Hearing Priyanka, Ria smiles and leaves Barun and turning a half circle goes off his body, sits beside him on the divan. As Barun tries to stand up, Priyanka immediately push him on the divan again. Now, putting her one leg at one side of Barun’s body she climbs on the divan. Then putting the other leg on the other side, she slowly brings herself down on the erect cock of Barun. As her wet pussy touches Barun’s cockhead, both of them exhale hard; Priyanka stops for a while and then sits on the cock, pushing it between her pussylips. The thick, hard cock goes into the snatch slowly, parting the pussy to its limit. As it reaches midway, the pussy muscles clamp on it so hard that Barun thought it won’t go any more.

Priyanka stops for a while, then pulls herself up a little as an inch of the shaft comes out. Then, taking a long hard breath, she pushes herself down, this time taking almost the entire length in. Waiting for a minute she repeats the ordeal once again and the entire length of Barun goes inside her slick pussy, stretching it hard. The pleasure mixed with pain brings a long “Ahhhh” out of her mouth. Barun on the other hand feels as if his cock has been drowned in molten butter.

“Uff Barunda, tomar bara ta ja mota na, amaar gud ta mone hochche fete jabe”( “Uff Barun da, your cock is a monster, seems that it will burst my pussy”) says Priyanka while catching her breath. For the first time Barun identifies that Priyanka has a neatly trimmed small triangular bush just above her pussy. Priyanka bends a little and pulls her lower body up. The wet pussy muscles go up the sides of the rockhard cock and then she sits down again. A few repetitions make the movement smoother as more and more juice comes out of the pussy. After a few minutes, Priyanka goes into a steady rhythm of up down dance.

As Barun feels his cockhead is being massaged by some wet silken cloth, he lies down still to allow Priyanka go into her rhythmic fuck. His cock is growing even harder and thicker with the head becoming a gigantic mushroom and each and every fold and corner of her pussy is felt on that head. Barun extends his hand and start playing with Priyanka’s ample boobs, fondling and gently squeezing the melons and feeling the mass in his palm. Priyanka’s moans become louder very fast and then gets converted into grunt as her speed increases.

Barun can feel copious amount of fluid rolling down the length of his shaft making Priyanka’s movement silky smooth and she changes her movement to change the angle of insertion in such a way that her clit gets stretched and also gets rubbed by Barun’s cock. She feels as if a fireball starts taking shape in her pussy and gradually radiates in to her whole body. Barun watches as her contour changes from a pain to happiness going towards ecstasy.

Suddenly, his sight gets blocked and nostrils get filled up with a musky smell. Looking up he can see a wet, cleanly shaven pussy with dark lips and a pink centre is descending on his face. As Ria lowers herself on Barun’s face, Barun can feel that she is also leaking like a faucet. He holds her butts and waist with her hands and dives into the pussy he is enjoying for last one and half years. He puts his lips straight inside her pussy and extends his tongue to go into the wet pussy further, tasting her tangy, salty wetness and licking every corner of her box. Slowly he licks his way to the clit and reaching there he starts licking hard, pushing the hard knob.

Ria expresses her appreciation by loud moans as well as gyrating and pressing her crotch into Barun’s face. While Barun almost gets chocked as his mouth and nose fully go into Ria’s wide pussy, he enjoys with all his senses, the riot thrown by the sum total effect of musky, pungent scent, salty, tangy taste and the sticky wetness on his lips and mouth. He attacks her pussy with renewed vigour and start licking the soft wet muscles, sucking and biting them.

Ria starts shouting, “Khao Barunda, amaar gud ta khao, chushe, kamre chhire felo. Eta tumi je ki bhalo koro na” (“Eat Barunda, eat my pussy. Lickit, suck it, tear it down”). Her erotic shouts, along with smell and taste of her well fucked wet pussy transform Barun into another world where he floats in an erotic reverie. But, his reverie doesn’t last long as he feels Priyanka has already started gyrating her waist vigorously, massaging his stiff cock in the process with her wet, smooth, tightly clasped pussy muscles and sending electric current through his cock.

With both the ladies’ guttural moans going louder and louder, Ria’s leaking pussy on his face and Priyanka’s pussy clutching on to his cock like a silken vice, Barun feels that he is floating in a sea of fire with all his senses running towards a crescendo. Suddenly, Priyanka starts shouting, “Ohh ..ohh …. Ohhh, Barun da tomar bara ta amaar gude purota dhuke gechhe, dekho ota kirokom amaar gud ta ke khure cholechhe. Chodo, chodo, amake aaro chodo”(“Ohh Barunda, just see how your hard cock has gone fully into my pussy and digging it like there is no tomorrow, fuck me more”) and goes in a gyrating motion pressing her crotch hard on Barun. But, before Barun can process what Priyanka has actually said, Ria blurted out, “Ahhhhhhhhhhh ……. Ahhhhhhh” and her pussy convulses and throws out a fresh gush of juices which after gets smeared on his face trickles down on his cheeks.

After that, for a few moments, there is only hollering sounds coming out from the ladies followed by hard breathing from all three and finally the ladies fall beside Barun in a heap. For a long time afterwards, the room is filled with only hard breathing sound and scent of raw sex making the atmosphere heavy. As they come down from their highs, Ria speaks first. “Barun da, aaj amra dujone mile tomake chudlam. Er aage tumi amader chudechho. Kemon enjoy korle bolo? (“Barun da, today two of us have fucked you instead you fucking us. Tell us, how have you enjoyed it?”), while Priyanka joins with her signature giggles.

Before Barun can say anything, Priyanka comes on him and engage herself in a deep, hard, long kiss followed by licking his face. “Jodi o age onek kheyechhi, tomar mukh theke Riar guder swad pete onyo rokom bhalo laage”(Though I have tasted her many times, tasting Ria’s pussy from your mouth feels different”), says Priyanka smilingly as she finishes off.

As three of them sits up, Ria suddenly breaks into laughter and says, “Priyanka dyakh, Barunda r bara ta ekhono ki rokom khara hoye dariye aachhe. Amra dujone anondo peleo Barunda kintu ekhono baki roye gyache. Otar kichhu byabostha korte hobe”. (“Look Priyanka, Barunda’s monster cock is still standing erect as he hasn’t got satisfied although both of us have attained our orgasm. We need to take care of that”). Priyanka looks at the erect cock, which, though a little soft by now is still standing erect, and says, “Ota tui amaar opor chhere de. Ami bolechhi na Barunda ke ami aaj ekta notun jinish debo jeta Barunda sara jibon mone rakhbe. Ekhon seta diyei Barunda r oi mota bara ta ke shanto korbo”(“Leave that to me. As I have told earlier, now I am going to give Barunda something, which he will remember for rest of his life. That will satisfy his monster”).

Before Barun can take his astonished gaze away from Priyanka, now it’s time for Ria to giggle. “Tui ekhon e abaar chodabi? Tor gud to aaj sotyi e fete jabe re” (“You want to be fucked more!! Your pussy will literally burst today”), she adds with giggling. Without saying anything Priyanka stands up, walks towards the bed, puts her hands on the edge and bending forward raises her ass in the air. “Wow, Priyanka pechhon theke chodate chaiche Barunda, jao”(Wow, Priyanka wants to get fucked from the back, Go Barun da”), says Ria in a jovial voice as she advances and sits at the edge of the divan.

As Barun walks and stands behind Priyanka, he once again gets enamoured by the flawless bubble butts. As he enjoys the scene of the balloon like firm orbs before him, he graze his palm lightly on the smooth skin and as his hand goes between Priyanka’s thigh he lightly touch the swollen pussylips by extending his index finger. As soon as he touches the slit, he feels her wetness oozing from it. He pushes her legs apart, and holding his cock puts the head between her gaping lips and starts rubbing the cockhead in the wet pussy muscles., but not going in any further

Suddenly, without any word Priyanka pushes back, hard and fast and Barun’s cock goes in, almost two third length. The free-flowing juice has made the well fucked pussy silky smooth and in a second Barun feels his cock buried in the pussy. Next, he pushes harder and the entire length of cock goes in. “Ahhhhh”, Barun exhales audibly as he starts fucking Ria in slow, long, hard strokes, enjoying his still hardening cock making its way through the wet, tight pussy muscles. Priyanka however, remains absolutely mum.

After a few strokes Barun feels that, following repeated screwing, Priyanka’s pussy has loosened and he can bury the entire length easily. He increases pace and bends forward to hold her boobs from behind. But, as soon as he does so, Priyanka turns around, kisses Barun hard and says, “aare Barunda, amaar gud ta tomaar oi mota bara dhuke dhuke ektu alga hoye gyachhe. Ota mere aar moja pabe na. eso tomake onyo ekta jinish di”(Oh Barun da, my pussy has become loose following relentless fucking by your thick cock, let me offer you something else”)

Before Barun could say anything, Priyanka disengages herself from Barun’s cock which is now dangling like a wet, slick flagpole. Then raising her ass a little more she holds her ass cheeks and pull them apart. Barun could see a piece of dazzling metal at the point where her asshole should have been. The metal piece which is the size of a coin was hidden so far within the tightly closed asscheek and hence Barun couldn’t see it.

While Barun keeps on thinking what it is, Ria comes to his rescue and holding the round metal in one hand pulls it hard. With a loud plop sound something comes off Priyanka’s asshole and now Barun can see the entire thing. It is an oval shaped ball made of shiny steel attached to another piece of metal that is the size of a coin and the solid side was inserted inside Priyanka’s asshole. Before Barun could comprehend what it is, his gaze goes to the asshole which is now gaping at him. The hole has extended so much that his thumb can be easily inserted into it. The shining rim also suggesting that some liquid or gel has been applied into it.

“Ebaar tumi amaar pod marbe, Barun da, Etai tomake amaar parting gift. Er aage koyek baar tomar songe kotha hoyeche pod mara niye kintu kokhono bhoye eta korte pari ni, tomar bara ta ja mota. Aajke sokal theke sei jonye KY jelly lagiye ekta butt plug dhukiye rekhechhilam. dekhecho poder futo ta koto boro hoye gechhe?” (“Now, you will fuck my ass Barun da, this is my parting gift to you. Earlier we have talked about anal sex, but I couldn’t master enough courage as you have got such a thick cock. Since this morning, I have inserted and kept a butt plug with KY Jelly to make the hole bigger, now you can fuck that”), Says Priyanka with giggle as she keeps on pulling her round butts apart to show her asshole.

Barun feels as if he is in a trans. Though he is quite known to the extreme slutty nature of Priyanka, he couldn’t imagine that she will offer her asshole to him. Barun has never seen ass fucking other than in porn movies, leave aside actually doing it. Mou and Ria never asked for it though both of them enjoy his massaging their asshole, neither Barun has wanted it ever. But, now the entire atmosphere, this heady threesome and extreme slutty behaviour of Priyanka make him super horny and he decides to give it a try. Ria meanwhile stands beside Barun and gets busy in aligning his hard cock to the nether hole of Priyanka.

As the cockhead presses against the puckered hole, Priyanka inhales sharply. Barun pushes harder and half of the giant mushroom goes in. Some harder push and a little more goes in. But, Barun stops, seeing how his cockhead has stretched Priyanka’s asshole. Meanwhile Priyanka is trying hard not to shout in pain. “Priyanka, tor sorir ta halka kor, tor poder futo chhoto hoye jachhe”(“Priyanka, relax. Your asshole is contracting”), says Barun as he can see that Priyanka is getting tensed and her entire body is getting taught. Priyanka relaxes her body while taking deep breath and Barun resumes his push again.

Another hard push and almost the entire head goes in but the asshole stretches dangerously. “Barun daaaaaa …….. ufff! Parchhi na” shouts Priyanka as a drop of tear appear at the corner of her eye. Barun stops then and there.

“Chhere de Priyanka, tor bhison byatha lagchhe, bujhte parchhi. Enjoy na korle sex kore labh nei” (“Let us stop here Priyanka. If you don’t enjoy, there’s no point of indulging in any sexual act”) says Barun and immediately Priyanka’s face drops and her body slumps. Suddenly, Barun pushes hard and almost two third of his 6 inches go in. Priyanka shouts a shrill cry and then start panting. Barun stays still with almost the entire length of cock buried in her ass.

As Priyanka’s breath becomes easy, she braces herself by bending down on his hand planted firmly on the bed and her ass gets jutted out more. Barun takes the cue and start to pull out his cock slowly. After pulling out a little he pushes it in again and a whimper from Priyanka testifies that it is still a little painful. But, after a few in and out strokes, the movement becomes easier with the ky jelly that was applied earlier, coming out. Gradually, Priyanka starts enjoying the act and start moaning. Barun on the other hand also starts enjoying the extremely tight hole but moves carefully with very slow and long strokes not to cause Priyanka any pain.

Ria meanwhile standing behind Barun watches the entire episode. Barun’s thick cock going into the dangerously gaped asshole of Priyanka seems to be very erotic to her, though she herself never craved for anal sex. Barun’s well-built, muscular ass and thigh and his dangling scrotum with heavy balls in it also add to her erotic reverie and she stops herself from going there and kissing his butts and balls, but can’t stop her pussy from leaking. The entire room meanwhile feels up with moans of Priyanka as Barun starts squeezing her boobs while ravaging her ass with slow yet deep strokes

Suddenly, Ria discovers, looking through the legs of Barun and Priyanka that wetness is oozing from Priyanka’s agape pussy, wetting her inner thighs. Priyanka takes a step and then kneels just behind Barun and straightway inserts three of her fingers in Priyanka’s wet pussy. As she pushes hard to insert the fingers upto the second knuckle, Ria can realise that due to the thick cock of Barun up her ass, Priyanka’s pussy has become very tight and is clamping hard on her fingers. Priyanka’s only response to this sudden invasion is a loud “Ahhhhhhh” as she is already attaining a trans.

Barun could feel the fingers across the thin membrane that divides Priyanka’s pussy and anal tunnels. The movement of the fingers adds to his already fiery sensation from the extremely tight clamping of the anal muscles. As he feels that his body is getting ready towards another orgasm, he starts to squeeze Priyanka’s boobs harder while increasing his speed of fucking her.

Priyanka on the other hand has already lost her power to think clearly as both of her holes are being invaded royally. Added to that the torture Barun is inflicting on her boobs, making them pink, she feels that she is being toasted in an oven but, interestingly she wasn’t feeling any heat from outside but her body itself is feeling hot, emanating heat. As if her pelvis area is the source of this extreme heat which radiating to her entire body and is causing her every hair to stand erect. At that moment, when Ria starts rubbing her clit with the thumb in tandem with her finger fucking, Priyanka feels that she is flying in an extreme cold weather and goose bumps are appearing throughout her body.

The contraction of the pussy muscles of Priyanka starts to send so hard ripples throughout her pussy muscles that even Barun starts feeling them on his cock head through the thin membrane. These ripples coupled with the extremely tight grip on his cock that starts pushing him towards his orgasm Next Ria starts turning her fingers like a cork screw inside Priyanka’s pussy and continue rubbing her clit. Both Barun and Priyanka starts shaking almost simultaneously as Ria starts chanting, “chodo, chodo Barun da …… Priyankar pod mere fatiye dao. Chodo … chodo …. Aaro jore chodo (“Fuck Barunda, fuck Priyanka’s ass hard”).

Barun can only utter “hmmmmm …… hmmmmm” before he feels that hot cum running through his shaft and is about to be ejected. He pushes hard to bury the whole length in Priyanka’s asshole and stay there. At that very moment Priyanka feels that the fireball in her pelvis area bursts and heat wave runs through her entire body plunging her into an unbearable happiness that makes her lose all her senses and she ends up only shaking her entire body uncontrollably with some illegible groaning coming out of her gaping mouth. One after another heat wave washes through her body as she keeps on wreathing in extreme pleasure.

Meanwhile, Barun ejaculates inside Priyanka’s asshole like a shotgun firing bullets. Being the second ejaculation within couple of hours, he doesn’t give out huge amount of cum, but the sticky liquid is good enough to feel Priyanka’s nether hole. As Priyanka falls on the bed, shaking violently, face down, Barun follows her and falls on a heap, with his cock firmly inside her ass and his hands still busy mauling her boobs. Ria standing at a distance watches these two intermingling bodies thrashing on each other. Suddenly, she realises that she has unknowingly started grazing her index finger on her wet cunt lips.

As Barun and Priyanka comes down from their ecstasy and their breathing gets eased slowly, they turn on the bed and disengage from each other. Barun’s half hard cock comes out from the gaping asshole of Priyanka and she pulls her torso up on her arms. Looking at Barun, who is still lying on her back, she says, “Tahole Barun da, aajke prothom kono meyer tinte futoi marle, bolo? Er aage aar karor gud, pod aar mukh eksonge chudechho? Kemon laglo, bolo?” (“So, Barun da, today, for the first time you have fucked any woman in all her three holes. How did you find that”), as Barun can hear the soft giggling in between her words.

Ria also added, “hnya Barun da, bolo. Prothom karor pod marle. Kemon laglo?” (“Yes Barun da, tell us how did you like your first anal fuck?”).

Barun sits up and decides to play along. With a smile he says, ” bara pode dhukiye choda ekta notun obhigyota botei, Jodi o ami toder dujoneri pode era aage angul dhukiyechhi. Tobe, sotyi kotha bolte ki, toder dujoneri gud mere onek beshi moja peyechhi, Priyankar pod marar cheye. Aar jokhon toder dujoner gud eksonge peyechhilam, ekta bara e aar ekta mukhe, setar moto kichui hoy na. Tobe Priyanka ke thanks amake ontoto ekbaar pod marar swad debar jonye”(“fucking an ass with my cock is definitely a new experience, though I have fingered both of your assholes. But, frankly speaking, I enjoyed your pussy more. Especially, today when I was enjoying both your pussies simultaneously, one on my cock and the other on my mouth, that was out of this world. However, thanks to Priyanka to give me the experience of anal sex”).

Priyanka laughs out, “O, taar mane abaar dujon k ek songe chudte chao. Khub bhalo kotha, ami toiri. Aaj tomar aar Ria r songe chodachudi korei raat katabo. Hoyto kaal ke hatte osubidha hobe, tao. After all, eta amaar farewell fuck night” (“Oh, so you want to fuck us together again. Very good, I am ready for that. I will spend the night fucking you and Ria. Tomorrow, perhaps I won’t be able to walk, but after all, this is my farewell fuck night”). Before Barun can respond, Ria intervened, “Ekhuni ar noy. Amra dinner kore ni, ami khub bhalo wine enechhi. Barun dar bara ta o ektu toiri hoye nik, taarpor sara raat to aachhei”( Not now. Let us have our dinner now, I have arranged for very good wine. Let the cock get back its strength by then. And then we will enjoy through the night”)

Barun gets up to go for a leak. As he looks back towards the bed, He can see Priyanka lying with her torso jacked up on her one arm, her asshole oozing white cum and her small patch of pubic hair smeared with white streaks of her own cum while her big melons are heaving with pink streaks showing on their skin. Beside her Ria is sitting with her folded legs resting wide apart showing her well fucked pussy, glistening in her juice. In all, the whole scene is unfolding before him as if one still from a porn movie. As Barun starts walking towards the toilet, once again his mind feels with thoughts about how his life is changing with every encounter with these ladies and how it is going to change once Ria comes back to Kolkata and stays in the same building with him.

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