Brother-in-law fucks pregnant sister-in-law a lot during solar eclipse

Surya grahan sex story : My name is Sonia. I am a resident of Uttar Pradesh. I am 21 years old. My husband is in the army, so he is now on the China border. I got married only last year, now I am six months pregnant. I am going to tell you my story. How my brother-in-law fucked me on the day of eclipse by closing the door. Because my mother-in-law supported me in this, whether my mother-in-law knows or not what happened to me. But he had so much faith in his son that he locked me in a room. It may have been done for my good, but my brother-in-law fucked me a lot, now I am going to tell you my whole story on non-veg story dot com. What a day it was. Old thoughts in my breath. People told them that a pregnant woman should stay inside the house during Om. She should not go out in the light. Told her that I will not live in the dark, I cannot stay locked in the room, I am scared to be alone, that too by closing the door. Mother-in-law said that you don’t stay alone, I will call Sanjay inside, Sanjay is my brother-in-law, he will be barely 1 year younger than me. How will I live after checking me already, then I thought that someone will be there. And then mother-in-law went to the neighborhood and Sanjay and I stayed inside a room with the door closed. Gradually, Sanjay started talking to me with love and started telling nice things and started saying a lot about the relationship between brother-in-law and sister-in-law, saying that my friend Mohan, who has sex with his sister-in-law, his brother is also in the army. . And he takes care of his sister-in-law a lot, I have also told you Mohan that I also take care of my sister-in-law a lot, but she does not let me live. Just like that he started talking sweetly. Slowly he put his hand on my shoulder as he put his hand on my shoulder I started feeling nervous inside and started feeling good too there was no one in the house there was no one in the room the door was closed in such a way one with a girl You know what would happen if there is a boy with a woman, and the matter was where he was my brother-in-law. Even like this, the sex power becomes more in pregnancy. Gradually, I came to the words of my brother-in-law and I felt that I am alone, so take advantage of it, but I was afraid that I am in 6 months of pregnancy, if something had turned upside down. Only then brother-in-law said, sister-in-law, will you give me a kiss, I said, what will happen if I kiss, then brother-in-law said, just give me a kiss, I know that you will not give it anything further. I said ok take the kiss. And friends, all the things started from here, he started kissing me, slowly locked my lips and slowly started pressing my nipples. He started kissing me, started spreading my whole body and made me lie down on the bed. Friends, water started coming out of my pussy. I was feeling that I have not got cock for many days, so today I will fulfill my wish. I told brother-in-law that what would happen if mother came now, then brother-in-law said, mother will not come, she has gone to the neighbor’s aunt’s place, from there she will go to the market, so she will not come till evening. As soon as I said this, I calmed down, he started opening my blouse, then he opened my bra. In this way, the nipples become very big in pregnancy, seeing the big nipples, his mind was shocked, friends, immediately took it in his mouth and started licking the nipple, started kissing my cheek, started kissing my lips, I also have a lot of work. Went. After that he put my petticoat up. And then friends started licking my pussy, as soon as he put his tongue on the pussy, I started going crazy, I felt that he should put his cock in my pussy as soon as possible, friends, I started going crazy, holding the pillow and pressing my teeth. Brother-in-law made me mad friends, he teased so much, from ass to pussy, from my belly to my farthest, from my thigh to my butt, he started licking with his tongue. I was restless and I am saying immediately, brother-in-law, if you want to do something, do it quickly. Don’t tease me so much, I will go mad, I have become very wet, just put your finger in my pussy, brother-in-law has put his finger in my pussy, he himself said, sister-in-law, your pussy has become very wet, it has become very hot. So I said don’t delay fuck me as soon as possible. He took out his cock and then put it in her pussy. The dick was very fat. The whole dick got inside my pussy. Now he started pushing hard. I have become too sexual. I was fucking hard. But the fear was also of the fact that the stomach was big. But my brother-in-law got mad after seeing the mutilated body. You would also know. The body of a pregnant woman is quite full. The real fun of sex comes only during pregnancy. Whether it is to fuck or to fuck. Big big tits, thick thighs, round broad butts. Who will leave Devarji was also going to Pele. And I was also getting fucked a lot. Friends, they made me very sexy and sensuous by fucking me. I was not getting tired. I was feeling like kissing again and again. Then I said, now put it in my mouth. He immediately put his dick in my mouth and started blowing inside. For about five minutes she kept licking it like this in her mouth. Then took out the cock in between both the teats. The fun of inserting a cock between the two nipples by applying spit is something else. Then I bid in the ass. Now he started kicking my ass. The butt had become very wide. The ass hole had also become wide, so the cock was going in and out comfortably. I was taking a lot. Then he started rubbing his finger in my pussy while rubbing my nipples. He fucked me for about an hour, then I calmed down. But still I had to stay with him for about two hours with the door closed. So we both stayed together and slept naked. And fucked once more. Enjoyed the eclipse very much.

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