Train fuck: I will never forget that train fuck

Dear friends, how are you? Today I am telling you a complete sensational story, I also read the stories sent by you people, on non-veg story dot com, it is my duty that if I have celebrated any festivals, then I will also tell you, today I will tell you my story. I am telling the most beautiful story of life, that boy had wired my boor, but I was also of no use, I was so fucked that his cock would not have been able to leave anyone for about 10 days, this is my There is a guarantee, that too the son must have understood that with which girl he was brought up. Main ab kahani pe hu, my name is Priyanka, I completed my MCA, and I started going to Bangalore to join an IT company, the company itself had sent me a 2nd class ticket to Rajdhani, I boarded the train from New Delhi to Bangalore, I was also in full style, black glasses, hair open, lips ranged, mascara applied, a day before I had come from the beauty parlour, to see I am I am beautiful like this, and as far as my sexy part is concerned, I have a big nipple, which cannot be handled in a 34 bra, I wear 32 size jeans, my round butt shakes when I walk, I bring doom, I 5 Feet 8 inches tall boo, very sexy, seeing me even 80 years old man’s penis would stand erect, so what about young man, work can’t be done without fisting, my side was lower, on that already one The boy was sitting, he was of a very beautiful personality, the body was very good, when I kept my luggage down, he also started helping, as often all men start helping girls, I sat down, he was sitting on one side , and on one side, there was a curtain as it happens in the capital, he was playing a game on his mobile, and I started listening to songs, after that I took out a novel and started reading while listening to the song, chewing gum in my mouth I was chewing, hair used to come in front of me again and again, I was jerking behind it, and the boy sitting in front was staring at me with slanting eyes, I was wearing capri and t-shirt, my t-shirt was loose because of this Due to the fast running of the train, both my nipples were shaking, that was enough for the person sitting in front, and the throat was also a bit wide, so both the nipples were tight from above and the crack in the middle was clearly visible, after that When I took out my blanket, he said, I will go upstairs, if you want to rest, this seat is yours, so I said no, it’s ok, you can seat, he said thanks and I gave a smile, Then I said you also cover your feet, then the conversation started, he was going for the interview and I was going to join, both were from the same field, and he was also going to Bangalore, in a short while he He started touching my leg, I also gave a little yes sign, then he started pressing my leg with his leg, after that he started lifting my capri, but the capri was tight, I swayed on his intoxicating eyes and muscular body. Went, and today I wanted to make my trip a trip to fuck, I got up and went to the bathroom, came from there, I changed my capri and I wore a skirt, it was above the knees, came back And then took the blanket and offered him that you also take it properly, then what was it, he spread his leg, I put my leg on both sides of his leg, now his reach was near my hole, I also took off the panty. She came, she put her thumb on my hole, I shuddered, just like that water started coming out of my hole, it was night, Kota station came, I lay down, he also lay down, now I touched his cock with my feet. She was caressing and he was putting his thumb in my hole, the area around my hole had become slippery, my hole’s hair was also stuck with the pussy water, now his thumb was going into my hole, But the hole in my burrow was very small, till today I had worked only with my finger, all the people in the bogie were asleep, the train was passing through the darkness of the night, I was completely hot, that The boy was also clenching his teeth again and again, and at one point I climbed on top of him myself, and started sucking on his lips. I opened my panties and wrapped two blankets on top, I got down, he grabbed my shoulder and separated my both legs and put his thick cock in the middle and inserted it in my hole in about 3 to four strokes, I I was troubled by the pain, but there was a strange relief, lust was on fire in my body, he was rubbing my tits, and was pushing hard. You are reading this story on non-veg story dot com . Only the sound of hi hi hi was coming out of my mouth, and he was very chudu, his semen was not coming out, in the meantime I had ejaculated 3 times, but I did not know where he had to stop, he was going to fuck Suddenly he held me tight and took a long sigh and after saying Uffff Aaaa Oooooohhhhh he put all the semen in my pussy. Both of us started talking while caressing each other, but we both made a promise that who we both are and where we have come from, we will not tell which company we will go to, this relationship will be limited to the train only, and we Both of them did the same, the top berth remained vacant, he stayed with me below from Delhi to Bangalore, and kept on having sex, how did you like this story of mine, must rate it.

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