Brother showed the web series when mom and dad went to office

Web Series Sex, Web Series Chudai, Hot Web Sex Story Friends, my name is Rinke. I am eighteen years old, my brother is 22 years old. My parents both work in the bank. Nowadays studies are being done at home only. Brother also keeps at home, his college is closed. Brother got hooked to the web series that are coming nowadays and nowadays I have also got hooked. Earlier it was only up to abusing. He used to say fuck or fuck of fucking on everything. He becomes modern by saying all these words. One day he said, Do you know whose youth is Rinki these days? Nowadays people like those who are hot and sexy. The one who abuses in the web series, he gives the same. While saying all this, he started saying. See, you are good in body, you are hot too but you do not pay attention to your personality. Be modern, keep the world at your feet. He went young when people used to like simple girls. Now you are young, you will be as hot as you are sexy and people will like you and later some prince will sit and propose you with a diamond ring and take you in a BMW. I also think it is correct. He is speaking right. Nowadays everyone is showing the same thing whether they watch TV or series. While abusing, fucking, opening bra while kissing. If all this is not normal and if all this is not happening in everyone’s house, then why is it showing like this in the web series? It means that people have become like this. Fucking has become a common thing now. I also felt that my brother is telling the truth. And I also started trying to mold myself in modernity. Now my routine has changed nowadays. When mom and dad leave for office at nine in the morning. Then I live with my brother in my flat. As soon as both of them leave, I take a bath and wear short shorts in which half of my bum is visible. Many times these days I leave the bathroom only wearing a bra. Seeing all this, my brother’s eyes remain wide open. One day I didn’t even wear a bra, it was in a small niche, and on top I wore the inner tape (which is like a vest). My boobs were clearly visible in it. It was also clearly visible how big the nipple is. The sap of the chicks was also visible. Being above the waist, my navel which is very hot was visible. After seeing all this, my brother went mad. Because when I used to walk, my tits move and my ass shakes, then anyone’s dick will be erect, you also know this. I became so modern in a few days that even Sunny Leone failed. Now I started watching the series on my brother’s bed as well, sleeping with him was still not doing anything. It is a family matter, with a little patience and will have to wait a little. Slowly the matter progressed and started watching hot sexy web series. My pussy used to get wet, but my brother did not know this, but I used to know as soon as his cock was erect. He would try to cover his cock and I would smile. One day a sex scene came in a web series and the fucking started in full force, the nipples were being pressed, the body was being groped while taking kisses. That’s why my body was on fire. As soon as I looked at my brother, he was lying on a single bed at that time. As soon as I saw him, he also looked at her and we both started sucking each other’s lips in lightning speed. He was inserting his tongue in my mouth, I was sucking his tongue. I was biting his lips with my teeth. Suddenly she took off her t-shirt, I immediately started caressing her chest. Started kissing He immediately took off my tape. My big boobs started dangling in front of him. He was stunned to see why the white teats have saffron colored nipples on it. Immediately he took it in his mouth and began to choose. I started going crazy. I felt as if a new energy had entered my body. Sobs started coming out of my mouth. My eyes started closing on their own. I myself started caressing my boobs. Started taking sobs. My brother went down and licked both my legs first then he took off my pant and then my panty too. Fair body as you see in the photo. She was looking amazing. He immediately started licking my pussy. And started pressing my boobs with both hands. I started doing ah ah ah ah. Started taking sweets. Aah stop ah stop ah stop no louder ah ah it hurts aah ah ah ah uffff ohhhhh ma ohhh ouch oops was coming out of my mouth. My brother took off his full clothes and gave his thick cock in my mouth and I started licking his cock in my mouth. He started doing ah ah ah ah I was silently sucking his cock by twisting and turning. Friends, my pussy was getting very wet, his cock had become thick and was taking angadai, saluting upwards again and again. I was going crazy. I spread my legs and raised my hands. He started licking my armpit and pressing my nipple. I spread both the legs and pushed him down. So immediately reached down near my pussy, he had understood that now I want nothing but cocks. He started rubbing his thick cock on my pussy. My breath started stopping, it had become so sexy, friends, I cannot tell you. He set his cock in my pussy and pushed it hard. My pussy was already slippery so it didn’t hurt much. I started pushing slowly from below. He started rolling from above. While pressing her tits, he started fucking me hard. Now I started kissing by lifting the ass loudly. I was getting goosebumps, I felt myself being in some other world. He was taking me hard and I was giving it to him. Friends, then he turned me around and put spit in my ass and started inserting cock but cock was not going inside because my ass was very tight. But only after a little effort, his thick dick went into my ass as well. Sometimes pussy, sometimes ass, he kept fucking like this for five minutes. We both settled in about an hour of sex, I fell, he also fell, both went to the bathroom and took a bath together. I applied soap to his cock, he massaged my pussy and my boobs with a lot of soap. Now two different things have happened. Earlier I used to wear small panty, now I am in bra and panty only and my brother is in French cut panties. I will come soon with my second story on This is my first sex story on this sex story website

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