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My Landavat Namaskar to all the cock holders and Namaskar while fingering in the pussy of the pussy mallikas. I am telling my story to all of you through I am sure that after reading my sexy and sensual story all the boys’ cocks will stand erect and the pink pussy of all the chutwalis will definitely leave their juice. My name is Rishank. I am just 28 years old. I live in Fatehpur. I look like a very smart person with a great personality. Seeing my attractive body, girls start pulling like a magnet. I am very lustful person. I bite the pussy of girls. I used to enjoy drinking after cutting my pussy. Girls used to die on this style of mine. Friends, something similar happened with me on my honeymoon too. This thing is 2 years old. When I was newly married. Before that I had got a lot of experience of pussy fucking. How girls pussy is killed. I knew this very well. Till now I have tasted the juice of many girls by tearing their pussy. Girls used to enjoy getting fucked by me. She used to enjoy playing with my 7 inch cock. I also used to enjoy playing Holi’s boobs. Friends, I come to my story. It was the month of January. It was getting very cold at that time. I got married on 28 January. And on January 29, my marriage procession left and came home. I slept a lot during the day. Because I was awake for 2-3 days. It was almost 8:00 pm and I was still lying on the bed. Only then my aunt came to wake me up. Bua: Rishank son get up someone is waiting for you in your room Me: Let me sleep Bua I have nowhere to go Pushed and locked the door from outside. Today, due to fatigue, my weather was not being formed. I didn’t even feel like fucking today. I turned my head towards the bed, my wife Pushpa was sitting on the bed dressed up. The whole bed was decorated like heaven. Rose petals were scattered on the bed. Seeing whom I started remembering the scene in the movie, I pinched myself, I am not dreaming but no, it was reality. Around the bed Flowers woven with thread were hanging like ropes around the bed. My wife Pushpa was looking like an apsara of heaven. She was looking amazing in a red wedding dress. She was wearing a lehenga choli. Her full open stomach was clearly visible. As soon as I saw her navel, my weather started becoming like a pussy, the depth of her navel seemed a bit too much. My mood started to change. For the first time I had seen such a beautiful navel of someone. Started biting my heart. I sat beside him on the bed. I started caressing her while running my hand on her stomach. She slowly started getting hot. I bent my head down to lick the deep navel in the middle of her stomach. He started licking his tongue by entering his navel. She started sobbing very loudly. I was measuring the depth of her navel by putting my tongue. It was a lot of fun to lick the navel. She was pressing me in her stomach by shrinking her stomach. I sucked her navel but still haven’t seen her face properly. Her face was barely visible in the net chunni. To lift the veil from her face, I lifted her face upwards, holding her chin. Lifting her veil, I saw her face. An amazing shining was visible on his cheek. The cheeks were made red by applying mascara on the cheeks. Kissed the cheek like a tomato. Me: What’s the matter, you were not looking so beautiful even in the wedding hall! Pushpa: I always look like this, you must have never noticed carefully Me: Pushpa are you still a complete virgin?? Pushpa: Yes I am still completely virgin I have not had sex even once till now Me: You know something about sex Pushpa: Yes I have done everything by watching blue movies Me: Pushpa Tune Akele me sab kaise kar Liya Pushpa: Instead of cocks, I had worked with radish carrot, I started getting more excited after listening to Pushpa’s words. Me: Come on, no problem, today I will show you the game of fucking. You just keep supporting me Then it will be a lot of fun Pushpa: Okay but do it slowly. My friends were telling. It hurts a lot to fuck me: first it is a little bit but later it is a lot of fun, she agreed to me. There was childishness in Pushpa’s words. She was still unaware of the knowledge of chudai. I thought why not give Pushpa the knowledge of hand-fucking. I took off my kurta and got ready to fuck. Looking at Pushpa’s cheeks, he started palming her till the bottom. Pushpa’s nipples were looking very prominent to me. Seeing the muscular body of 36 32 34, my mind started to feel dizzy. I started running my hand over her fallen body. Her breathing started getting faster. I removed her chunni from her head. Seeing her blonde hair, I became more and more excited. The mole on her cheeks was looking very exciting looking at her lips like rose petals I lost my temper. I also put my lips on her pink lips. My lips started moving up and down on his soft lips like butter. Kissing her, I started sucking her lips. For some time Pushpa remained silent and kept licking her lips. I was enjoying sucking her soft hot ass. He also doubled my fun by supporting me. I started sucking her lips more forcefully, her breathing became very fast, sobs started coming out of Pushpa’s mouth. He goes “……Ai… Ai….Ai……Ai….Isssss…….Uhhhhh….Ohhhhhh….” Was hissing out. The lip licking made Pushpa very hot. Without wasting time, I also started opening her bodice, as soon as I opened the back cords, she was in bra. His mother was looking very tight. Both of them were imprisoned in bra. I removed her bra and freed her moms. The black nipple on Pushpa’s milk was looking very nice. For the first time I had seen such a fair fair mother of a girl. Seeing her mother who was as white as milk, her mouth started watering. I put my mouth to her nipple to make her drink. Like a hungry child, I forcefully pulled her nipple and started drinking it. Pushpa grabbed my hair and started pressing it forcefully in her breasts. Seeing him doing this made me even more excited. I started drinking more forcefully by pressing her moms. Sometimes my teeth used to get stuck in her nipple as soon as she licked the milk forcefully. Pushpa “U U U U U…… Aaaa Aaaaaa… C C C C…. Oo-oo…oo….” She used to make her voice. After drinking her milk for some time, I opened the nada of my pyjama. And my cock in underwear was a little too erect. I separated my underwear from my cock, Pushpa was shocked to see my cock. Pushpa: Oh mother, it looks like a terrible snake. Me: Just touch it and see, you will feel even better. Pushpa started fisting my cock holding my cock, my cock slowly started standing like a missile, seeing Pushpa standing cock she put her mouth on his cap. Started sucking my hat like a lollipop. The cap of my cock swelled even more. She licked my cock continuously for about 5 minutes. After that she kept enjoying by shaking my cock. By shaking it vigorously, he got the pichkari out of my cock. I fell on his face. As soon as the shot was released, I did not feel like fucking her. I diverted myself. I removed her skirt and put it in her panty. She started looking even more attractive. I started kissing her from head to toe. Pushpa started getting hot once again. Pushpa was caressing herself by keeping her hand on her neck again and again. When I came to know, his most favorite part is his throat. Some friends had told me earlier. That if you kiss a girl on her favorite part, it gets hot very quickly. I did the same, I started kissing her neck with her palm, she got hot and started rubbing her pussy. Pushpa also became desperate to kiss. I increased his yearning further. I stopped kissing Pushpa’s neck. Going towards her pussy I spread her legs. Her pussy was very smooth and clearly visible. There was not a single hair on her pussy. I put my mouth on her pussy hole and started licking it. My tongue started licking her pussy by going up and down in the drains made between the two walls of the pussy. Pushpa started pushing me in her pussy by holding my head. I was enjoying pulling and pulling the raised skin over her pussy with my teeth. She started sobbing loudly “..ahhhhhh sceeeeee….a aaaa….aha…ha ha ha”. I was sucking her juice by inserting my tongue in her wet pussy. Pushpa: Just do it my king, fuck me today! Don’t torture me even more! Sholay is raging in my pussy, I stopped drinking Pushpa’s pussy. He started rubbing his thick cock on her pussy. Pushpa’s pussy was very hot. I put my cock on her pussy hole to eliminate the raging Sholay in her pussy. Her pussy hole was right on the target of my cock. I pushed hard and inserted more than half of my cock in her pussy. Shouts came out of Pushpa’s mouth. He very quickly “……Mummy…Mummy….. C C C C.. Ha Ha Ha …..Ooooo….Ooo. Oh… oh… oh oh oh oh….. I breathed peacefully only after inserting the whole cock. I slowly took out my cock, my entire cock was soaked with blood coming out of her pussy. Pushpa got scared seeing my cock and started screaming even more loudly. I started moving the blood soaked cock back and forth in Pushpa’s pussy. He was slowly fucking her. She also started filling the sobs slowly, both of us were enjoying a lot. Pushpa’s face was getting red-yellow seeing the bloody cock. Sweat was leaving his forehead even in the cold. I was also increasing the speed of Pushpa’s fuck little by little. I started getting more and more excited to fuck her. I increased my speed. I was quickly lifting my waist and taking my cock inside and out in her pussy. Pushpa was enjoying sex for the first time. The whole room was filled with her “….uh uh uh…..hoo…hoo….hmmmmm…ai…ai…” I was lying on top of her, she was also lying below me. I was fucking her while kissing her. She also raised her waist and started kissing him, maybe now he was enjoying this pain too. As the speed of fucking increased, both of us started enjoying more and more. I was tearing her pussy by lifting my waist like my sewing machine. Pushpa’s breath started to swell, she removed me from her top. I also lifted one of her legs and started fucking by putting my cock in her pussy. Now I was fucking her by sneaking in. She was also supporting me. I was fucking her hard by pressing her swollen mammos. Today her pussy was playing. Suddenly the sound coming out of her pussy changed. Pushpa had ejaculated and started having sex even more vigorously in the goods that had fallen in her pussy. Pushpa’s pussy started getting loose. Wasn’t enjoying fucking her loose pussy. I took my cock out of her pussy. There was white colored cream all over my cock. I bent her over to fuck her ass with my creamy cock. He started pushing his cock on her ass hole. But her ass hole was very tight. She was not taking my cock inside easily. As soon as he pushed the cock in Pushpa’s ass, she used to scream c… c… c. Still after many attempts I inserted my cock in her ass. He loudly “Ohhhhh…ohhhhh…ahhhhh… .Ai… u u u u u u…” she started screaming. I also started fucking her ass after having a lot of fun. Her ass was eating my whole cock. I made her fuck even more. Holding her throbbing waist, he started taking out his cock forcefully by inserting it into her pussy. I was getting my cock pounded till the root. She was fucking her ass with the sounds of “….uh uh uh hun.. hun… hun..hmmmmm…ai…ai…..” Even my cock could not tolerate the rubbing of her tight ass for a long time. He too had reached the verge of collapse. I left my pipe in her ass. For some time I kept lying on the bed with my cock in her pussy. My cock started shrinking slowly. The material started coming out of her ass as soon as my cock shrank. The material was scattered on the bed sheet. She wiped all the material scattered on the sheet and lay down on it. That night I fucked her several times and enjoyed the honeymoon. Even today every night I celebrate honeymoon with him. We both enjoy a lot. How did you like the story, do tell me and all friends keep reading non-veg story dot com for new stories. You also share the story.

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