Brother took me to the forest and fucked me

Jungle Sex Story, Picnic Sex Story, Forest Sex Story, Picnic Sex, This year’s picnic became memorable. Brother took her to the forest and fucked her in the bushes. At last her wish was fulfilled and I was also satisfied by taking brother’s cock in my pussy. Today I am going to tell you my sex story on this website. This sex story of mine is very sexy as I am sexy. Made my brother happy even in the jungle as he said after sex. And she also fucked me a lot. I am telling the whole story on My name is Kalyani and my brother’s name is Rahul. Rahul is one year older than me but I do not call him brother but Rahul. She is mischievous since childhood. Since childhood, he has been teasing me, sometimes by touching my ass and sometimes by pressing my nipples. That means my parents are also no less than number one bastards. He used to say in front of both of them that he will marry Kalyani. And both of them also didn’t say anything but laughed and avoided the matter and I used to complain too, then both of them used to say that he is mad, you are a good girl. Slowly he did not leave his habit, but now he started commenting. It is very cool, if I had not had a sister, I would have married you. Now mother used to say this in the absence of father. And I also used to say that don’t talk nonsense, that was all I could say. Slowly we both grew up. The habit that he had since childhood has not diminished, when parents were not at home, sometimes he would hit my butt, sometimes he would press my nipples with his elbow. One day I also abused him in anger and said. You are number one sister fucker. When you are so hot then why don’t you take a day. And I angrily told him that this time I will tell your friends that you are a bastard. No brother is like this. From that day he started getting scared. If the word reaches his friends, his reputation will be tarnished. So from that day he started talking to me with a little love and respect. But the truth is, friends, gradually I started feeling bad. He used to tease me and touch my boobs, so I like it. Even though I used to get angry. But ever since he stopped touching me, life started getting boring. One day it was decided to have a picnic with the family. In which the departure of the members of the house and the family of our neighborhood was decided. There is a dam and a forest near my house. So one day we went for a picnic. Wood is used to burn in the picnic, we choose it from the forest and bring it. This is because the fun doubles in it. We brothers and sisters got the job of bringing wood. Both of us went to the forest and started collecting wood. That’s why I said sorry to my brother, he said what happened? Sorry for what, I said that I will tell your friends what she had said. So brother said yes, it was wrong what you said. We brothers and sisters used to have some fun so that the matter of the house remains at home but if you do not like it then what can I do. So I also said that I am also not feeling like it since then. It all sounded good but my perspective was wrong. Was having fun as well as getting angry. Saying this she started laughing. But he silently started looking at me. I said yes I am right, I like that teasing of yours. On hearing this, he came close to me. There was no one to watch in the forest. There were deep bushes all around. He came and caught me and touching my lips said can I kiss you on the lips. I didn’t say anything and kept my head down. That’s why my dupatta slipped down. He started admiring my big boobs. Anyone would go mad seeing my disfigured body. He put his lips on mine. And my point on my chest. Slowly we both also got excited and locked lips. We both started kissing each other, sometimes he would put his tongue in my mouth, sometimes I would. He started pressing both my nipples while sucking my lips. Ohhhhhhhhh what can I tell friends, I filled him in my arms and while caressing his body, caught hold of his cock. He caught my ass and stuck it in his and started rubbing his cock on top of my clothes. My condition started getting worse, my boobs got bigger and tighter, my nipples became erect and my pussy started getting wet. I started taking rings. I sat down and he made me lie down. And opened my nada. Took off my panty too. Now sitting between the two legs, first looked at my pussy and put finger in it and then started licking it. Ohhhhhh, as soon as he put his tongue on my pussy, I started going crazy, it felt like electricity ran through my whole body. I said don’t say anything to anyone, this thing will remain between us brother and sister. Till both of our hearts do not get married, till then both of us will continue to fulfill the need of sex of each other’s cocks. Ohhhhhh my brother was even more happy after hearing this. Removed the cock and set it on my pussy and pushed it hard. The whole cock went in my pussy. Now he started rubbing my nipples while pushing hard. I started going crazy. I also started kissing by picking up the ass. I would push him from below and then the sound of gach gach would come, the cock would go into the pussy and then come out. My ass also started rustling, my lips started drying. My boobs were tanned. My eyes would have closed on their own. My lust was kindled. We both got excited. were making each other happy. In about ten minutes both of us fell down because both were pomegranates. Quickly all his semen came out in the course of the fuck and I also pulled him towards me and while taking a hug, I also released water from my pussy. We both put on our clothes and then took the girls back to the picnic spot. Then after that day whenever both of us were alone, we used to kiss each other, swing in arms and then fuck. 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