Because of her husband’s antics, she got fucked by the tenant.

I Poonam lives in Delhi, I am 32 years old, I love my husband very much, but sometimes the intoxication of lust becomes so much that I have to become unfaithful, same happened with me, even without wanting to She got fucked by her tenant, the story is very romantic, because in my mind that husband’s mischief provoked me to get fucked and I sacrificed everything to my tenant of 20 years. I will tell you the whole story, I am a regular reader of nonveg story dot, I must read before going to bed at night, because there are often crazy stories here, whether you are married or single, all kinds of funny stories. Meets here, while reading other’s story, today I am presenting my beautiful moment in front of you, I hope you will like it. My husband has a touring job, he often stays out of Delhi for company work, but this time it has become too much, he is out for 35 days, who can live without sex, but a woman has restraint because of this. You also know that she doesn’t open up much, even if your wife or girlfriend wants to fuck you, but she will not always tell you, she keeps waiting for you to play naughty, it is a matter of one day around 10 o’clock in the night. My husband Dev got a call today, he seemed in a very romantic mood, he asked to come on skype of the laptop for video chatting, I turned on the laptop and came, I was wearing a purple nightie. Which is sleeveless and thigh length and has a net cut from the front which was driving my husband crazy and that’s why he was saying again and again that if you show anything, then my queen. But I refused his wish and took the laptop and lay down on the bed. The laptop was in front of me and I started talking to my husband lying upside down. I knew that this would make my cleavage more visible because my boobs have started appearing bigger and bigger by pressing my bed and coming out a lot from the nightie. Seeing this, my husband became mad and started requesting me to show me something, it has been a long time since I have seen your body. I told him laughing that you are my husband, I have to fulfill this much wish. Then I parted my entire hair on the side and broke the strap of the nighty on the left side down. Now my strap is hanging on the side of shoulder and my purple bra was making my husband intoxicated on my white body. To tell the truth, my condition was also getting worse and I wanted to become completely naked for my husband on web cam. But I was also very ashamed and my husband was saying, “What’s the matter Poonam, let me come home… I will strip you naked and eat you raw.” I blushed a bit and then he said to lower your bra strap too. Following his advice, I lowered my bra strap and now almost 70% of my cleavage was visible to one of my boobs. My bra was only covering my nipples and the top of it was showing something to my husband. It came to my mind that you have become so shameless Poonam, but then my husband said “Poonam.. let me come home, I will lick your milk with my lips, press it and bite it”. Hearing this, I started getting mad. Then he said to take off your nightie, I followed his orders and took off my nightie and lay down again. At night, when I used to sleep with the hook of my bra open, my bra fell off as soon as I lay down, and my two precious gems, which are whiter than milk and brighter than gold, looked soft to them. He lost his control and soon he too became naked. His was as tight as an iron road. There was life in him and he was looking like a very strong bar. Seeing her, I became mad and took out my tongue and started putting it on my lips. I touched my tongue on the lower lip and started doing left and right, my husband got excited and took the cock in his hand, and spit on the cock and started moving it up and down, I also helped him. And I put my pussy forward on the camera, he went mad and took a long breath and aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa You are reading this story on Then he said good night to me and went to sleep. I lay on the floor, writhing and caressing my boobs on my own for some time and fell asleep after some time. When I opened my eyes in the morning, my mind was remembering the things of the night, I could not get up from the bed, my body’s thirst remained unfulfilled. This thirst of mine was making me mad, my body was on fire. My body had become hot and it needed someone’s love to cool down, thinking about the story of the night, I was feeling love and anger. Love was the thought of how we both looked at each other on the camera and showed anger that he had made his work and I was water inside me, that’s why the latch of my door rang. Look at my tenant who is a young man of 20 years, a trainee in a gym, he was standing with a bucket in his hand and wearing a vest, I just opened the door to put the gown on my body, I could not stop looking at his muscles, as if he He came in, lust woke up inside me, and I got mad, I caught hold of him and started sucking his lips, he was saying what are you doing sister-in-law, I said shut up, otherwise I will make noise that you have looted my respect, he Scared, I took him to the bed room and undressed, wanted to get into his strong arms, even so he became hysterical within 5 minutes and he also started scratching and licking my body, I felt all this It was a great feeling . I took his cock in my mouth and started sucking it, he was doing aaah aaah aaah, then I lay down and said make me happy today, he took out his cock and put it on my pussy and started thrusting hard , his cock was bigger and thicker than my husband’s cock, he was just getting fucked hard and I was getting fucked, I fucked him in every position, when my hunger was satisfied then I told him that now you are yours Put the whole material in my mouth, he did the same, I was licking his cock and semen, then both kept lying down holding each other, then he said sister-in-law, I have to go to college, and he left, this incident It happened only yesterday, now I am not able to understand what should I do to have sex with him again or not, but I cannot live without being fucked then, so I am thinking that I should give this chance to someone else, if you are near Delhi. If you live near then comment me below, I will give you the same fun, if you live far away then I can also come on web cam, but remember this will be only between me and you, your thirsty Poonam

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