Chacha Bhatiji Sex Story – Chacha Bhatiji Sex Story

Chacha Bhatiji Sex Story, Hindi Bhatiji ki Chudai: Hello friends, I welcome all of you very much to non-veg story dot com. I have been its regular reader for the last many years and not a single night goes by when I do not read its sexy stories. Today I was telling you my story. Hope you will like it very much. My name is Namita. I am 21 years old. I am not very beautiful to look at. But I look hot My luggage is too big. My nipple is very big. My ass is also very big. Both my nipples are very funny. It is a lot of fun to press my nipples. Whoever visits my chicks once and drinks its juice. He always bothers to drink the juice of my nipples. Till now I have got my pussy ripped from many boys. But first of all my uncle had made me aware of sex. Many boys have enjoyed tearing my ass and pussy. I also enjoy getting my ass fucked. Friends, now I come to my story. It is about those days when I had passed the intermediate. I am a girl from a medium family. Apart from me in my house, parents, uncle, and grandfather, grandmother also live with us. Everyone loves me very much. I was just a tender tender bud. But now I was slowly starting to blossom from bud. Along with my age, my youth was also increasing. There were many fans of my youth. Uncle loved me very much. But even he could not escape from this murderous youth. Uncle’s dick was also ready to enter the pussy. It was too late to enter. Uncle was also palming the slim body of my youth for some days. Now he too had to wait for the opportunity. Uncle was sitting in ambush on me. But little did I know that one could have sex with uncle too. One day at last uncle got a chance. My mother and father had gone to maternal uncle’s place. I was staying at home with uncle. Chachu was watching me. I was understanding uncle’s eyes. Whenever I was watching from there, Gujarati Chachu was staring at me. My mind was also trying to get fucked. Chachu always used to put the latest blue film in his phone. Sometimes I used to watch blue film in his phone. I used to masturbate while watching blue film. Uncle used to fist on seeing me. Sometimes uncle used to drop his goods on my clothes by fisting. I used to know this act of uncle. But I could not say anything to Chachu. Uncle’s uneasiness to fuck was not being seen even by me. My anxiety to get fucked was also increasing like that of uncle. When Chachu got a chance, Chachu lay down beside me. I was lying on his bed with uncle. Chachu clung to me. This was common for Chachu. Because he often used to love me by sticking to himself. I was stuck with Chachu. Uncle’s dick was piercing my ass. Chachu was purposely sticking his dick in my ass. I loved getting my uncle’s cock inserted in my ass. Uncle was also talking to me. Me-“Uncle is biting behind” Uncle-“Nothing son. Where is it stinging?” I put my hand on Chachu’s cock. This is what Chachu is stinging. Chachu- “Son, this is my son. How is this stinging you? It gives pleasure when it stings” Me- “How does it get pleasure when it stings” Uncle- “Namita, I cannot tell it. If you try it, you will come to know by yourself” Me – “Uncle, what will we have to do. We want to have fun today” Uncle-“Okay then let me do as I want. Don’t stop anything Otherwise all the fun will be ruined” I-” It’s okay uncle, I will do as you say” As soon as I said this, uncle started kissing my lips by keeping his lips. I also started supporting him as per the instructions of uncle. I also started kissing and kissing by rubbing my lips on uncle’s lips. I held Chachu tightly. Chachu said – “You know everything. You are kissing very well. From where did you learn?” Me-“Chachu by watching blue film in your phone. I used to see you on your phone every day” Uncle -” I used to deliberately get you to do that crazy. for you. If you watch then only you will learn” I-“Uncle, I have learned. But it was not done yet. So today you will also teach me how to do it.” I was holding my uncle’s neck tightly. Chachu again set his lips on my lips and started licking my lips. I blackened Chachu’s lips by sucking on them. Chachu also made my lips red like blood by sucking them. Chachu’s lip licking was a lot of fun. We both were supporting each other. Chachu was expert in lip licking. He was also sucking my tongue. I was getting to learn a lot from Chachu. Chachu was biting and sucking my lips. I was enjoying Chachu’s lip licking very much. Today I got a chance to kiss my lips for the first time. I got tired of licking my lips. I turned my head away from Chachu. Hot breath was coming out of my mouth. My cheeks turned red. I was getting hot As soon as I got hot, uncle put his hand on my nipples. Started rubbing my nipples. I was getting more and more excited. As soon as Chachu pressed her nipples, sobs used to come out of my mouth. I slowly “….ai…ai…. Aye….Aye….uhhhhh…ohhhhhh…” I was squeezing my nipples. I was wearing a black T-shirt and white pants. Chachu was very excited to see my complexion like this. I look very hot and sexy in black dress. That day my uncle was looking at me very lustfully. I started getting scared of Chachu. My hand was on uncle’s dick. I felt scared after touching Chachu’s big fat cock. Chachu removed my T-shirt. I was now standing in front of Chachu in a bra. I was feeling ashamed to live like this in front of Chachu. I was standing in front of Chachu with my eyes lowered. Uncle raised his head and started looking at me. Uncle was rubbing my nipples from above. I was busy getting my nipples pressed. My nipples are very soft. Uncle was rubbing my soft nipples very quickly. Chachu untied my bra hook from behind. My bra became loose as soon as Chachu untied the bra hook. I removed my loose bra. Uncle started drinking my nipples. Chachu was playing with both my nipples in his hands. Chachu was praising my soft nipples a lot. Uncle was drinking both my nipples alternately. I caught Chachu’s cock in my hands. Chachu was sucking my mumma very well. I loved sucking my nipples. I buried Chachu’s head in my teats. My life was dying because of drinking Chachu’s teapots. As soon as Chachu used to put his tongue on the nipple of my nipples. My breathing quickens. I said “U U U U U… A A A A A A A A A A A A….C C C C… Oo…Oo…Oo…” Chachu was biting my nipples. After rubbing my nipples well, Chachu started playing with my nipples. Chachu used to pull my nipples by holding them. This game of Chachu used to make me scream. Chachu stopped playing with my nipples. Chachu picked me up. Chachu was now unzipping my pants. Chachu unzipped my pants and removed them. I was feeling more ashamed now. I was standing in front of Chachu only in panty. Chachu’s eyes were fixed on my panties only. Chachu extended his hand to remove my panty also. I was feeling ashamed. So I put my hand on my panty over pussy. Chachu removed my panty. I was now standing completely naked in front of Chachu. Chachu while running his hand on my body. He put his hand on top of my pussy. Chachu slowly removed my hand from my pussy. Chachu was inserting his fingers in my pussy. I was getting very excited. Chachu put his two fingers in my pussy. I started making sounds of “…ahhhhhh sceeeeee….aaaaa…aha…ha ha ha”. I started feeling flames coming out of my ear. I put my hand on Chachu’s cock and started pressing Chachu’s cock. Chachu made me lie on the bed. I lay down on the bed. Chachu opened both my legs. Uncle took a good look at my pussy. My pussy is dark. Chachu put his mouth on my pussy. I fell as soon as uncle put his mouth on my pussy. Chachu put his tongue in licking my pussy. Chachu’s tongue was cleaning my pussy very well by licking it. I also pressed Chachu’s head tightly in my pussy. Chachu started quenching his thirst by drinking the water flowing from my pussy. Chachu’s thirst increased. Chachu started running his tongue more quickly on my pussy. I was dying of heat. Chachu’s tongue rubbing made my pussy hot like fire. Chachu extended his tongue inside my pussy and started inserting it. Uncle’s tongue entered my pussy and licked all the material and cleaned it. Chachu made me remove my pants. Handed over my dick. I was holding uncle’s cock with both my hands. Chachu’s penis was as tight as a rod. As soon as I touched the cock, I realized that it was very hot. Uncle’s cock was standing ready to enter my pussy. Chachu put his dick in my mouth. I got engrossed in sucking uncle’s cock. Chachu stuffed his 10 inch penis in my mouth. My throat was going to crack. I took Chachu’s dick out of my mouth. I was sucking the cap of uncle’s cock. I was enjoying sucking the cap of uncle’s cock. I was sucking both the pills of Chachu’s penis like toffee in my mouth. I sucked Chachu’s pills with great pleasure. Chachu was also having a lot of fun getting his cock shot. I stopped sucking Chachu’s pills. Chachu untied both my legs. Chachu kept his dick on sweet pussy and pat pat was hitting my pussy. I was having a lot of fun taking care of my pussy like this. Chachu was trying to fuck me by rubbing his dick in my pussy. Now I started yearning to fuck. I was rubbing my pussy. Chachu put his cock in my pussy after some time. I cried out in pain….Mummy…Mummy…C C C C C…Ha ha ha….Ooooo…Ooo…Ooo…Ooo…Whooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo… Chachu pushed again, this time Chachu’s whole cock entered my pussy. I started crying loudly. I broke my seal a long time ago by adding carrots. I told uncle. Uncle was engrossed in fucking. I started taking uncle’s cock inside. Chachu was also taking out his dick inside and out. I lifted my waist from Chachu’s cock and started kissing. I used to put half of the cock in the uncle’s pussy and put half of it by lifting my waist. Uncle was now fucking me fast. I was also having a lot of fun in getting fucked by lifting my waist. I started kissing my waist by jumping in the air. Chachu lifted me in his lap. Chachu was now fucking me by bouncing in the air. Holding me like a flower in my hands, fitting the cock in my pussy, they were fucking me tremendously. I was enjoying this fuck a lot. Uncle was fucking me on a swing. I grabbed Chachu’s throat very fast. Chachu’s speed was increasing day by day. Chachu’s passenger had now become mail. They were enjoying me by jumping in the air and fucking me. Chachu again put me on the bed. Chachu bent both my legs and put them near my ear. Uncle’s dick now easily hit my pussy hole. Chachu hit the blow hard and put the whole cock inside in one go. I started screaming loudly. “…uh uh uh…huh…huh…huh…hu mmmm a hhhh hhhh…ai….ai…ai…” shouted Chachu. I started having more fun now. I said to Chachu – “Chachu I am going to fall” Chachu – “Wait a little while falling” but I could not control. I removed all my goods. As soon as my goods came out, the fuck of uncle’s cock also started intensifying. I got my water out. Chachu also became the one to fall. He took out his dick and put it in my mouth. Chachu dropped his entire goods in my mouth by fisting hard. I was lying down with all my uncle’s stuff in my mouth. Chachu said – “This is the fruit of so much austerity. Drink it considering it a blessing.” I drank the whole material of Chachu’s cock. Then later Chachu tore my ass too. Now we can go wherever we get a chance. Let’s fuck in the bathroom too. Whenever we get a chance, we fuck anywhere. How did you like the story, do give your comments on

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