Security Guard aur uski sexual desire

Hey Guys, Thanks for reading my story and motivating me to write more latest hot stories for you all. Let’s get started! Satnam loved being a security guard. He was employed at the shopping mall for night shifts and loved it there. Not only did he get to “protect and serve” he also got to get check out every female that went in and out during his shifts.

Being a very attractive man of 32, Satnam had never had trouble attracting the opposite sex’s attention. He stood at a noticeable 6’2″, with hard muscular build, broad shoulders and a very toned body. His black, short glossy hair and startling eyes were no competition for any woman, married or otherwise.
His last relationship had ended on bad terms, so Satnam had not been with a woman for at least a month, and it was killing him. In his late teens, he couldn’t let a minute pass by without thinking about sex or a day without jerking off. He was obsessed with his Lund. Sure, jerking off provided him with some much needed relief. But, masturbation is not nearly the same as touching, feeling, caressing, kissing, and fucking a woman, making her scream, sweat and cum.. Certainly, it is not nearly the same as making love. There are no fireworks when you jerk off.
It was a Friday night and his shift was over in 2 hours. He had nothing to do and wasn’t looking forward to going home. At least at the shopping mall he could watch the sometimes bra-less checkout chicks and flirt with them. But they were Lund-teasers and nothing more.
So, when an unexpected visit from a shopper came later that night, he was beyond pleased, maybe even more shocked than anything.
He was making his way back to the front of the shopping mall when a female shopper caught his eye. She was by herself and very, very good looking. He continued to watch her as she made her way up the isles, stopping every now and then to pick something and drop it in her basket. She turned and looked in his direction and had a strange smile on her face. He wasn’t sure if she was looking at him, or if he’d been imagining it. She turned round and continued on shopping.
Satnam was hooked. He couldn’t take his eyes off her. She was only 19-20, about 5’3″, with shoulder length hair. She was wearing a fitted jacket and pair of tight blue jeans that barely covered her Chutads, and only just sat above her pubic area. She had her jacket zipped down, beneath her Urojs and only a small singlet top stopped him from seeing absolutely everything. Yeah, she was young, but the younger, the better.
He breathed in quickly as she made her way towards the checkout lanes. She put her shopping down, looked at him and smiled, then lent over to pick up a magazine off a nearby rack, giving him a perfect view of her full, round Urojs. Again she zipped down her jacket and pulled down the top slightly to give more view of her Urojs.
Oh god! What’s a beauty. He had never seen Urojs as fine as these, and couldn’t stop himself from imagining his face buried in them, nibbling and sucking. As she slowly stood up straight again, she caught him looking at her, his eyes glazed over with lust. She gave him a strange look, picked up her shopping and then left. A quick breath of fresh air filled his lungs, but escaped him as fast as it came as the sliding doors close.
Feeling extremely horny, Satnam decided to take a break. Going out for a smoke was the only way to comfort himself, as jerking off at work was a definite no.
He knew that she was stuck in his head and that the next 1 ½ hours was going to be hell. Trying to do his job while having a hard on was going to be very difficult. So, he breathed in deeply a couple of times, cleared his mind and went back inside.
It was the end of his shift and Satnam was more than relieved. Keeping his thoughts clean for that amount of time had proved difficult. Flashes of the “mystery shopper” and himself going at it hard, breathing heavily, had clouded his mind the whole time.
So, it was no surprise to him that when he went outside to parking area for his scooty, he saw her there on the bonnet of a car. As he walked closer, he suddenly realised that what he was seeing was not just his imagination, but the real thing.
She got up and walked over to him.
“Hi,” she said as she stopped and smiled
“Hi,” was all Satnam could manage as she grabbed his collar and pulled him down to her hungry mouth.
As they kissed, she pushed Satnam towards the end of parking area and slammed him onto the bonnet of a car. There only one light was on as no more cars were parked there. So it was semi-darkness there.
She gave me the sloppiest open-mouth kiss I’ve ever had. And her hand massaged my Lund as she sucked my tongue.
“Tumhe nahi maloom ki main tumse chudne ke liye kitni betaab hoon,” she said grabbing his Lund through his pants. “Jabse tumko dekha hai tumhare Lawde ke baare mein hi soch rahi hoon.”
Satnam, amazed at his luck didn’t say anything. But instead, watched as she took off his belt and unzipped his pants. As she pulled them down she was amazed at the 10 inch and very thick erection that stood before her. Big and thick and stiff and warm and delicious.
“Yeh to meri soch se bhi bada nikla,” she breathed heavily.
Satnam couldn’t take it anymore and took off her jacket and pulled off her singlet to reveal she was not wearing a bra. Her round perky Urojs and now erect light brown Chuchis were more than a fantasy. Her nipples were hard as pebble in the sand, just waiting to be nibbled on by someone. He’d never seen Urojs like this before. It’s been a while since he’d been 20 or been with a 20 year old female, so the firmness of her body and skin was driving him crazy.
“Ufff… Tumhare Mummey … kitne makhhan ke jaise hai,” he said.
He sucked her Urojs like a starving man. She raked her fingernails into his neck, across his back. His hands stopped at her Urojs and they began to knead and pinch at her Chuchis and squeeze her Uroj hard and soft at the same time, bringing a myriad of sensations and pleasures.
Then he stopped sucking on her Urojs but continued to play with them while his hot wet tongue trailed lazily done her chest to her belly where he drove his tongue into her navel making her want more of what he had to offer. He moved his hands down her body caressing and pinching while licking her belly button and drawing circles around it.
He ran his hands down her shapely Chutads and then down to her jeans which he tugged off. Underneath, he found a small triangle of black curls leading down to her moistness, and lost control. she was getting so very wet, that her juices began leaking down to her inner thighs.
He continued downward to her wet, ready Choot, and when he got to the top of her Choot just at the top of the nub, he began rubbing it and teasing it with his talented fingers and hand. Pushing her off, he turned around and sat her on the bonnet, spreading her legs, revealing her now wet Choot and licked her lips.
Grabbing her around the Chutads, he wrapped her legs around his waist and then entered her. She pushed herself right down to the base of his Lund, tensing the muscles in her Choot and screamed in delight. Satnam pushed into her as hard as he could and then slowly pulled out, teasing her hole with the head of his Lund, tickling at her Choot-dana ever so gently and then ramming all 10 inches back in again. As he continued teasing her, she screamed out in sexual anguish.
“Oh god! Andar tak daal kar faad do meri Choot ko. Kas-kas kar dhakke maro,” she yelled as he once again slammed into her, his Lawda now wet with her Choot juices.
Not able to control himself any longer, his strokes started coming harder and faster, causing her to writhe with pleasure.
“Jor-jor se chodo mujhe,” she screamed moving in time with him, the car now rocking to the rhythm of their chudai.
He grabbed her arse tightly as he felt himself coming.
“Mera paani niklne waala hai,” he groaned.
“Andar hi jhadna. Bahar nahi nikalna,” she screamed, wrapping her legs even tighter around him, feeling herself coming too.
As he screamed in pleasure, filling her with his cum, she moaned, her own orgasm sending her body into spasms.
Still attached to him, she kept riding him, slowly moving up and down his still stiff Kela, rubbing her sensitive Choot-dana against him, sending shudders through her body.
As they both slowed down he smiled at her. Lying her down on the car, he pulled out his Lawda and started to jerk off. As she watched she saw his head swell and his Lawda harden once again, grabbing his hand, she stopped him and pulled him towards him.
Grabbing hold of his Lund, she slowly ran her tongue over the his head and then stuck it in her mouth. Moving up and down his Lund, running her tongue up and down and around and grazing it with her teeth, she could see she was getting him off.
As he started to buck and moved with her mouth, she quickened her pace and started Mukh-chodan him. Satnam grabbed her head and started to ram his Lund in her mouth groaning as she licked and sucked.
“Chooso.. aur chooso… Andar tak lekar chooso…” he was eager.
She removed her hand from his Lund and stuck her index finger into her Choot, fingering herself. Rubbing her choot-dana she could see that Satnam was going to come soon and began Anguli-chodan herself with one hand and rubbing her Choot-dana with each other.
Then he came, filling her mouth with cum. Groaning as his pulsating Lawda released more cum again and again. Not a drop was wasted. She swallowed it all and then looked up at him. As he pulled out, She sat back rubbing her Choot-dana, moaning and finished herself off, coming to orgasm, her Chutads lifting off the car and moving frantically with her.
“Oh god, oh god, oh god,” she screamed, her eyes rolling back into her head.
Fulfilled, but not yet finished, Satnam leant over her and began sucking on her Urojs, sucking and nibbling, causing her to cry out in pleasure. She reached down and started to stroke his Lund, taking turns rubbing his balls and his Lund.
He continued kissing her Urojs, making his way slowly and purposefully down her stomach, down her thighs and then to the inside of her thighs, to her Choot now soaking wet with both their cum.
She was on the verge of exploding when Satnam placed one finger inside of her Choot and began to stoke in and out. Then licked her Choot-dana with his sure tongue flicking at it like he couldn’t get enough of it and her. She was pushing up into his tongue and fingers trying so hard to hold onto the sensations he was giving her when he placed the second finger inside her with the first now beginning to push in and out rapidly and harder than before. Then he places a third then a fourth finger deep into her making her want to cum all over his hand.
“Pura hath andar daal do… khujli mita do meri Choot ki… Ufff… mere daane ko bhi ragdo…” She groaned as he nuzzled her Choot-dana, moved down to her flaps and then entered her Choot, sticking in his tongue as deep and as hard as he could, making her Chutads move up to his face, and her hands to his head, shoving him deep into her mound.
She began moving with his tongue, now humping his face furiously. Not wanting to disappoint he slid his mouth down her Choot and started to run his tongue up and down from inside her Choot to her Choot-dana while his fingers moved in and out as deep as they could go. Her juices were now flowing like Niagra Falls, coating his face, hands and arm. She wrapped her legs around his head, pushing him deeper inside her.
“Uff… chodo meri Choot ko apni jeebh se… chaato meri Choot ko… bada maza aa raha hai mujhe… ufff…” She started to moan and even more of her delectable nectar made it’s way from deep inside her to his waiting mouth. He moved his tongue to her Choot-dana with was sticking up like a Chhota Lund itself. Sucking it into his mouth Satnam used his teeth to nibble on it, rubbing it from side to side.
Looking up she had both her hands rubbing her Urojs and squeezing her Chuchis, pulling them out almost 3 inches as she cried to make her cum. As she came close to coming, he removed her hands, flipped her over and took her from behind. Sticking his Lund deep into her Choot, he moved quickly and forcefully, making her cry in pain and then in pleasure as she brought her hand down to her Choot-dana and began rubbing it.
Satnam was fucking her so hard now that her head was hitting the windshield from moving up the bonnet from the force of his Lawda. Both were now groaning and grunting. Satnam, bent over her and fucking her like an animal. She, on her face, taking it from behind, her legs spread across the bonnet. Their pace quickening once again, she lifted her arse up so her could go deeper into her. Grabbing hold of her Chutads, he violently rammed her, and then came with a great shudder.
Screaming all the while, She backed into him and came, still rubbing her Choot-dana. Feeling fully satisfied now, they both got up and looked at each other, smiling.
“Well,” Satnam said, still panting, feeling a little weak “Ab agli baar kab?”
“Jaroor,” She responded, picking up her clothes “Agle saptah.”
Satnam got into his car and watched her walk off, now fully clothed, and couldn’t wait for next Friday.
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