Chudi first time with mummy’s friend on 11 January 2020

Virgin Sex Story, Uncle Sex Story, Pahli Bar Chudai, Desi Kahani, Chudai ki kahani, Hot Sexy Kahani, Nonveg Story, Today I am going to tell you a hot sex story. I checked my mother’s mobile and found that she also reads non-veg I read a paragraph while she was taking a bath in the bathroom and from the same day I also got tempted to read the stories of this website. My father got me a mobile on my birthday and read stories all night on 9th January. After that friends started feeling that I should also have sex. Fuck me too, my wish was fulfilled today. I am going to tell you my whole story. Mummy’s friend who is my father’s friend, he fucked me a lot in the evening, that’s why I am writing this story today. My name is Nikki, I am eighteen years old. I am the only daughter. Suddenly mother and father had to go to Dehradun because the health of mother’s father had deteriorated. He left in a hurry. He left me in Delhi and said that he will come tomorrow, you will be left alone. At seven in the evening, mother’s friend Praveen uncle came. Mummy is stuck with Praveen uncle. I have seen mother fucking many times. In my house, there is a quarrel between mother and father because of this. But now it seems that mother loves him a lot and can even leave father in his affair, but father is afraid that if he leaves father, then father will be of no place, so he has made a compromise, but a fight always happens. But mother also fucks whenever father is out of the house. I keep studying in my room on the upper floor and the door of the lower floor remains closed. So as soon as uncle came, I said, both mother and father have gone. So he was surprised. He said that mother had said that only father will go. I understood that maybe mother had called her friend to fuck her today. He sat on the sofa, I was already on the sofa. And was reading stories on non-veg story dot com. I said if you want to drink tea then you said make it. I went to make tea. When she came back, see that she was carrying my mobile in her hand and there is a story on non-veg “Dard ke mare chut phata ja raha tha aur uncle chut mein lund ghusa rahe rahe tha” Mere toh hosh gaye tha. Because he had seen that I was reading a sex story. He asked, do you read such stories? I said sometimes, he said how do you feel after reading? So she became silent. He said then he doesn’t feel like anything. I remained silent. He said no problem, everyone studies. I study too. Come sit here with me. I sat down, she put her hand on my back and said, see how happy your mother is, if you want, you can also be happy with me. I looked at him, he was looking at me and smiling. He then started caressing my head, back and then touching my cheeks with his fingers. I was already hot after reading the story, he made me even more hot. I said, when will you go to your family, then he said that I had already come to live here, but your mother left me and went away. Today your father was going to leave. So I thought why not get the uncle to inaugurate the pussy today. I keep thinking about the fuck all day long. And he drank tea and took me in his arms, I kept trying to get rid of him, but slowly I also got into his arms. He started kissing me and pressing my nipples. I was silent. It was quiet from outside, there was commotion from inside. Friends, slowly I also gave up my shyness and started kissing uncle, we both locked lips, he started kissing me, I also started kissing him. We both went to the bedroom. He started taking off my clothes but I started refusing because a man was taking off my clothes for the first time. I used to catch him repeatedly when he was taking off my pants, I was not letting him off. She would have filled in her arms but she had only one intention to open the pant and see the pussy. Because they also wanted that how is the pussy of a virgin girl who is young. They took off my clothes. But I covered my pussy with my hands. He also started sucking my lips without forcing and caressing my small nipples with his hands and started holding the nipples with his fingers. I slowly spread my legs and left the shame. She put her hand on my pussy, there was hair like a light cry on my pussy. He came down and started looking at my pussy, I put the pillow on my face, closed my eyes, he was touching my pussy, caressing, tearing it apart. She said you are amazing. And then started licking her pussy. My whole body started tickling. I would have jumped as soon as she put her tongue on her pussy. I started trying to escape because something was happening in my whole body. But they pressed me from all sides. And then started licking pussy. Hot water started coming out of my pussy. He was drinking water by licking his pussy. Now I lay down peacefully and spread my legs. Now I had surrendered to myself. Now he started licking lips, sometimes nipples, sometimes pussy. My heartbeat had increased, my lips were drying up. I was not in my senses, he took out his dick and started giving it in my mouth but I refused. He then put his dick on the pussy, I said slowly it was hurting. I say don’t be loud. He said no baby, not loudly, I will rest comfortably and make you happy. I covered my face with pillow. He put the cock on the pussy and started inserting it from the other side, but I started feeling a lot of pain, I turned my back. He again brought me close on hold and put dick on my pussy. I again spoke slowly. Now he put a little slowly, as if I felt pain, it stopped. Started caressing my tits. When I was calm, he pushed again, half of his cock went inside. I was in pain, he started caressing my tits. As she caresses my tits, I would get ready to fuck. This time he pushed hard and the whole cock entered the pussy, the pain was getting enough, when I put my hand, a little blood also started coming, I said or what is it. He said nothing, this happens for the first time. Now he slowly started taking it out. There was pain for two to three minutes, then my pussy got hot and started getting wet. Now his dick started coming in and out easily and I started feeling very good. Now he pushed me hard and started fucking me and I myself was helping him while he was pushing me, I would push myself from below. He was rubbing my boobs, caressing and drinking. They were pressing the nipples, caressing my ass and taking the cock inside out. Now I climbed up, he came down, held his dick and set it in his pussy and sat down, the whole dick got into my pussy. Already did it slowly three to four times but now my lust had flared up. Now I was rotating my ass round and round and took the cock inside. He would push from below, I would spin round and round from above. He said that you are very hot Chudakkad, so I said that you also read non-veg story and enjoy like this. So he said that your mother also enjoys getting fucked like this. Because she also visits this website daily. Friends, now she has started pushing the lad inside and out very quickly. Now I started saying ah ah ah ah ah oh oh oh sound was coming out on its own. I started sweating. Now I myself started fucking them. He was just doing it but I was just getting too hot. I wanted more but he was getting enough then he took out my dick from my pussy and made me lie down again. Now he put both my legs on his shoulder and started pounding hard and started drilling his dick in my pussy. I couldn’t stand it anymore. He said, see, now it is my turn, I was shaken by his shock. He started drilling loudly, I started having pain again, but he fell off immediately and I also calmed down and lay down. Friends, I was so tired of his talk that I could not tell you, I closed my eyes. Spread hands and legs. Aw fainted. He was also lying down like that. He lit a cigarette after five minutes and I started wearing my clothes. Then I said now you go. He kissed me and left. Because it is a matter of the neighborhood, the aunt in front had seen her coming, so I sent her. When she went with them to the gate, she saw that the aunt was looking here. But the uncle came out and said, Son, if there is any need, call me. So that aunty understood, maybe father and mother must have told him to come. Friends, this is the story of my first fuck. In which uncle fucked me hard and I also enjoyed a lot. Now when the second fuck will happen, I will definitely write my story on this website.

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