Neighbor’s girl Rupali fucks in her own house

Hello friends, first of all I welcome all of you friends on, today I am going to tell you about my first sex story, my name is Sonal and I am from Gurgaon, my height is 5.11, fair and strong body. And my penis size is 5 inches, overall you can say that seeing me many girls die. This story happened when I was in college, a family came to live in our neighboring village, both parents used to work and they have a very beautiful daughter, Rupali, her age must be 18~19, what was the color of that milk. She was very slim but her boobs were very big, must be of size 34 and her height must be 5.10, I was shocked to see her. I used to salute her, my cock used to look as if she is an angel of heaven, she was very sexy guys, then I thought that day that I will fuck her at least…. Then for a few days I kept staring at her from our balcony, then with some courage I contacted her and she also started giving me a response, then in a few days we became friends. Then suddenly one day I asked her that whom have you ever kissed? If she has then she agreed, then she asked me then I said that I do not have any girlfriend, if you say I should try with you, then she blushed, then I understood that she also wants to kiss, then I held her Pressed her boobs, she didn’t feel bad, my courage increased. Then we kept smooching for 15 minutes, then I started pressing her big boobs from outside, they were very soft boobs, then after a while she left. But this woke up the devil in me and I started thinking how to fuck, we used to meet daily, but knew only by kissing and pressing boobs. Whenever he tries to put his hand in her panty, she gets embarrassed. She was very shy. Then one day I got a chance, I was at home in the afternoon, then suddenly I got a call from her that come home, mother and father have gone out for some work, will come till tomorrow, then my heart became garden garden, and I hurried I quietly entered her house and as soon as I entered inside, she was standing beautiful to fuck me, she had secretly taken out her own mother’s transparent nightie and she was wearing it and stood in front of me seeing her fair body. I got out of control and immediately took her in my arms and started smooching her a lot and then started pressing with my hands, then her breath started getting hot and fast, she had become very sexy. Then I removed her nightie. Now she was in front of me only in bra and panty, then I picked her up in her father’s bed, then started sucking her boobs wildly and along with the biting issue, she got agitated and started moaning sound of ah ah ah ah, then I Started kissing her whole body and then slowly put your hand in her panty and started fingering, this made her even more excited. And then she hugged me to her chest, then she started kissing me. I also started kissing her boobs on her lips, she also became wild and broke down on me. Then I took off her panty and bra, and started pressing and drinking her boobs. After that I put my cock in her mouth, and holding her hair started taking it out. I was putting my cock till her throat, sometimes if she had difficulty in breathing, I would take it out, in this way she also started enjoying a lot. And in about ten minutes I dumped all my wealth in his mouth. She drank all my sperm. And then she said the taste is strange. After that we both fell asleep holding each other. After some time I again started drinking her boobs and started kissing her lips. She also hugged me to her chest and pressed her lips on her lips and then she started caressing her pussy with my hand. I understood that it is too early to kiss him. I also said it was less, her nipple had become very tight, and she was doing ah ah ah. She was saying, Chodo na mujhe, Jab se main ek blue movie dekhi hu raat mein tab se raha raha nahi raha hai. I feel like when someone’s cock should be inserted in my pussy, then in a while my lion again stood up and then I made her lie down and put a little spit in her pussy and rubbed it with my penis in missionary position, she started yearning and As soon as I put it in her pussy, she screamed and she hugged me hard. She started sobbing. And started biting her lips with her teeth. And she was moaning. After that I stopped for a while and smooched her and while smooching I jerked hard and my whole cock went inside her, she bit my lips hard. She had become quite sexy. Then I slowly started fucking her and she started doing it faster and faster and I started fucking her in full speed and she was saying fuck my king, today this Rupali is yours. Fuck as you want, my king started speaking, then I lifted her in my lap and started standing and fucking, then she fell 2 times. Thi friends, she started riding like a professional and I was pressing her boobs full so much that red and blue marks were put on them, then we both fell down, she started pushing hard. I also started fucking hard. The sound of ah ah ah was coming in the whole room. Then as soon as I was about to fall. I immediately took out the cock from the pussy and fell in her mouth. She started licking my cock with pleasure. And then cleaned it by licking it. After that I also licked the water on her pussy, there was something white on her pussy, I licked that too. Both bathed together and then both slept naked in the same house.

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