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Chupke Chupke Chudai, brother sister sex story, brother sister sex, chhote bhai se chudai, badi bahan ki sex kahani : I have been thinking for a long time that I should post my story or to be honest, my exploits on non-veg story but I do not dare Had been. Was wondering what would you say if you read this story of mine, then a sister kisses her brother in the dark every day. But when I read the stories of you people, today I also felt that I should write the story and I am writing this story in front of you on India’s best sex story website nonveg My name is Kalpana and my brother’s name is Saurabh. Saurabh is two years younger than me. Apart from the two of us in my house, I have my mom and dad. So since childhood, both of us siblings sleep in the room of the house. And my mom and dad both in the ground floor room. You also know who sleeps separately from his wife in youth. But if this habit becomes, then husband and wife sleep together even till their old age. And sleep should also be because sex is an important thing in life. He who does not give a fuck has no life. So papa mummy also sleeps together only for sex. It is because of my mother when she kicks so much noise, Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh When my younger brother asked many times that mother, were you ill, you were making very loud noises at night, were you feeling pain. Then both used to shudder and say yes yesterday, there was a slight stomach ache. But as we both grew up, we all understood that this is the sound of sex, when a woman becomes sensual, then such a voice comes out. It was nice to hear such a voice since childhood and I used to think that if I kiss, I will get the same sound. But you also know that it’s not easy to kiss and seduce the right guy. Girls are always afraid of slander. That’s why she steps up very hurriedly when you want to have sex. But the goods of the house, that is, if there is a jugaad of sex in the house, then at best no one will even know and the opportunity will also be amazing. That’s why I also thought of kissing my brother. I came across the idea while reading stories on nonveg why not have sex with my younger brother. But I did not want to take this risk that if he said that how dirty you are, then it will not be right for me. I will not be able to forget this thing for the rest of my life. I came several times in front of my brother after changing clothes. Untie the hook of your bra. Touched the nipples too. Show your nipples too. Many times even hugged in a sexy way. But he never felt like kissing his sister. An idea worked. When it was getting very cold in January and it was raining too. Then one day I went to his bed and slept in his quilt. And said in the morning that don’t tell mom and dad that I slept with you. He said it is okay, I will not say but one more thing said that it was good to sleep at night. Were sleeping comfortably, the frost was less. Ohhhh me also wanted the same thing my brother was speaking. From the second day, both of us would come upstairs to eat, drink and sleep, if it was a frosty day, then mom and dad would also fall asleep soon. Before coming upstairs, I would stay on my bed, run a little mobile and then read sex stories, after that around eleven o’clock I would come to my brother’s quilt. Slowly she slept with her legs up and sometimes she would sleep with her on her chest. And sometimes even touch his cock. It was normal for three to four days, then I would have come in a quilt in it, then would have opened the upper cloth and used to wear tape. So that my nipples can be seen from above and on the slightest pressure it will come out. This trick worked for me. Now my brother started staring and looking at my boobs. His intentions began to deteriorate. My destiny was already bad, it was only the fear of my brother’s destiny, which has now become bad for him too. Now I started to caress his body. He too slowly started getting attracted. One day I kissed him on his lips and climbed on top of him. She started rubbing her pussy on the top of the cloth as she kissed inside the quilt. My brother downstairs and I upstairs now I start sucking his lip. Opened his tape and removed the teats. Rubbed her mouth, gave her a nipple. Both were silent and gradually crossed the limit. My brother also quietly started drinking my boobs, started pressing me and started caressing my ass. Ohhh, a winter’s night, and whether it’s cold with a girl or a boy. That’s what happened, immediately removed the quilt and opened her pajamas. Removed his cock and set it on his pussy and gently pushed the whole cock inside. When the whole cock went inside, she started sucking on her lips, she was drinking my boobs. Both were set. Just hot hot breaths and fast heartbeat was going on. What was it then friends, I slowly got up and started kissing my ass. She started pushing me from below. He kept sucking on my big nipples and my lips and I started taking his cock in my pussy by rotating the ass round and round. Both of them were blown away. He was hot in lust. Now he made me lie down and climbed up, before he saw every part of my whole body by lighting a light, till then I had covered my face with my pillow. When he looked at my whole body, then sitting in the middle of both my legs, licked my pussy and then put both the feet on his shoulder and started giving cock in my pussy. While choking loudly, he was crushing my big nipples. Then he quickly fell. But I was also satisfied. The first day’s fuck happened secretly without speaking. The same on the second day and the same on the third day. We both were making each other happy but without talking. It was the same veil in both of us. The fuck was happening without speaking. I am having fun now. Now I have sex using condom. I am also going to write my second story on this website soon. Thanks till then.

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