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father daughter sex story, father fucks daughter And I also got so stupid and didn’t even say anything. Because I felt something else and I could not even refuse. Later he said Rekha are you? I thought it was your mother. Why didn’t you say anything, so I told you, you didn’t even give a chance, what would I do to speak? It’s not my fault in this. You fuck I should have thought of you. Wife’s daughter. Now you would know what happened. But I will tell you the full story of my fuck. How did all this happen that Papa ji fucked me with his old cock and I also got him kissed. Now I am narrating the whole story on nonveg I am 36 years old. I am married and mother of three children. I had come to my maternal house only four days ago. My father and mother and my younger brother and his wife live in the house. When I went, the family was very happy because after three years I have gone to my maternal home, so I got a lot of love and affection. When brother’s new marriage takes place, he too remains engaged with his wife. Mom and dad did not know much time because I had come. Papa was already very chubby nature. Because when I used to live here. So papa used to fuck mummy thrice a day. And the mother was the same, she used to get ready to kiss during the day itself and then closed the door and kept doing ah ah ohhh ohhh ohhh. I used to listen to the sexuality of my brother and sister. Then brother went to Pune to study and then I got married. So if both of them got more free then both of them started celebrating a lot. It has become a habit, now the children come home, they both keep doing the jugaad of sex. It happened yesterday that my brother and his wife went out to eat. Me and my father were in the house, it was almost eight o’clock in the night. So a neighbor’s mother came and called her mother and took her away. He had a baby here. I was alone in the house. And the light went out five minutes ago. At that time Papa came. I was wearing mom’s sari because I had washed all my clothes. So mother said, wear my sari only. I wore Me and my mother look alike, the stature is the same and the face is very similar. Papa saw me it was dark. Papa held my hand and took away the straw that was kept, I thought he was going to tell or show something. As soon as he reached he dropped me on the straw. And I could say something that he put his hand on my mouth. And then with one hand turned the sari up and with one hand held my mouth. I did not wear panties above the sari. Took out the land and put it on my chute and rammed it hard. Papa was drinking. When I understood everything, I understood my mother. Because he was saying Savitri (my mother’s name) today your pussy is looking tight, your nipples have also become big. You are getting young, my queen. And then push hard. Slowly I also started liking my father’s cock. Now I calmed down and spread my legs. So that I can enjoy the cock before they were pressing my nipples even from the top of the blouse. I untied the hook of the blouse and untied the bra too. Now he started mashing my nipples. And were thrusting the cock into the pussy. My chute had become watery, my whole body started trembling. I too was filled with sensuality. I also started swirling the ass round and was pushing from below. So Papa said, Aari Savitri, you are giving amazing kisses today. You have never done ass rounds and pushes from the bottom. Have you seen sex movies on the internet today? You made me happy today. Like this every day. And Papa ji started pounding cocks loudly and I also started helping. Then came my mother’s voice. She came speaking from outside the door. Rekha. Papa has come or not. On hearing this, Papa ji took out his cock from my pussy. Then mother said, I am coming now in ten minutes. And then the mother left. Then the light came. I hooked my bra and started hooking my blouse and started lowering my saree. Papa said while putting his cock in his underwear. You didn’t speak. I thought it was Savitri. So I said you didn’t even give a chance. By the time I got the chance, it was too late, you had done everything. So Papa said then why did you open the hook of the blouse? And it was turning round and round, did you know? I was misunderstanding but you knew everything. So I used to say whether the sexuality inside me was awakened. Just as you made a mistake, I also made a mistake. And then the father and daughter had a sex relationship like this. And Papa fucked me knowing my mother.

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