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Brother Sister Sex Story, Brother Sister Sex Story, Bhai Bhen Ki Sex Kahani – Today I am going to tell you about the beautiful moment of my life. I came to know about sex when I turned eighteen and when my nipples were ready to clench because I was a little naive and naive. Used to live in the village, knew that sex happens but didn’t know much and whenever I used to think or listen about sex, I only understood that sex is only between mom and dad. After that a friend of mine who had kissed many times with her boyfriends and with her cousin she told me. Then she told me about non-veg that I read hot stories daily. So I also started reading hot stories on non-veg every night. Because this is the only website where new and sexy stories are found to read. Friends, now I slowly started caressing my nipples at night, then slowly started caressing my pussy. When I became the most erotic for the first time, then my nipples were erect and water started coming out of my pussy. That day I felt good sex. From that day onwards, I started thinking, when kissing the nipples and touching the pussy can feel like this, then how will it feel if someone really fucks. Thinking of this, I used to get sensual. I used to feel like kissing but you also know how difficult it is for girls. Freedom is not. My brother Ravi who is one year older than me. I started getting more attracted to him. I started liking him a lot. He used to think about her day and night, how his Lauda would be. Can I have a relationship with my brother or not? Many such questions kept arising in my mind. I used to think that this is not right. Then I used to think that if my brother agrees to fuck me, then nothing can be better than this, what can be better than keeping the goods of the house in the house, everyone used to think this. But whenever I used to think, I was afraid that she might not feel bad. One day I have. After having dinner, I went to sleep, both mother and father went to sleep on the lower floor and both of us brothers and sisters who always slept on the first floor came. I started working on the laptop and he was probably reading something on the mobile, both of us were in the same bed room, we both slept separately. At night, he slept while running the mobile, I still used to open Amazon on the laptop, open Flipkart and then I was doing all this while looking at the dress, something else was going on in my mind. Today I thought that I will talk about it. will be seen what happens. Friends, it was around 12 o’clock in the night. I started reading stories on nonveg After that I became so sensual because the story was very sexy. I started rubbing my nipples, the pussy started caressing. My lips were starting to dry up because of the hot breaths that started blowing. I couldn’t control myself. And turning off the light, I went to sleep. But my heartbeat was going fast. When I looked at my brother on a bed, he was sleeping by covering it. I got up and sat down to drink water and then sat on my brother’s bed, now my heartbeat had increased. I thought that whatever will happen will be seen, if she feels bad, then I will say that she had come to your bed in a dream. And I slept on my brother’s bed and then he was sleeping with a big bedsheet, I also went in that and slept. Now my breathing started moving faster, he was sleeping straight. I fell asleep facing him and first put my hand on his stomach, then caress. Then got a little closer. After that I took my hand on his face. Touched the lips, then stroked the cheeks. I was starting to get even sexier. Then I slowly put one of my legs on it. Then put your hand on the stomach. It seemed that he had woken up because he was taking deep breaths again and again and again and again the sound of spitting i.e. inside was clear. When I put a finger on his lip, his breath was running very hot. I felt 100% that he was awake and didn’t say anything. I liked that the work was getting done. Then I put my hand on his lauda, ​​what should I tell friends, it turned out to be correct, his fat was standing, the fat lauda had become quite tight, that is, my brother was awake. I gently slid his pajamas and then opened the underpants and took his loaf in my hands. It was very hot at that time. Friends, then I took off my t-shirt, had not worn a bra even before, my big nipples were moving. My brother was not even wearing a vest before and I had done it below the knee, but when I was taking off my t-shirt, then he had taken his cloth out of his feet. Friends, what was it then, I took off my pajamas, opened my panty and then stuck my body in her body and then started shaking her hand holding her. He turned towards me again and then started sucking on my lips. The one I had been waiting for six months was easy to find. He grabbed my boobs and then started drinking. My nipple was now in his mouth and he was sucking. I was going crazy. My pussy was getting hot and wet and was releasing water. I couldn’t bear it and I climbed on it. Then I started sucking on his lips, both my nipples were rubbing on his chest and he was caressing both my breasts. My wide ass was waving. His lauda was in the middle of both my thighs and was rubbing with the pussy. I made a little space, then he set his lauda on the grip, I put his lauda on the hole of the pussy and pressed. Slowly, in about four to five strokes, the entire Lauda had gone into my pussy. Now the real game started, he would push from the bottom, I was pushing from above, the sound of fuch fuch was echoing in the room. A sound of ah ah was coming out of my mouth. Now both of them went wild and started fucking. My brother got up and sat down, fitted the window properly, locked the door well from inside and then lit the light. He came smiling looking at my body and then he started licking my pussy. Ohhh guys, I was starting to feel amazing. Then he started sucking my lips while playing with my nipples, started putting his tongue in my mouth and then separated both my legs and put his lauda on the pussy and gave it again, friends, now the picture had changed. But now it was a different matter. Both of them made each other happy for about 30 minutes, now both of them quarreled, they again started talking among themselves. That this thing will remain between the two of us and we will enjoy it everyday. Both agreed. Then what was it, friends, both of us fuck all night. It was a lot of fun. Then what should I tell, after six months I got married and then went to my in-laws’ house. But now whenever I come home, I definitely kiss. I am going to bring you the second story soon on nonveg, thank you till then.

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