Tau ji pressed my small lemons and quenched me and quenched the heat of his lauda.

Tau ji pressed my small lemons and quenched the heat of his lode by choking me, I welcome all of you very much to non veg story.com. I am from Patiala. After my father passed away, my mother and I started living with my uncle Bhanupratap Chaudhary. My father was in the army. His posting was in Kashmir, Pulwama district. Then the terrorists who came from Pakistan side suddenly made a ruckus and started heavy firing. And father was martyred while facing the terrorists. Since then we started living in Tauji’s house. One day, when I woke up to go to the bathroom at night, I saw that the voices of Uuuun..aaaaaaaaaahhaha were coming out loudly from Tauji’s room. I peeped through the door and saw that the ground slipped under my feet. Tau ji was fucking my mother loudly. Mummy was holding her momma in her hands and was shouting loudly ‘Jeth ji!! Drink it loud…loud!! Have you lost your masculine power over time? Mom was talking. Seeing this, my mind got spoiled. It has not even been 4 months since Papa died and mother started secretly kissing Tau ji in the night. I got very angry at the thought of one. I thought that I should stop my mother, then I thought let’s get her to kiss. Then I will talk. I stood there and started watching mother kissing Tau ji. The bigger the mother’s pussy was, the bigger and heavier Tau ji was. He was fucking his mother like a chipper. I didn’t say anything at that time, but later in the morning when my mother was kissed well, she started answering the question ‘Mummy!! Tell me clearly that you should be in the room with me tomorrow night around 2 o’clock. Where were you, tell me the truth??” I asked ‘Babbbbbb..’ I know everything. You were in Tau ji’s room and were making fun of him. You should be ashamed. Being a widow, eats the cock of the brother-in-law. You should die in shame.” I told my mother. She started apologizing to me that now she will not do such a scandal again. But friends, Mummy would hide and go to Tau every night and have fun. He had such a taste of sex that it was not going away. Mother used to go and kiss Tau every day and I would hide and see. This series went on for many days. One day Tau ji called me for some work in the night. He had brought his medicine. When I went with the medicine, Tau ji held my hand. ‘Sara daughter!! Do you like what happens at night???’ He asked ‘Ji Tau ji!! …I have seen you fucking my mother!’ I grabbed me with both hands from Kahatau ji and gave me a pappi on my cheek. ‘daughter!! Whatever I do with your mother at night, if I do with you, you will enjoy it too. Shall I speak???’ He asked..” I shook my head. After that friends Tau who started doing all those sweet and sweet things with me. He started giving puchhi on my cheek again and again. I liked it very much. Today I was about to become the goods of my uncle. Why should I eat only my mother’s big lauda. I was wearing an orange salwar suit. I was a young girl of 21 years old. My mum was a size 30. Waist was 28 and backyard was 32. Tau ji’s eyes gleamed after seeing a cool young girl like me. He removed my scarf. Bringing me close to me began to drink my breath. Then lips started drinking. In no time, Tau ji’s hand like a hard stone started going on my soft soft small size but juicy Mammo. In his big hand, my milk looked like a lemon. Tau started pressing my lemon vigorously and started drinking my lips. I started having fun. Today Tau ji was about to fuck me. I was very thrilled to know this. I had not kissed even once till today. So was very excited. He started drinking my lips full. I was looking like a child in front of him. He looked like a stray chutta bull in front of me, which churns virgin cows by running in the market. Today I was about to kiss a man of father’s age. From the man who used to feed my mother every night. Tau sucked my lips very well. My pussy got wet with water. Tau said, I immediately raised both hands and removed the suit. I was wearing a shirt. I was also in the mood to kiss. That’s why I removed the equation too. Seeing my little lemon, Tau’s heart became a garden. They became deaf and ran to pluck my lemons. Filled my hand and pressed it so hard that my mother was stunned. Hearing this, he remembered that he is pressing my milk and not my mother. Tau ji’s hand was a 2.5 kg punch of Sunny Deol. He was pressing lightly on my 30 size mommy, but I felt that he was squeezing the lemon very loudly. His light weight seemed too heavy for me. Where Tau was 60 years old, Prem Chopra looked like Takle and where I was a 21 year old young girl. I looked like a child in front of him. He made me lie down beside him and started sucking my mum with his mouth. Each and every lemon of mine was being comfortably absorbed in his mouth. He started drinking my lemons with pleasure. “Sara daughter!! Your mother has 6 times more milk than this. I drink it everyday at night. Your mother’s pussy is like rabri cream. Aahaha… Tau said “Tau ji!! Make me a chhinal today too. Yes, I also want to be a chhinal” I said with firm confidence. Tau seemed happier now. He never used to shave. He had a big beard. Tau first sucked my lemon, filled the second milk in the mouth and started chewing and drinking. There my pussy was getting water down there. Because today for the first time a man was touching me. Tau’s one hand ran downstairs. I knew what he was going to do. I heard the sound of my slogan being raised. There was a ruckus in my heart. Everyday the window used to see the mother making a sound of ha ha ha o oom ooh from the door. The same thing was going to happen to me today. I was so thrilled. Succeeded in opening the salwar with Tau. I also raised both the legs. Tau ji, who looked like Prem Chopra, took off my salwar. I was wearing maroon colored cotton air tights. Due to this, air comes well in my pussy. Tau ji removed the trunk. Hi Ram!!…I got naked in front of him. Tau stopped drinking my lemons and kissing my thin little belly came on my navel. Putting your tongue on my navel kept drinking. This made me tickle a lot. But I didn’t tolerate it in any way. ‘No!…. let it be, Tau ji!’ I said with a laugh. But that Prem Chopra kept playing with my navel for a long time. In the end, Tau came on my succulent stuffed pussy. Your pussy is very similar to your mother’s pussy. So is his real daughter!! He started comparing. Then he fixed his tongue once from bottom to top and all the goods of my pussy were suit. ‘daughter !! The taste of your pussy is exactly like your mother’s.” He said and started drinking my burr loudly while making the sound of supad supad. Tau ji’s thick white beard also got my wealth. He started drinking my juicy pussy with pleasure. My pussy was that there was a spring of fresh water. The more Tau used to drink, the more water would come out. Then he opened his fold. He was not wearing briefs inside. Maybe my mother must have started thinking about who wears and takes off her briefs every day. Tau ji loaded on me. His weight would be 90 kg or 1 quintal comfortably. When he put his pearl belly on my thin stomach, I suffocated due to his heavy weight. Once I felt that I should not die before getting kissed somewhere. Tau put his cock in my pussy. I broke my seal. Tau started fucking me. There was a lot of pain in my pussy. I started groaning like a fish. Tau hurriedly started fucking me. In the middle of my thin pussy, his big peg-like loaf seemed very strange and awkward. Like a father is feeding his daughter. It seemed like that. But Tau had completely become Prem Chopra and was pushing me hard. His cock was looking very strange in my little cute pussy. He started licking me. I felt a big fat thing moving in my delicate pussy. But still it was fun to kiss. Tau held both my hands tightly. I wanted to release my hand, but Tau’s mighty hand held me tightly. Tau was fucking close. After sometime my pain subsided. Tau ka Lauda started going in and out comfortably in my smooth bodice. I started lifting my waist very high. There was darkness in my eyes for a while. I felt like I was dead. But then the picture of Prem Chopra like Tau ji was in front of me. I was banging hard. Giving cocks in my pussy. There was a temptation to kill my pussy in his eyes. There was lust in my eyes and I had his cock in my pussy. Everything was working perfectly. ‘Ha-ha-am-am-am….Tau Humak was pushing Humak. Then he fell. He was about to lie on me but I refused. Because I would have died because of his weight. “Daughter Sara!!…..you are a wonderful thing. Today I have seen your talent… you are a great commodity!!’ Tau started praising me with his broken teeth. Once again he started pressing my lemon in his hand. After sometime Tau made me sit on his stomach. Hooked me up and put a cock on my pussy and started fucking me with fun. I sat naked on his stomach and started dancing disco. Tau pressed my buttocks and started hitting me. Smaller than my cousin, 30 sizes but the right size of milk was swirling with fun. Tau started fucking me from below. My thin waist was eating like a serpent. There was not a single piece of fat on the waist. The waist was like a thin cream. Tau took hold of the waist in both the hands at this and started chocking me up. My smooth black hair was swinging down and looked very sexy.’Tau ji!! Take me loudly…the way you take my mother every night!!’ I told Tau out of excitement and got tempted and started pushing deeper and deeper into my pussy from below. I started kissing sparkle. My sister started dancing like a stand on a thick cock like Tau’s pegs. My waist started dancing round and round. Tau began to caress my smooth round round buttocks. After sometime he got tired.’ Daughter Sara….I am tired of pushing your pussy in the sky Now you hit!’ Hearing Tau said, I started riding on Tau’s cock. It seemed that I was sailing on a small boat in a big sea. But still it was fun. For some time I kept riding on Tau’s cock. Then Tau again gathered strength and started hitting me hard from below. Then he left his hot hot water in my baby-looking pussy. I fell on Tau and started breathing heavily. ‘Chu gayi…chud gaya…..my my baby girl!!!’ Tau became happy. Then he started playing kissing and kissing my lips below. Any mother, however big a chudkad may be, no matter how big a chuckle, but her daughter would not want to be kissed by a non-man. I am not your fault. I don’t have any license to fuck you. That’s why daughter Sara!! Don’t tell this to your mother even by mistake!!’ Tau ji said. I didn’t tell this to my mother. And even today friends, I eat Tau ji’s cock. 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